Chapter 450 – The Fish Demon King

Li Luo was actually very worried in his heart about the matter of why mentor Xi Chan had been contaminated by a foreign guy, so when the former said this, he immediately showed a listening face.


"You must know that in the depths of that dark cave that our academy suppresses, there exists the existence of an extremely terrifying alien, right? The most fundamental reason why Dean Pang did not dare to come out of the dark cave all these years and he personally sat in the deepest part of the cave was to protect himself from this existence."


"He is an extraterrestrial King."


"You can refer to him as the 'Fish Demon King'." When Tutor Xi Chan mentioned this name, there was a fog and fear in his eyes.


"The Fish Demon King?"


Li Luo murmured: “The King of Aliens… That was a terrifying existence comparable to a king-level powerhouse, once they allowed an Alien King of this level to appear in their world, he feared that the entire Great Xia would become in a land of death, and all these prosperous opportunities for life that they have in front of them today would be destroyed, that would be a real scourge on living creatures.”


"Back then, the Fish Demon King had attempted to break through the Dark Cave and head towards the Great Xia, and naturally, the academy was unable to free this scourge, so both sides had engaged in extremely fierce battles."


"The two sides played many times and then the academy organized a big siege."


“In that great siege, not only did all the academy’s Purple Glory tutors participate, but they even deliberately invited the other powerful marquises of Great Xia, and among them, were your father and mother.” Tutor Xi Chan looked at Li Luo.


When Li Luo heard this, a shocked expression appeared on his face, thinking that he had not expected that even his old man and mother had participated in that operation.


"Except that great siege ended in failure, and it was after that action that the academy made the rule that if it was not truly a last resort, no more outside powers would be invited to enter the Dark Cave." Tutor Xi Chan said slowly.


"Because?" Li Luo was puzzled, although the Xuanxing Sacred Academy had a solid foundation and was super strong, it was always good to have helpers, right?


"Because when it comes to persecuting deviants, sometimes having more people is not necessarily a good thing, but can become a curse." Tutor Xi Chan said calmly.


"The alien is formed by the coalescence of countless negative emotions, it can evoke negative emotions deep in the heart, especially the Alien King... Its pollution is too powerful, and although the strength of the strongest people in the outside world is certainly strong, there are not a few people with darkness in their hearts, and these people, in all likelihood, will silently become infected during their contact with the Extraterrestrial King."


"So, for something like suppressing a dark cave, sometimes it is rather these young apprentices from within the academy who will be more suitable than those outside who have experienced countless deceptions... After all, the heart is ultimately a little bit purer."


"When that great siege came to an end, those tainted powers counterattacked, which cost us dearly."


"In that chaos, the Fish Demon King was about to break through the Dark Cave, but was finally repelled by Dean Pang, but of course, it must be said that your parents also provided great help, they were indeed very powerful, something which even Dean Pang personally approved."


Li Luo's heart raced, he didn't expect that such a earth-shattering battle had broken out in the Dark Cave back then, and some of his doubts were also resolved at this moment, such as why the academy had to pay a great price and even the lives of many students every year to suppress the Dark Cave, but they had not sent a request for help to other Great Xia powerhouses.


It turned out that he had already been dragged away once.


"And it was at that time that the Fish Demon Curse was placed on my face by the King of Aliens, the Fish Demon King."


Tutor Xi Chan took a deep breath and said, "At that time, the Fish Demon King was stopped by Dean Pang and your parents, and finally split into nine incarnations and fled."


"But perhaps the other incarnations of the Fish Demon King also encountered a block, so this incarnation began to transform into its true form."


"In fact, at that time, the Fish Demon King had also been injured, even if his real body descended, with the sealing technique he could still be trapped for a while until the dean and his men arrived."


"But... Shen Jinxiao's fear of the Fish Demon King caused the seal to be broken, and so he retreated alone while I fought with the Fish Demon King... If the dean hadn't arrived at the critical moment, there might have been perished in the Dark Cave."


"But although in the end I managed to save my life, the Fish Demon King imposed the Curse of the Fish Demon on me, which is his most powerful technique."


"Since then, I have been wearing a veil and dare not let anyone see the 'fish spell' on my face."


Li Luo listened to mentor Xi Chan's account of the past with a complicated expression. Although his mentor's voice was calm, he was still able to feel the threat and the rage and desperation of being tainted.


"This Shen Jinxiao, what a dog!"


Li Luo gritted his teeth and cursed, obviously this was the origin of the grudge between Tutor Xi Chan and Shen Jinxiao, no wonder Tutor Xi Chan had a lot of sight on Shen Jinxiao, it turns out that he was also confronted by Shen Jinxiao. Jinxiao back then, this grudge, can't be said to be deep.


I think that if it weren't for the academy rules, Tutor Xi Chan would have fought to the death with Shen Jinxiao.


"His later defense was that he had already given the signal to retreat at that time, only I insisted on staying, which led to a disagreement and failure to join forces against the enemy."


"Pigs and dogs are better than that!"


Li Luo rebuked angrily, although his performance was exaggerated, but he held a lot of anger in his heart, this Shen Jinxiao was truly a beast, he had obviously faced Tutor Xi Chan, but he was still making strong arguments here, accusing that it was Tutor Xi Chan who did not retire at the same time as him.


"The academy should expel this scum!" he said indignantly.


Tutor Xi Chan smiled weakly and said: "Such matters are inherently rotten, it is difficult to know, after all, there were only the two of us... So even the academy did not know how to deal with such matters, and in the end, after many discussions "They just scolded Shen Jinxiao."


"It's too cheap for him! Dean Pang is old and blind!"


Tutor Xi Chan shook his head and said, "The academy has its own stance on this matter, but as I have already said, I will come to resolve this grudge myself in the future when the time comes, and when that time comes, I only hope "Let the academy not interfere."


Li Luo was slightly silent and said sincerely: “Mentor, if you have this opportunity in the future, you must add me, after this incident with you, my dislike as well as my hatred for Shen Jinxiao have deepened again!”


"Are you that good at fighting?" Mentor Xi Chan gave a light laugh.


Li Luo shook his head and said angrily, “The main thing is that this beast has caused the tutor Xi Chan, who has such a beautiful face, to now have to wear a veil to teach me every day, how much has this cost me?” ".




Mentor Xi Chan's beautiful eyes narrowed vaguely as she stared at Li Luo: "Li Luo, you really have a lot of courage, do you even dare to bother your mentor?"


Li Luo said bitterly: "These are the words of a student from the bottom of his heart, the tutor is so beautiful, it is a waste to wear a veil."


At his exaggerated appearance, Xi Chan's eyes couldn't help but smile a little, as if not knowing that Li Luo was just trying to improve his low mood.




He reached out and rubbed Li Luo's hair.


"If you really want to help me, take one of the strongest cadets of the One-Star House from this Holy Grail battle, because it will count as my achievement, and then I can use it to request something from the Academy House..." .


"With those things, I might find a chance to patch things up with Shen Jinxiao."




Seeing the hint of request in Tutor Xi Chan's clear, water-cut pupils, Li Luo also held back his smile and then slowly nodded his head.


"But I also want my mentor to promise me one thing."




"Let me take the last stab."

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