Chapter 451 – Before leaving

When Li Luo returned to his dormitory, the first thing he did was take out the "Small Divine Wheel Without Resonance", after all, Xi Chan's tutor and Yu Hongxi were present in the cultivation pavilion, he couldn't observe too much, although already He had some trust in them, but it was better to let as few outsiders as possible know the secret of his third Houtian resonance. It is best that as few outsiders as possible know about it.


This time, the shape of the "Small Divine Wheel without Resonance" is somewhat triangular, and it is covered with extremely complex and ancient faint patterns, which seem to form some kind of mysterious formation, covering the divine wheel.


However, while the previous Small Divine Wheel had hundreds of openings in it to contain many materials, this time the Divine Wheel was not so cumbersome, but simply had two hexagonal gaps surrounded by many mysterious patterns.


It is clear that the two resonance materials must be placed in the two holes, one primary and one secondary.


The only thing is that the material is even rarer and more expensive than the previous ones.


If the materials to refine the Houtian resonance on that previous occasion were opted for quantity, this time they would have to do so for high quality.


According to Li Luo's sense of the divine wheel right now, he feared that he would need to need Marquis level materials.


"Marquis level material..."


Li Luo had a thoughtful look on his face, and then sighed somewhat helplessly, this level of material must be difficult to find even within the headquarters of the Golden Dragon Treasure House in Great Xia, and its price would inevitably be very high. .


But the good thing was that he only needed two, otherwise, if he really needed hundreds of them like the last time he did the Houtian Resonance, I'm afraid he wouldn't have been able to sell Luo Lan Mansion to get them all.


But even if there are two courses, it is not something that can be done overnight.


However, this matter was not considered particularly urgent, after all, the third resonance required the strength of the General Realm, and although he had now entered the late stage of the Resonance Master Realm, he still had a long way to go before to be able to make his way to the General Kingdom.


Li Luo caressed the divine wheel with his palm, and after a moment he waved his hand to enter it into the spatial sphere, and in the meantime, he only needed to think about how this third resonance should be configured.


Li Luo took out paper and pen and drew three circles on it, the first with the word "Water and Light" and the second with the word "Wood and Earth".


This is the nature of your double resonance of your body today.


From a certain point of view, Li Luo's dual resonances are actually a bit on the supportive side as well as controlling. Although he is able to increase the power of the resonances he performs by virtue of his primary and secondary specialties, sometimes Li Luo has to admit that if we talk only about the offensive aspect, Water and Light, Wood and Earth are indeed a little less powerful. .


In other respects, of course, they more than make up for this lack.


If he had been able to choose freely at the beginning, he most likely would not have chosen these resonances, but there was no way around it, the two resonances, water and wood, were for the good of his body, as it would minimize the after-effects caused by the input of acquired resonances in your body.


However, in the past that was because Li Luo's lower body was too weak, so he could only use this method to dissolve the aftereffects, but the moment he was able to fill the third resonance palace, He should have already entered the General realm, a realm that is considered at the top of the hierarchy in any case.


So with this choice of the third resonance, Li Luo was able to be much freer.


Li Luo tapped the table, resonances that leaned towards the supporting category, I'm afraid, would not need to be considered next.


So he took his pen and wrote two words in that third circle.


"Attack and destroy."


This will be the direction you intend to take with your third resonance, whether it is the resonance of fire, the resonance of gold or the resonance of thunder, or one of the resonances of the ten thousand beasts, it is all up to your choice.


As for the final choice, it depends exactly on the corresponding materials that can be obtained.


Maybe there are very good rewards in that Holy Grail battle.




The next day, Jiang Qing'e also arrived at the academy and approached the door.


"Is your refining still going well?"


The two of them were strolling by the lake, Jiang Qing'e's body was deliciously long and her long legs under the battle skirt were brilliant white, as she walked she kept asking about yesterday's refinement, which Li Luo had told her about when He invited Ye Hongxi and mentor Xi Chan before.


Li Luo swept his gaze across the lake, the clear water reflecting Jiang Qing'e's long legs, then looked back at the physical object next to him, and while making a judgment in his mind as to which side was whiter and longer , his mouth told him without pause everything that had happened yesterday.


Although this type of information is considered a secret, Li Luo believed that Jiang Qing'e would keep his mouth shut about the "magic fish spell" that mentor Xi Chan was subjected to.


"I have a feeling that it was Shen Jinxiao who did the maneuver, although I have no proof." Li Luo shrugged.


"There will be some suspicion after all when he appears there at that time." For Shen Jinxiao, Jiang Qing'e also did not hide her displeasure.


"I didn't expect that such a big siege had broken out in the Dark Cave back then... And even the Master and Mistress were involved."


But soon his attention was focused on something else and he said, "It's good for us that Tutor Xi Chan has such a deep grudge against Shen Jinxiao, and we can have an extra helper when we send him on his way in the future."


Li Luo smiled and nodded, thanks to no one eavesdropping on the two, otherwise he would have gone white with fear, these two were too wild, directly discussing how to send a Purple Glory tutor on their way in the academy. in the future...


Jiang Qing'e took out a box from the space sphere and handed it to Li Luo: "This is a batch of Spiritual Water that Sister Cai Wei got for you, the seventh grade and the fifth grade are available."


Li Luo hurriedly picked it up, this batch of spiritual water arrived just in time, with these strange lights of spiritual water, during this period of time his Water and Light Resonance did not improve much, it is still at the lower level of the seventh grade, still some distance from the upper seventh grade, but the fifth grade Wood and Earth Resonance is progressing rapidly, according to their estimation, perhaps before the Holy Grail War begins, the Wood and Earth Resonance can evolve to the sixth grade. grade, which will undoubtedly make his strength gain some improvement again.


"Tomorrow the school house should be arranging the participants to move, it is said that they will be teleported through the resonance power tree, so we will be away from Grand Xia for a while, I have arranged many matters in the Luo Lan House, with Sister Cai Wei around, there should be no need to worry, as for safety, after Yuan Qing returns, that Pei Hao will also be honest for a while." Jiang Qing'e said.


Li Luo nodded, with Jiang Qing'e there, House Luo Lan's side was truly capable of saving him countless worries.


"Li Luo..."


Li Luo turned his head and met Jiang Qing'e's eyes gazing at the shining mirror-like lake, his golden eyes reflecting the light of the water.


"When the Holy Grail War ends, you will have been here at the Holy Xuan Xing Academy for almost a year..."


"Hmm." Li Luo nodded.


"The time is near".


Jiang Qing'e tilted her head slightly, her eyes looked at Li Luo, and a smile tugged at the corner of her lips.


"Are you ready for this?"


Li Luo understood what he was talking about, the end of the Holy Grail War, and then at the beginning of next year... It would be the Luo Lan House Festival.


At that moment, all the sparks that have been suppressed for a long time will explode completely and totally.


The Luo Lan House will also experience a fateful moment.


Meeting Jiang Qing'e's eyes, a smile also appeared on Li Luo's face, and he slowly nodded his head.


"No matter who tries to destroy House Luolan, I... I will get rid of him."

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