Chapter 452 – A Strong Farewell

The next day, the atmosphere in the Xuanxing Sacred Academy was unusually great.


A sea of people milled beneath the Resonating Tree of Power in the center of the academy, with almost all the students gathered here, and the sound of boisterous voices shot up into the clouds.


A stream of fiery glances was directed toward the front of the room, where a group of spirited cadets were in high spirits and prepared.


It is the delegation of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy that will participate in the Holy Grail War this time.


The delegation was selected from among the four house classes, almost all of them Purple Glory students from each house class.


Li Luo stood in the row of the First Star Academy, looking at the pressed crowd in black on the square that could not be seen to the end, he also couldn't help but feel a little excited, in this atmosphere, indeed , one couldn't help but feel the blood boiling.


"I feel like my life is about to start taking off."


As Li Luo's heart swelled, an exclamatory voice emerged from beside him.


When Li Luo looked diagonally, he saw Yu Lang's face flushed, with a passionate look.


"A few dishes, huh, to drink like that?" Li Luo laughed and said.


Yu Long snorted coldly and said, "Li Luo, don't be complacent, I feel that when the Holy Grail War is over, I will become the most handsome boy in the First Star Academy of the Holy Xuan Xing Academy, and by then there will be countless beautiful students, schoolmates who will feel the charm of my Yu Long."


"I'm sure they'll be here to cheer the return of their heroes!"


"I will personally return to you the title of most popular girl in the academy that you have taken from me again!"


Li Luo was about to speak when something suddenly occurred to him, so he rubbed his chin and said, "Heroes need tragedy to trigger it, are you sure you can bear it?"


Yu Long did not hesitate to say, "No matter what I am going to face, I, Yu Long, am not afraid! Li Luo, you have no idea what kind of iron man I am after almost a year of training, so no matter how big the storm is, I will be able to withstand it!"


Li Luo gave a thumbs up, “Yu Long, you have finally grown up, I am sure you will shine brightly in this Holy Grail War!”


Faced with this sudden encouragement, as well as Li Luo's praise, Yu Long was a little wary looking, "Why does it feel like you want to confront me again?"


Li Luo frowned and said in a deep voice, “It gives me chills when you talk like that.”


Yu Long bristled, black heart worm, it's strange to believe you.


As the two of them were talking nonsense, the atmosphere on the field became certainly elevated, and when Li Luo looked up, it turned out to be Vice President Su Xin and a group of high-ranking officials from the academy who had appeared in full force.


This time, the presence of the higher-ups was more unanimous than ever, demonstrating the importance that the Academy truly attaches to the Holy Grail War.


On that high platform, Vice President Su Xin stepped forward and looked around the entire room, while the boisterous voices in the arena gradually calmed down.


"Fellow students of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, today the delegation of our academy will depart for the Holy Grail War, the highest level of pomp and circumstance of any academy above the Eastern Divine Region, and as for how important "It's... I think we might have to bring someone to explain it to everyone." Vice President Su Xin's warm and clear voice echoed in everyone's ears.


All the trainees looked perplexed, which was followed by some murmurs; Was there anyone more qualified than Vice President Su on such an occasion?


Amidst those puzzled gazes, there was a crystal bead slowly rising in Vice President Su Xin's hand. A few breaths later, the crystal bead rapidly expanded and transformed into a crystal mirror, which gradually flowed and tended to a dark, lightless color.


Li Luo gazed at the darkness within that glass mirror, but his heart moved faintly.


Then he saw that the darkness receded, as if a light emerged from it, and a figure sitting on his knees emerged from the darkness, as well as appearing in the glass mirror, clearly seen by all the participants.


Green shirt, white eyebrows, middle-aged man.


He sits perched in the darkness as if he were a mountain so great that even if the heavens and the earth fell, it would still lean on him.


It was Dean Pang Qianyuan, whom Li Luo had seen in the Dark Cave!


“Indeed…” Li Luo couldn’t help but smile, in this Xuan Xing Sacred Academy, who else could there be other than this one who could make even Vice President Su Xin maintain respect.


However, as Dean Pang Qianyuan had not appeared in the academy for several years, many students were puzzled when his figure appeared in the glass mirror, but they could faintly perceive a terrifying aura emanating from the figure, so they They didn't dare talk about it without permission.


And at this moment, Vice President Su


As soon as these words were spoken, countless apprentices instantly showed their surprised faces.




The next moment, deafening screams ran through the square.


All the students were in complete shock and boiling, their gazes shocked and amazed at the green-shirted middle-aged man who appeared in the glass mirror... Within the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, this Lord Dean was a legend, especially for those who had only entered the Xuanxing Sacred Academy in recent years….


Over the years, Pang Qianyuan has never appeared at the academy, causing many students to only know him through the numerous stories told by word of mouth.


It is said that this Lord Dean is the only King-level powerhouse in the entire Great Xia.


King Class, ah, in the eyes of many young students, this is simply a legendary realm, and the fact that Xuanxing Sacred Academy has such a special status in Grand Xia is entirely due to the hand of this Lord Dean!


Many fellows regret not having been able to meet the Dean personally to date.


However, who would have thought that on this day... Pang Qianyuan has appeared!


It may be a mirror projection, but it's the real Dean!






Countless rows of cheers sounded.


In fact, it wasn't just these trainees who had trouble controlling their emotions, even many of the academy's Gold Glory and Silver Glory level instructors looked at the green-shirted middle-aged man in the glass mirror with some certainty. excitement.


There is no way around it, in the Xuanxing Holy Academy, this dean is a believer.


In the glass mirror, the middle-aged man in the green shirt looked at the young and excited faces, and a smile appeared on his weathered face, then he stretched out his palm and gently pressed it down, and the shock in the square disappeared in an instant.


Everyone looked at him with burning eyes.


"I am sorry that I can only introduce myself to you in this way, I am, in truth, very irresponsible as a dean, and I hope that the little ones do not mind."


In the glass mirror, Pang Qianyuan's laughter came out, and the voice seemed to have a calmness that was not frightened by the collapse of the sky, which was inexplicably reassuring.


"Before we know it another four years will have passed and the time will have come for the Holy Grail War to begin again."


"If it were a normal situation, maybe I would still not show up because the situation I am in requires me to be on high alert at all times, but the Holy Grail War is different, it is the day I have been waiting for."


"You want to know why?"


Pang Qianyuan's eyes gradually darkened at this moment.


"Because I need the Dragon Bone Goblet, and the Xuanxing Sacred Academy also needs the Dragon Bone Grail."


“Of course I understand that it is not just our Xuanxing Sacred Academy that needs it, all the academies above the Eastern Divine Region need it…”


"But I don't have that ability to care about other academies, I only know that every year, there are young students in the Xuanxing Holy Academy who perish in the dark cave, obviously they still have such good years ahead of them, but they are buried forever in the cold and dim dark cave."


“Do you know how many apprentices have been buried in the dark caves of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy over the years?”


Pang Qianyuan slowly closes his eyes.


At this moment, countless cadets in the square heard the sound of leaves shaking, raised their heads and looked at the southwest corner of the acacia tree that covered the sky, where the leaves were clattering and shaking, and they could see that in the upper part At the top of each of those leaves was inscribed a young face, as well as a name.


Those are the cadets who died in the dark caves.


Year after year, each additional leaf represents one less student at the Xuanxing Sacred Academy.


The atmosphere in the square, unknowingly, became heavy.


Previously some of them had only thought that the Grail War was perhaps about the honor of the academy, but at this moment Pang Qianyuan was directly raising the bloody truth before their eyes, and what they were fighting for was not honor, but due to the loss of students that could be reduced within the academy in the next four years.


It was a life as fresh as his.


It is even possible that just as the next dark cave opens, some of them will not be able to get out of it again.


And this Holy Grail battle, which decided the return of the Dragon Bone Grail, in a sense also decided its fate for the coming years.


There was a heavy atmosphere and many eyes began to turn to the delegations that were on the elevated platform.


Li Luo, for his part, could clearly feel that there was a lot of hope and gratitude in those glances.


In this environment, not even Yu Lang could maintain his joviality and gradually curbed his smile.


He looked at Li Luo silently and asked, “Will we be able to get the Dragon Bone Grail?”


"Who knows". Li Luo sighed.


Yu Long pursed his lips.


"Li Luo."




"If there is any role you think I can play in helping you in that Holy Grail battle, I don't care about the consequences, even if I am cast as bait, I will accept it!"


Li Luo blinked, his smile slightly awkward, and he hurriedly snorted.


"You say that, would I do that to a good brother?!"

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