Chapter 453: Ripples

The events that occurred on the cultivation platform at Saint Genesis Peak eventually spread to the rest of the sect. After all, any news related to the core disciple selection participants at this time would surely attract everyone's attention.


Furthermore, one of the people involved in the matter was the person with the lowest betting odds in the history of the Cangxuan Sect.


However, after hearing the details about the matter, the disciples originally prepared for comic relief were so shocked that their eyes almost popped out of their sockets.


"What? Zhou Yuan defeated Wu Hai of Elder Lu Hong's faction in one fell swoop?"


“That Wu Hai is an early eighth layer practitioner. Although his breakthrough was quite recent, he is still stronger than Yang Xuan of the Holy Palace.”


"Also, Zhou Yuan didn't even use his Heaven Genesis Weapon?"


"Wu Hai is too useless..."


“Wu Hai is not useless, but too careless. He probably never expected Zhou Yuan to grow so much in the past month. If Wu Hai had gone all out from the beginning, it would definitely not be an easy fight for Zhou Yuan.” Another disciple stated his logical analysis.


"No matter what, you have to admit that Zhou Yuan has some ability."




All kinds of discussions began based on this information, however, the matter ultimately did not cause any major splashes. After all, neither Zhou Yuan nor Wu Hai were key figures in the selection of core disciples. Therefore, the battle between them only managed to attract a little attention, before being quickly forgotten by everyone.


At the end of the day, the countless gazes in the Cangxuan Sect once again focused on the most popular contenders for the various core disciple selections.


Compared to such dazzling existences, Zhou Yuan and Wu Hai's tastes were really similar to small splashes.




Saint Genesis Peak, Lu Hong's faction.


In a certain room.


On the main chair, Lu Hong's old face was quite stormy as he coldly looked at the fearful and angry face of Wu Hai, who was standing with his hands behind his back. “How useless. "I can't believe that a small errand like testing Zhou Yuan's abilities could result in such an accident."


“And you still have the nerve to come back after being defeated in a single blow by a fourth-layer Alpha-Origin practitioner.”


Wu Hai’s face burned as he said, “Zhou Yuan seems to have strengthened considerably in the past month. "I only suffered because I was caught off guard."


Lu Hong ignored the former's explanation, as he took a fist-sized jade rock from a disciple next to him and poured Genesis Qi into it. A projection immediately appeared, showing the fight between Zhou Yuan and Wu Hai.


This was a type of projection stone that could make temporary recordings.


Lu Hong glued his eyes to Zhou Yuan's figure. A long time later, when Zhou Yuan approached Wu Hai and struck, the former's eyes flickered weakly for a moment.


“The brat’s punch is unexpectedly powerful…” a disciple next to Lu Hong commented.


"Although Junior Brother Wu Hai was unprepared, he managed to create numerous Genesis Qi defenses in that split second, but they were still destroyed by Zhou Yuan's blow. From the previous information we gathered, he should not have that much strength." .


“The strange thing is that Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi undulations are still at the fourth layer. Although they have increased slightly, he has yet to reach the level of power he showed..."


The other disciples in the hall nodded in agreement, equally taken aback by this observation.


The rays from the jade stone in Lu Hong's hands slowly retreated as the projection dissipated, before the stone shattered into small pieces.


"There's nothing strange..." Lu Hong's tone was indifferent. “It's because he learned some kind of external cultivation technique that fueled his physical body. The reason why that blow was so powerful was because it contained the combined power of his Genesis Qi and his physical body.”


He was an expert in Divine Dwelling scenarios after all. Although others had not understood the secret behind Zhou Yuan's punch, Lu Hong had figured it out with a single glance.


"An external cultivation technique?"


The crowd was stunned, before being struck by a flash of understanding.


No wonder Zhou Yuan's blow was so powerful. It turns out that he had learned an external cultivation technique to strengthen the power of his physical body.


“What an ambitious child... to think that he plans to practice both internal and external cultivation. Aren’t you overestimating your abilities?” A mocking smile emerged from the corners of Lu Hong's mouth.


Genesis Qi cultivation was divided into two paths, internal and external.


Internal cultivation consisted of absorbing and accumulating drop after drop of Genesis Qi in one's Qi Dwelling. In a fight, one's Genesis Qi would be as limitless as the ocean with immeasurable power that could move mountains and overturn seas.


On the other hand, external cultivation consisted of using the absorbed Genesis Qi to temper the flesh and blood. When the time came, the power of the body could crush mountains and split the earth in an extremely tyrannical manner.


Each path had its advantages, but overall, most cultivators chose to focus on one.


Because focusing on internal and external cultivation would only lead to slower progress in both.


At the same time, practicing external cultivation techniques requires having abundant life energy at all times, and replenishing this life energy was one of the biggest problems facing all external cultivators, as it would expand an enormous amount of time and energy.


Normally speaking, very few individuals would select internal and external dual cultivation. It would only make the two paths even more difficult to traverse, and progress would be much slower than focusing on one.


Due to these reasons, Lu Hong could not hold back his laughter when he discovered that Zhou Yuan was engaged in internal and external dual cultivation.


In his opinion, only those who bit off more than they could chew would foolishly believe that dual cultivation would make them exceptional.


In the hall, numerous disciples shook their heads as ridicule rose in their eyes. Even Wu Hai let out a sigh, before gritting his teeth and saying, “Then it was because I carelessly allowed him to get close to me. If we fight again, I just need to obstruct him with Genesis Qi attacks, and make him exhaust all his life energy. When that happens, he will be unable to extract the power from his body."


Lu Hong's expression gradually returned to indifference. After understanding the truth behind the matter, he had no intention of paying any more attention to Zhou Yuan.


"The seat of the chief disciple must end our faction." Lu Hong looked towards the many disciples in the hall. At the front, were the six disciples who would represent them in the next selection of core disciples.


“Peak Master Ling Jun has placed great emphasis on this matter. “I also see no harm in letting everyone know now that the Peak Master actually made a bet back then with the sect master and the other peak masters to allow us to switch to Saint Genesis Peak.”


"If our faction fails to gain the position of head disciple, Sword Peak will have to cough up a fifth of its cultivation resources... I'm sure all of you should know how big this is."


His words caused even the usually indifferent Yuan Hong to have a change of expression. The other disciples were overwhelmed, their eyes filled with surprise.


One-fifth of Sword Peak's cultivation resources… it was a scale they could not even imagine.


Lu Hong's expression became solemn. If they failed, Peak Master Ling Jun would surely be furious. It was for this very reason that he had ordered Wu Hai to scout Zhou Yuan, whom he usually couldn't even be bothered to take a look at…


He needed to determine the true strength of the participants from the other two factions to prevent accidents from occurring.


Lu Hong said slowly: “…if we fail, we will be transferred back to Sword Peak. When that happens, our lives will definitely not be pleasant.”


His eyes became icy and stern as he looked at the crowd.


"This is why we must obtain the seat of the head disciple!"


"Yeah!" Wu Hai and the rest responded respectfully.


Yuan Hong also nodded his head solemnly, as a mysterious smile emerged on his lips.


"Don't worry, Teacher Lu, apart from Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan, and Lu Yan who have a little ability, the other participants are useless and there is nothing to worry about."


"As for Zhou Yuan..."


Yuan Hong laughed, his eyes tinged with disdain. From the beginning, the rapidly rising newcomer in the past year had never entered his eyes.


Lu Hong nodded, a look of satisfaction in his eyes as he looked towards Yuan Hong. The latter was the culmination of his many years of sweat and blood, and the most reliable presence in the upcoming selection of core disciples.


He firmly believed that with Yuan Hong in the team, none of the other two factions would be able to compete.

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