Chapter 454 – Tight Spaces

This time the teleportation took even longer than Li Luo had imagined.


Within that spatial passage, the majestic and vast turquoise energy seemed to transform into a rushing river, constantly whistling against the front, while Li Luo and the others were as if stepping on the waves.


Just because the energy within the space channel was so violent, Li Luo and the others fell into a kind of false sleep and hibernation almost immediately after entering, and only Vice President Su Xin among the group was not affected in the slightest.


But the good news is that even the longest journey has an end.


When Vice President Su Xin looked at the white light that suddenly appeared, she understood that the broadcast was about to end.


He then flexed his fingers and a light spot of resonance power emerged from his fingertips before landing on Li Luo and the others who were in a state of false sleep at the back.


When they emerged from their false sleep, the group had already left the space channel.


Thus, when Li Luo's eyes opened, the first thing he saw was a green tower that appeared in front of him, supposedly made of wood and giving off a slight sense of adventure and antiquity.


This place seems to be inside a special space, with no sun or moon in the sky, but there is light emanating from the void, surrounded by clouds and fog, which is a bit like fairyland.


As you look in all directions, you can see that in the distance, among the clouds, rises a green tower like the one in front of you.


Faintly, it was as if loud sounds could be heard coming from afar.


Vice President Su There was a majestic convergence of energy from heaven and earth, forming a huge energy vortex.


"This energy vortex is the place of your contest."


"When the Holy Grail War really starts, they will jump from here and then arrive at their respective tournament venues." explained Vice President Su Xin.


When the crowd heard this, the curiosity in their eyes grew even more as they watched the energy vortex in the pool.


"Do you know where this space is?" Vice President Su Xin suddenly turned her head to look at the crowd and asked with special meaning.


The crowd looked at each other, how could this be known?


It was Jiang Qing'e who hesitated a little and said, "It seems to be a small independent space, it must be some kind of extremely rare space treasure, right? Could it be... The Dragon Bone Holy Grail?"


The crowd seemed amazed, the Dragon Bone Grail? Where they were now, were they really inside the Dragon Bone Grail?


A look of surprise also passed across Vice President Su Xin's cheeks as she laughed, "Comrade Qing'e is really smart, having guessed this."


“For Vice President Su Jiang Qing'e said.


Vice President Su , the dormitory of our Xuanxing Sacred Academy is the tower in front of us."


Li Luo was amazed, so this Dragon Bone Grail has such a wonderful use, a self-forming space treasure, no wonder it has the divine power to suppress the dark cave.


While they were talking, the crowd had arrived in front of the green tower, and then they saw a sign hanging on one of the tower's pillars, which read Xuanxing Sacred Academy.


Vice President Soshin pushed the door and said, "You now have ten minutes to choose your own rooms to rest and then gather in the lobby downstairs, where I have to explain the rules of the upcoming Holy Grail battle."


The crowd dispersed with a clatter, causing all kinds of commotion in the tower, but fortunately, within ten minutes, everyone converged on time in the lobby on the ground floor.


Vice President Su really start, time is quite tight, so now make some distributions, each faculty level has selected a student to go out to collect information, now that the delegations from many academies of the Eastern Divine Region have gathered here, it is the right time to gather some intelligence at the right time.


As soon as the voice fell, there was a murmur of discussion among the four ranks of the house before one person each was sent out.


And on the House of One Star's side, it was Yu Long who was sent.


This is because this guy's strength is indeed at the bottom of the list among the apprentices of the Purple Glory One Star Academy, and his personality is also very suitable for things like spying on information.


Yu Long, however, was dissatisfied with this and hesitated, "Why don't we ask Meng Meng to accompany me?"


Bai Doudou smiled and glared at her: "If you want to fart and eat, get lost."


Yu Lang twisted his neck and dared not talk any more nonsense, hurrying out of the door.


Once the four levels of houses were arranged, Vice President Su Xin's face became a little more serious as he said, "The first thing to say is that this Holy Grail Battle is divided into two parts, the first part The House Level Battle is a battle between each of the four house levels where the four titles of the strongest students will be decided. At the beginning of the House Battle, you will be placed in a special area where your respective House is located, and all you have to do once you enter this area is use the Spirit Gourd assigned to you to collect a material called Heavenly Spirit Dew."


"The so-called 'Heavenly Spirit Dew' is a special substance made from the special energy within the Dragon Bone Holy Grail. It is capable of protecting you through the Dragon Blood Fire Domain in the central area."


With a flick of her fingers, Vice President Su extremely dangerous feeling.


"The Dragon Blood Fire Domain is extremely special, no one below the rank of Marquis is able to last ten seconds in it, so right now, you will need enough Heavenly Spirit Dew, according to past information, ninety-nine drops of Heavenly Spirit Dew can protect a person through the Fire Domain."


"After crossing the Dragonblood Fire Domain, you will reach the core of the world, Dragon Bone Island... Here the final battle between the different faculties will break out, and whoever sits last in the Dragon Bone Chair will be crowned the strongest student."


"This is the battle of the Houses."


"Strictly speaking, the pre-college battle is a collective battle, each of you must unite and work together, because no one is going to fight alone here, your goal is the same, which is to coalesce into a single rope, keep picking and taking "Heavenly Spirit Dew", and then gather the Heavenly Spirit Dew together and send as many strong companions as possible to Dragon Bone Island, because the more there are, at least they will have a certain advantage in terms of numbers."




Vice President Su Xin looked at the crowd with a serious expression.


"Students, no matter what grudges or gaps you have in your daily life, what you need, at least here, is to put aside all previous grudges and treat others as true colleagues."


"If, in fact, you want to go all the way."


As Vice President Su Xin's voice faded, the crowd in the room fell silent.

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