Chapter 455 – The Most Severe Warning

The first part of the Battle of Faculties was somewhat unexpected for Li Luo.


I had originally thought that, at best, this would be a joint effort in the form of a small team, but now it seems that it was still a bit narrow-minded, and surprisingly this is a collaboration that requires the level of the whole house.


The Holy Grail War, although strongly competitive, has as its essential objective the improvement of the students, and the unity between them is an important part, because sometimes the collective force is, ultimately, stronger than the individual.


Although there is no shortage of existences in heaven and earth that are so powerful that they have transcended the collective shackles, at the very least Li Luo and the others are still far away from this step.


Working in solidarity with the rest of the Purple Glory squad was basically not much of a problem, except…


The two shit stirring sticks, Wang Heqiu and Du Ze Bei Xuan.


When he thought of this, Li Luo's gaze turned to Wang Hetou and Du Ze Bei Xuan, who were also frowning at the moment, and both of them became a little less natural upon noticing Li Luo's gaze.


In the past, there was a lot of friction between them at school, and their relationship was not exactly friendly.


In general, it is enough for them not to trip each other up in this competitive environment and, therefore, they are now expected to collaborate in good faith... Isn't that funny?


"Students, I still have to repeat it here again, this Holy Grail War is extremely important to our Xuanxing Saint Academy, so I need you to take into account the overall situation and put aside all your selfishness, and if there is that kind of evil action of obstruction in the House Tournament, when we return to the Academy, I will definitely give the most severe punishment, and even the Academy will not accept any more students who are related to cadets they are related to.” While Li Luo and the others were turning over their thoughts in their minds, Vice Dean Su Xin spoke again in a flat voice.


As soon as he said this, many of the students in the room turned white and fear appeared in their eyes. No one expected that Vice President Su Xin, who was always kind and easy-going, would say such harsh words and punishments.


This is simply a tension.


Even Li Luo couldn't help but swallow, the academy was the top cultivation ground in the Great Xia Kingdom, if the academy really banned people from a certain family or being able to enter it to cultivate, it would definitely be an extremely terrifying blow.


So this time, even Wang Hetou's face was pale as he collected all his thoughts.


The Wang family, of which he is a member, has a strong heritage in Great Xia, and the Wang family has many sons and daughters who enter the academy every year. If the academy no longer accepts sons and daughters of the Wang family because of him, I'm afraid his father would shoot him himself.


At this moment, Wang Hetou also noticed Vice President Su so much of those quarrels between him and Li Luo in the past.


Now it was hammering him.


After all, Li Luo was now also considered a contender to be the strongest student of the One Star Academy of the Eastern Divine Region, and if he was held back, it would undoubtedly be something that the academy would not tolerate.


Thinking of this, Wang Hetou could only suppress the complaint in his heart and declared with a strong smile: "Don't worry Vice President, all those fights between Li Luo and me in the past were just for fun, I will definitely be able to distinguish clearly in the occasion at hand, and I will definitely work well with the rest of the squad in solidarity when the time comes."


Du Ze Bei Xuan was a little embarrassed and didn't want to speak, but he felt an unusually harsh gaze cast from the side.


That's his sister, Duze Honglian.


Duze Honglian's gaze was a little terrifying, which made Duze Beixuan's heart tremble, this sister of his was also fierce in nature, if he really angered her, he was afraid that she would directly beat him up in front of so many people, so He could only nod his head hurriedly and said, "I will also cooperate fully."


Only then did Du Ze Hong Lian withdraw her gaze, before she was also worried because Du Ze Bei Xuan was young and vigorous and couldn't let go of that pride in her heart, but now Vice President Su Xin had made it so clear that whoever dared to drag The feet at the top of the House Competition would be directly dragged down by the academy, which was a very serious consequence.


Not even House Duze could afford it.


"It seems that the students of Duze House are still very sensible." On the side, Jiang Qing'e's team member Tian Tian was laughing softly.


Duze Honglian ignored this girl who was the most majestic within the Three Star Academy, and calmly looked at Jiang Qing'e as he said, "Above the Academy Tournament, I will cooperate with you fully, Jiang Qing'e, take out all your skills and go and take the title of the strongest student of the Three Star Academy in the Eastern Divine Region."


"I have never seen you show your own strength seriously, and this time, I would like to have a chance to see it."


Jiang Qing'e looked at Du Ze Hong Lian, nodded slightly and said, "I will do my best, plus you are strong, with your help, I will go much easier."


These words made Du Ze Hong Lian couldn't help but widen some of his beautiful eyes, followed by a sour nose, he really could barely believe that one day Jiang Qing'e would say that his Du Ze Hong Lian's help was also important to him. Jiang Qing'e.


Since the day the two women entered the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, Du Ze Hong Lian had considered Jiang Qing'e as his greatest rival, but the gap between the two had grown increasingly larger in the past three years, and If it weren't for the stubborn breath of her heart holding her together, Du Ze Hong Lian would have truly felt hopeless.


But competition is competition, but deep in her heart, Duze Honglian recognized Jiang Qing'e's strength so much that she was sometimes a little confused as to whether she was competing so hard with Jiang Qing'e so that she could think better of her. .


But soon Duze Honglian forced his emotions down, while secretly annoyed: "Duze Honglian, Duze Honglian, you are too useless, someone's words can move you like this, it's ridiculous!"


Compared with the House of One Star and the House of Three Stars, the House of Four Stars is much more peaceful, because over the years, the House of Four Stars has basically divided into two factions, the Gong faction Shenjun and the Eldest Princess faction both have a large following, and both are extremely down-to-earth, and their relationship is quite friendly, at least on the surface.


So they were quickly able to reach a consensus.


And on the two-star house side, how to put it... they were slightly overlooked.


Zhu Xuan and Ye Qiu Ding could clearly feel that Vice President Su Xin's gaze did not linger too long at their side, nor did they have that specialized warning.


This has left them with mixed feelings.


This was because it showed that Vice President Su he had even come close to costing the academy a major ticket during the previous ticket contest.


Who can expect the House of Two Stars to do anything other than the Holy Grail battle in such a situation?


I'm afraid that in Vice President Su Xin's mind, the House of Two Stars is here to make numbers.


Zhu Xuan and Ye Qiu Ding looked at each other and both saw the bitterness in their eyes and hearts.


Is this how poor students are treated? It's fucking... It's hard.

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