Chapter 457 – The Ambitions of the Bright King Sacred Academy

While the Holy Xuan Star Academy was discussing and preparing for the upcoming "Academy Tournament", the other towers in this space were also busy finalizing the plans of the various academies.


A certain tower with a sign in front that reads "The King's Sacred Academy."


Unlike the other schools that arrived by long-distance teleportation, the King's Sacred Academy had long since finished settling down, as they were the victors of the last Holy Grail War and the Dragon Bone Grail fell into the hands of the King's Sacred Academy, so his entry was much easier.


And at that moment, on the top floor of the tower, five figures sat cross-legged at a tea table as they watched the area that was beginning to become abuzz.


"As for the plans for each House, we made the arrangements when you came here, you four are the heavenly pride of the four Houses of our Holy Academy of the Bright King this year, and your performance is crucial to our ability to maintain the Holy Grail Dragon Bone inside the Academy."


The speaker was a man dressed in white robes. She had white hair, but her face was delicate and soft, like that of a baby. His eyes were deep, giving people a feeling of unfathomable depth.


It was none other than the leader of this Bright King Sacred Academy, the vice president of the academy, Guo Jiufeng.


"Student Jing Taixu, this side of the One Star Academy level, you should now be considered the hottest candidate to win the title, but you should not be underestimated, the various university houses have not lived these years in vain, for the sake of of the Dragon Bone Holy Grail, they will certainly also do their best to cultivate their heavenly talents."


“However, you carry the Ninth Grade Void Wind Resonance, so you still have a huge advantage on yourself, so you need to take down the strongest student of One Star Academy as much as possible.”


Guo Jiuxiang's gaze first fell on the first person on his left hand, a young man dressed in green, with a handsome face and a body erect like a rifle, his mouth containing a smile, if not a smile, at the tip of his mouth. A wisp of green resonance power floated from his fingers, turning into a whirlwind of wind, constantly jumping nimbly at his fingertips.


This person is none other than the biggest favorite to win the Holy Grail War One-Star Academy this year, Jing Taixu of the Bright King Sacred Academy.


"Don't worry Vice President, I know."


Jing Taixu nodded with a smile and said, "Sun Da Sheng of the Holy Mountain School and Ming Deer of the Heavenly Fire Holy School are not simple, it will still take a lot of effort to truly confront them, and it is unknown which cards." hide the other schools, after all, there is very little information, we can only be cautious when the time comes."


Guo Jiuxiang nodded his head, he was still calm on Jing Taixu's side, after all the latter had not lost a single battle since entering the academy and had an outstanding record, although there was no shortage of proud students in the one-star academies. from other academies, but he thought that no matter what opponent he encountered, Jing Taixu would have a certain advantage.


“Student Yuan Fangshan, on the other hand, your Two Star Academy side should be more cautious, our Bright King Sacred Academy was the previous champion, so acting wildly will inevitably lead to a target, and you should try to avoid such situations.” "


Guo Jiuxiang looked at a burly young man with a rough face, his bare arms full of veins...


He exudes an amazing sense of power.


This person was called Yuan Mianshan, and he was now the bearer of their two-star academy, only compared to a student like Jing Taixu who was at the one-star academy level, Yuan Mianshan was a little different, but overall, His strength was definitely considered at the top level among many academies.


It carries the higher 8th degree mountain resonance, which is actually considered a derivative of the earth resonance.


"According to the information we have obtained, of the two-star academies within the many academies in the Eastern Divine Region, perhaps the seeded player named Ao Bai from the North Sea Sacred Academy is the most important, this person, who is one step ahead of you, may already have his Palace of Fury about to take shape, so if you encounter him, you should be careful."


Yuan Hanshan's eyes could not help but stare at his words as he now stood between the peak of the Resonance Master realm and the General realm, a stage that was the first stage of the Earth General stage, the "Earth General realm." of the Palace", so technically speaking, his level was also known as "Void General".


And according to what Guo Jiupeng said, Ao Bai Palace was really about to take shape? Wouldn't that mean that he was about to truly enter the rank of Ground General?


This is really going one step ahead of him.


"I'll take care of it." Yuan Moveshan said in a deep voice.


Guo Jiufeng nodded his head, in fact he was a little regretful, of the four levels of his Bright Sacred King Academy, the Two Star Academy, although it was not as grumpy, it was not as cutting edge as the other three, so this time , on the part of the Two Star Academy, they could only see how far their luck could take them.


As he thought this, his gaze fell on a young man in the center. The young man's face was obviously much more ordinary than Jing Taixu's, but his hair was special, pale blue, just like the aquatic resonance he possessed.


The young man's hair was a little longer, tied up in a braid that fell behind his head. When he smiled, his eyes seemed narrowed into slits, very much in keeping with the character of the slant-eyed teacher.


"Lan Lan, I won't say much on your side, among the various Great Saint Academies, the Four Star Academy has the most mature and proud children, and when you entered the academy back then, it also happened to be the time when you The academy won the Dragon Bone Sacred Cup, so in a sense, among the four levels of academy, the people from your Four Star Academy are the ones who enjoy the most cultivation resources, and you are also fully deserving of these resources. "


"So in this side of the four-star academy level, the academy hopes that you can take the strongest student and get your hands on a golden divine tree emblem." Guo Jiufeng looked at the blue-haired youth and said.


When the young man named Lan Lan heard this, he didn't say anything else, just nodded his head calmly.


Guo Jiufeng said: "For this Holy Grail War, the academy has been preparing for several years. In a sense, we were the previous champion, so we received the Dragon Bone Holy Grail, as well as the huge resources given by academy alliance, which has established a solid foundation for our current lineup, and in this regard, our Bright King Sacred Academy has an advantage.” "


"So the highest expectation given to you from the academy side is that you will be able to obtain three Golden Divine Tree Emblems in the first round of the House Tournament."


"And of the three golden emblems of the divine tree today we have the greatest certainty in the one-star, four-star, and two-star houses... Maybe there is still some fire left, so if we want to achieve this goal, maybe "Let's make some progress on the three-star housing side."


Saying this, his gaze shifted to the last person, a silver-robed youth named Lu Jinchen, a representative of the Three Star Academy, whose strength had reached the Realm of Extreme Fury.


When this porcelain Lu Jin heard this, he couldn't help but scratch his head and said helplessly: "Vice President, you are wrong, don't you know that this year's Three Star Academy Competition is known as the most difficult of all competitions?" Holy Grail Wars? That Jiang Qing'e from Xuan Xing Sacred Academy is a Ninth Grade Light Resonance, do we want to find a breakthrough from her? Isn't finding the hardest mountain to hit?"


Guo Jiuxiang smiled at her words and said in a good-natured manner, “It is because that Jiang Qing’e is too strong that she has a chance.”


"What do you mean?"


That Lan Lan's gaze flickered as he said, "What the Vice President means... Is he going to unite with the other academic schools to surround Jiang Qing'e?"


"It's not really a union, is it? It's kind of a heart to heart."


Guo Jiufeng gave a slight smile and said, "Since she is so strong, so strong that no academy can fight her alone, isn't it normal that students from other academies decide to join forces to eliminate her first at the last moment? It's " Just a light push is all it takes."


Lu JinChen hesitated, “Wouldn’t it be a victory to join forces against her?”


Guo Jiuxiang swept a glance towards him and said, "It seems that having the Dragon Bone Holy Grail sitting in the academy these past few years has been so peaceful that you have forgotten how much the academy used to have to pay every year to suppress that dark cave." "I hope you remember that your peaceful cultivation over the years was built on the lives of those cadets who fought for you before."


"Now you tell me, is it important that the academy pays for the lives of so many students every year or is what counts is the supposed victory?"


Lu Jin was silent, and then said solemnly: "The student understands, and he will do what the schoolmaster tells him to do."


Guo Jiufeng nodded and said, "Being able to make the other academies abandon their old suspicions and gang up against them, on some level, kind of shows how powerful this Jiang Qing'e is, I really envy the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, be able to produce a demon like this."


"This Jiang Qing'e, let alone in the Eastern Divine Region, I think she is a worthy pride of heaven even within the Academy Alliance."


"And as for how to deal with her, again we have a plan..."


Guo Jiufeng smiled lightly as he dipped a finger into a drop of tea before writing four words on the table.


The four present looked away.


"The Goose Hunt."


In four simple words, a murderous aura rises.

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