Chapter 458 - "The Goose Hunt" Project Handouts

The name was a bit funny, but no one laughed out loud, even Lu, who was about to participate in the project, had a stone face because he knew how powerful that cute-sounding "big white goose" really was.


Although he had not actually fought with him, the brilliant ninth grade resonance was enough to suppress all disobedience.


"In this plan, we have to do one thing."


Guo Jiufeng tapped his fingers lightly on the tabletop and smiled: "I want our Bright King Sacred Academy to be a priority desired target for Jiang Qing'e to hit, well, to put it simply, I want her to come and Eliminate Lu Jinchen first when you see him after entering the Core Circle."


"Because then some plans are better implemented."


Lu JinChao smiled, his face full of helplessness, was he that repulsive?


"Vice President, I didn't provoke you, why are you targeting me so much?"


Guo Jiufeng gave a light laugh and said, "If you didn't invite him, then invite him."


Lu Jinchen reveals a difficult look: "I'm not good at this, and people may not be interested in me, so I may not even know them."


Guo Jiufeng laughed: "That is not expected of you."


Lingering, he looked at Jing Taixu who was next to him and said, “I leave this task to you, right?”


Jing Taixu nodded with a seemingly helpless smile and said, "Since it is a task set by the academy, I will take it and give it a chance, but speaking of which, I really want to meet her."


"Do your best, anyway it's just to make the plan easier to implement, naturally it's better if it goes well, there are other ways to do it if it doesn't."


"Time is running out, now."


"Well, bring Lu Jinchen with you, after all, he has yet to recognize a face." Guo Jiufeng waved his hand.


So Jing Taixu and Lu Jinchen took orders and came down from the top of the tower.


"Senior Jing, what are we going to do?" Going downstairs, Lu Jin asked with some confusion.


Jing Taixu smiled and said, "Wait a moment and follow me to the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy Tower and look for Jiang Qing'e directly."


"Will you pay attention to us?" Lu Jinchen asked.


"So first I'm going to fan the flames."


Jing Taixu seemed to be prepared for this and directly took out a bunch of papers from the space sphere, then handed a page to Lu Jinzhen, who picked it up and took a look at it, and his jaw dropped.


At the top of the page, written in very striking red letters.


"A shocking revelation!"


"It is rumored that Jing Taixu of the Bright King Holy School had a connection with Jiang Qing'e of the Xuanxing Holy School, and his father's generation had intended for the two to be united in marriage in their early years." !"


Lu JinChen looked at the information about this and said speechlessly, “You are writing too unrealistically, right, Junior Student Jing?”


"It was just supposed to attract attention and cause some ripples, and now spies from the many schools can give all kinds of fake news, and I'm not talking completely nonsense, before this participation in the Holy Grail War, My father did tell me that he had met Li Taixuan of Great Xia back then, and then after knowing that he had an extremely outstanding disciple, he even wrote a letter of his intention to marry, but then the person did not write back . at all, so apparently it was a lost cause." Jing Taixu smiled satisfied.


"Do you want to spread the word?" Lu Jinchen asked.


Jing Taixu nodded and said: "Then Jiang Qing'e is bound to receive these rumors, when the time comes, I will take you to the Xuanxing Sacred Academy to ask you to meet with us, I believe you will see us under such circumstances, and as long as you remember our Holy Academy of the Bright King, our mission will be accomplished."


Lu Jinchen glanced at her and said, “Why do I have the feeling that you are the one who wants to see her?”


Jing Taixu was stunned for a moment, then laughed frankly, "A beautiful lady is a good martyr, a gentleman is a good martyr, a girl as good as Jiang Qing'e and with such a connection with me, I guess it's not surprising to meet her." "


"But this meeting of yours doesn't seem very pleasant." Lu Jinchen said.


"It can't be helped, the mission of the academy... And sometimes a not-so-friendly first meeting isn't necessarily bad, at least it will remind me firmly, in which case there is an opportunity for the future." Jing Taixu said with a smile.


Lu Jinchen exclaimed: "Really experienced, worthy of the flirtatious saint who has thrown away ten girlfriends after only one year of entering the academy."


"I'm flattered".


Jing Taixu waved his hand modestly, then beckoned to a cadet from the First Star Academy and handed these papers into his hand, while slipping five 100,000 denomination Golden Dragon bills, and instructed: "Go out quietly, cover your identity, and find some unrelated people to hand them out.”


"You're covering your ears, right?" Lu Jinchen said breathlessly.


"You still have to do a lot of surface work." Jing Taixu laughed.


The One Star Academy cadet sniffed and hurried to make way for him.


"Okay, the next step is to wait for the news to reach Jiang Qing'e before moving forward." Jing Taixu said.


Lu Jinchen could only nod his head.




The male cadet of the King's Sacred Academy who had received the mission was the first to come out of the back door of the tower, taking out his cloak and covering himself as much as possible, looking like a slippery guy.


He went directly to the most staffed area of this small space, a huge circular plaza where all university houses now send their apprentices to ask for information, and here, the place where the news is most concentrated.


Although no one knows how much of the information spread here is actually true or false.


This cadet from the Bright King's Sacred Academy wandered around the square for a while, looking left and right. In this type of business of finding people to spread the news, you can't go to those who seem too smart, lest you get caught.


So he finally found a suitable target after ten minutes.


It was a young man sitting on the steps of the bathroom, staring, with his eyes under his bangs, apparently full of bewilderment as well as confusion about the future, wearing rather ordinary clothes, thinking that his family is of average means and that it would be of a person more interested in money.


Then, a smile appeared on the male cadet's face under his cloak as he slowly approached and then said in a low voice, "Brother, do you take the job?"


At this moment, Yu Lang, who had not eaten much this morning and was now a little hungry and weak, raised his head in confusion and looked at the man in front of him, who was wrapped in a black robe as well as under a cloak and was not a good person at first glance.


And just as he was about to wave his hand impatiently, the other party directly handed him a stack of slips of paper, and on top of the slips of paper was a 100,000-bill Golden Dragon bill.


"Brother, spread the word about this, and 100,000 heavenly gold is yours."


Hearing these words from the other party, Yu Long instantly felt refreshed, revealed a smile and picked it up at lightning speed, “Brother, you are really good at reading people, you spotted me among the sea of people at a glance, "I understand this kind of thing."


The male cadet of the Bright King Sacred Academy was not interested in saying more and turned around and left.


Yu Long put away the golden dragon bill first and then looked at the stack of booklets.


When he saw the eye-catching and shocking advertisement written on it and the text that followed it, his face changed.


"Dogs, this is trying to **** my brother Li Luo."


His eyes shifted and he looked at the black-robed man who was about to sneak away and hurried after him, grabbing him with one hand.


"What are you doing?!" The black-robed cadet immediately said alertly.


"Brother, can you give me all this good work right away? I will definitely arrange it properly for you." Yu Long revealed a greedy look.


The black-robed cadet frowned: "You are greedy, let's do this for you first."


Yu Lang's gaze flashed, revealing a carnal look, and he whispered: "I understand what you mean, how about this, I will give you half the refund, and I will do these dirty jobs for you!"


The black-robed cadet froze, was there still a bribe? Can things continue to work like this? My pure heart trembled.


The black-robed cadet's countenance eased a little, anyway, the task that Jing Taixu had given him was to find someone to distribute the leaflets on his behalf, as for how many people didn't say it, so it was okay to give it to them. To this greedy-looking guy in front of him, after all, the other party was surprisingly still so willing.


So, after a moment of hesitation, he handed all the booklets to Yu Long, while enclosing another 100,000-note Golden Dragon bill.


Well, half a million, he takes thirty, and he will do it especially because the Yu Long in front of him has opened a new way of thinking for him.


"Do it right, brother."


He gave an encouraging pat on Yu Long's shoulder and walked away with ease.


Yu Lang bristled, ran to a corner and took out a pen to imitate the calligraphy on the top of the pamphlets for a while , before going ahead and adding something to the back of each of them.


"The second damn explosion!"


"The matter later did not come to fruition. It is rumored that it was because the Jing family discovered that Jing Taixu grew up with kidney deficiency!!!"



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