Chapter 459 – The Irascible Jing Taixu

Jing Taixu waited for about an hour in the tower of the Bright King Sacred Academy before simply calling Lu Jinchen out, as he felt that with all this time, the fire he wanted should have been enough.


The news he wanted to spread must have already reached Jiang Qing'e's ears.


The two left the tower and headed straight to the Xuanxing Sacred Academy tower.


As hosts, they could obviously know the location of all the academies in advance.


“Senior Lu, do you think that plan the Vice President said will really work in the end?” As they walked side by side, Jing Taixu looked at the numerous academy students coming and going, and asked indifferently.


Lu Jinchen pondered slightly and said, "I don't know, I have never fought an opponent with a ninth-grade resonance, so I can only exist in speculation about the ninth-grade resonance, but you, you are also considered a ninth-grade resonance." empty grade, how do you think Jiang Qing'e will do?"


As Jing Taixu smiled, he was silent for a few seconds and then laughed, “If I were to deduce it from myself, I feel like you and Senior Lu… might be going through a very tragic battle.”


There is some arrogance in his words, and although he occupies an “empty” word, he is ultimately of the ninth rank, so he understands the meaning of this.


"It is inevitable that it will be tragic, it depends on who endures until the end." Lu JinChen nodded, not denying this point, although it was unclear at the moment how many high-level students from other academies would join this siege when the time came, but no matter what the outcome would be, the process was destined to be quite gruesome. .


“I am unlucky that a demon of this level came out of the Three Star Academy in the Eastern Divine Region, and the academy is still trying to find a breakthrough from it.”


Jing Taixu smiled weakly and was about to speak when his expression suddenly twitched and his gaze swept around the surroundings, he noticed that the gazes of those other academy students who came and went always seemed to be directed towards him if anything. .


This kind of attention was actually not unknown to Jing Taixu, after all, he was the focal point of the younger generation in the Sacred Radiance King Academy as well as the Divine Sun Dynasty.




Why do these people look at each other with strange smiles?


"Senior Lu, have you noticed that these people's looks are a little strange?" He couldn't resist the urge to consult Lu Ji nchen about his feelings.


When reminded, Lu Jinchen also realized that something was wrong, and immediately nodded, saying inexplicably: "Has something happened?"


Jing Taixu frowned and suddenly took several quick steps and stopped a female cadet, a mesmerizing smile on his handsome face as he asked gently, “This student, can you tell me a little about what's strange to me?” .


That cadet looked at Jing Taixu's handsome face and her cheeks reddened slightly, then there was some regret and pity in her heart.


This Jing Taixu has excellent talent and looks, but how can she have such a flaw... How pathetic.


He stuttered, pulled out a pamphlet and handed it to them, as the person ran away.


At first glance, he realized that it was the same flyer he had made before, so there was nothing wrong with it… As he thought this, his eyes moved down and he saw the extra line of words.


At that instant, Jing Taixu's pupils seemed to tremble violently, and even with his mind, he directly sucked in a cold breath.




This young patriarch of the Jing Clan of the Divine Yang Dynasty was directly at this point when his defenses were broken, and he actually exploded into foul language.


Veins even throbbed on his forehead.


"What's happening?" Lu JinChen looked stunned, not understanding how Jing TaiXu, who was always confident and calm, was suddenly so irritable.


Jing Taixu's face twitched before he finally handed over the pamphlet.


Lu Jinchen picked it up suspiciously and took a look.


"Shit?!" Lu Jinchen was also surprised.


"Isn't this, isn't this the brochure you have?"


Taking a deep breath, Jing Taixu gritted his teeth and said, “I did it, but that last clause was obviously added maliciously!”


"It seems that this flyer has been spread... And judging from the scale of this, it seems that those leaflets of yours have been manipulated, how did it happen? Didn't you send someone to spread it secretly? Was there someone else deliberately following us?" ? Lu JinChen said with some bewilderment.


Jing Taixu's eyes changed before he finally said, "Could it be that the idiot who did this gave all the pamphlets to one person, and then it turned out that that person also had ill will towards me."


His voice was filled with depression; Who would have thought that such a plague would suddenly come upon him.


No wonder the cadets looked at him with sympathy.




Lu Jinchen a little don't know what to say, at the same time to look at Jing Taixu's gaze also with a little sympathy, it is not a kidney deficiency, but it had already spread out, this kind of thing, how can Taixu go to try ? It's not like I'm going to show off my manhood in public, right? It would be crazy.


"This guy who manipulated the steering wheel, he's a tough guy."


Lu Jinchen commented, that guy understands very well what kind of rumors are most interesting to people, originally Jing Taixu wrote a big bang, and it would have been very eye-catching, but who knows this guy behind is more capable of capturing people's hearts. , a random sentence added below let people transfer the entire core of the rumor to Jing Taixu's head.


Furthermore, now that Jing Taixu is the favorite to win the championship on the one-star academy level side, it would be a delight to see him make a fool of himself.


"Is it necessary to dispel rumors? Like forwarding another section." Lu Jinchen lifted the steering wheel.


"It does not work".


Jing Taixu turned blue and said, “Do you think people really care if I have kidney deficiency?”


Lu Jinchen dumbfounded, everyone knows about the fake news flying around here nowadays, and many smart people understand that this news is mostly fake, but that doesn't stop them from seeing the joke.


Listen to this, that heavenly pride of the First Star Academy of the Bright King Sacred Academy, the one who is most likely to become the strongest student of this First Star Academy of the Eastern Divine Region, Jing Taixu, It is actually a kidney defect!!!


How striking is this.


"Fuck, I don't know who made this, it's really a talent too." Jing Taixu shook his head helplessly. This time he had indeed picked up a stone to smash his feet.


"Most likely it was done by someone from the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, I think it was the person you sent to spread the pamphlets who happened to be unlucky enough to hand them to the person in front." Lu JinChen said.


Jing Taixu pursed his lips, he really felt like hammering the person who had dispersed the flyers to death, being able to accurately find the person from Xuanxing Sacred Academy among the vast sea of people at a glance, and he didn't know whether to call him too stupid or too bad luck.


"Forget it, whatever about that."


He sighed and said, "If it had been done by someone from the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, I think Jiang Qing'e would have already known about it and, in a way, we would have achieved our goal."


"Let's go, let's go to the Xuanxing Sacred Academy first, it doesn't matter, Jiang Qing'e still needs to meet first."


Lu Jinchen nodded, and then the two of them could only dodge those strange gazes along the road and head towards the tower of the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy.

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