===Chapter 460 Only three left===



On a stone platform surrounded by clouds, violent qi sources collided with each other, but in an instant, one of them was brutally torn apart, and a figure behind it was directly swept away by the qi source.


The figure flew backwards on the spot, leaving a long trail on that stone platform, spitting blood and in an unusual state of disarray.


"Hey, hey, Han Yan, is that all you have?"


With a cold smile on his face, a participating disciple of Lu Hong's lineage thrust out his fist, his source qi rolling and roaring, carrying a sharp sound that tore through the air as he hissed mercilessly towards the figure.


Han Yan rolled onto his back in a mess and hurriedly crossed his arms in front of him, his source qi gushing out to protect his body.




The wind source qi slammed into his arms, and his body trembled violently as he was shaken once again and sent sliding backwards, his arms were slightly twisted, clearly suffering great damage.




Another mouthful of blood gushed out.


Han Yan's face was covered in blood, but he just wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth without saying a word, as his eyes glared fiercely at the two figures before him.


Those are the two contenders of the Lu Hong lineage.


And with one against two, it was clear that he was falling behind quickly.


Those two disciples of Lu Hong's lineage were looking at Han Yan with playful eyes, with the implication of a cat playing with a mouse. With Han Yan's strength, it was obviously impossible for him to resist the two with his strength alone.


And as Han Yan wiped the blood from his face, another wretched figure fell from behind and staggered to his side.


That petite figure is naturally Han Yu.


But at this point, she was no better, and in the background of that, two other Lu Hong lineage disciples came around with smiles on their faces, directly trapping the two as best they could.


"Are you OK?" Han Yan looked at Han Yu and asked with a bitter smile. Han Yu gritted his silver teeth and shook his head.


"It seems that the two of us alone are still unable to stop the other four." Han Yan sighed, the two of them had tried their best, but it was obvious that the effect was not as good as expected.


"Hold on a little longer, that Zhou Yuan has upset Wu Hai, I heard he even defeated him before, if he can win again this time, he should be able to come support us, then it will be much easier with three against four." Han Yan said.


When Han Yu heard this, he shook his head and bristled: "Do you still expect it? Last time, Zhou Yuan was able to defeat Wu Hai just because Wu Hai was careless, and now this time, he will definitely not hit Wu Hai again." Zhou Yuan that kind of opportunity, so you shouldn't think that we will still have someone to support us."


Han Yan dawdled, his face was a little bitter, he finally took a deep breath and said, "I'll open the gap for you, you escape with all your strength, don't fight hard next, let's entertain ourselves for a while if we can."


Han Yu bit his red lips, his eyes filled with reluctance. He knew that Han Yan was afraid that he would be immediately set on fire by doing so, and then he would not only suffer greatly, but would certainly be out of the game immediately.


"You're faster than me and fit for the stop, so let's decide." Han Yan waved his hand and said in a firm tone.


Han Yu gritted his silver teeth and nodded with difficulty.




The majestic source qi, almost a thousand feet long, rose directly from the top of Han Yan's head and finally split, turning into four torrents of source qi, which transformed into four seals of source qi light, whistling towards him. those four figures.


The attack was already Han Yan's desperate attempt to put all his strength into it, and the sound was particularly fierce.


Therefore, even those four disciples were slightly stunned as their source qi rose and they let out a long whistle and faced them head-on.




As the source qi exploded, Han Yan let out a stern cry, “Let’s go!”


Han Yu did not dare to waste the opportunity caused by Han Yan's desperate efforts, and as his source Qi surged, his body directly turned into a shadow of light and walked out.




The four torrents of source qi lasted only a dozen breaths before they instantly shattered Han Yan's torrent of source qi, followed by a counterattack of source qi that lashed out at Han Yan's body.


The stone platform crumbled and Han Yan's body was buried, blood gushing furiously, seemingly completely and seriously injured and not far from being left out of the tournament.


Seeing this scene from the corner of his eye, Han Yu's eyes also reddened, but he did not dare to stay, his source qi rushed through his body, his speed was exerted to the extreme, and he shot out in a storm. .


However, just as her figure was about to burst into the clouds, suddenly in front of her, source Qi surged, and a human figure crossed in front of her like a ghost.


At the same time, an icy sneer reached his ears: “Your speed is really good, but alas, it is still not as fast as mine!”


That figure was clearly one of the four Lu Hong lineage disciples.


He stared at Han Yu with a cold smile, his figure was like a ghost as he intimidated the latter by approaching, his palm like an eagle claw probing, his sword intent eerie, instantly grabbing Han Yu's throat.


Han Yu's delicate body stiffened, gritting his silver teeth as he stared fiercely at the person in front of him, but helplessness and disappointment surfaced in those eyes.


"You still don't admit defeat? Although I can't do anything spicy, if you move to come again, I'm afraid you will be in a little trouble." The disciple laughed.


Down there, the other three disciples laughed playfully upon seeing this scene.


They stared at Han Yan, who was heavily injured on the stone platform and had no strength to fight again, and said, "With you two, you also want to keep the four of us? You are underestimating us, right?"


Han Yan was covered in blood, lying helpless on the ground, he looked at the captured Han Yu and let out a bitter smile, they really tried their best, hopefully by this time, Senior Sister Lu Yan and the others had defeated Yuan Hong. .


Outside the Chief's Peak, when the many disciples saw that Han Yan and Han Yu had been captured, there was an uproar.


All of the Lu Song lineage disciples had ugly faces, and Elder Lu Song himself, frowning, had expected this scene, but that Lu Hong lineage disciple had gone a little too far.


On the contrary, Lu Hong's line was clapping, the previous dull and awkward atmosphere due to Wu Hai's defeat disappeared, they knew that as long as these four senior brothers had a free hand, Zhou Yuan would not be able to make any waves at all. .


The face that his bloodline had lost before, that Zhou Yuan would definitely turn all the face back later.


Lu Hong's cold and stern face also relaxed at this moment, and his eyes glanced at the other two veins, mockingly.


"Senior Sister Han Yu, admit defeat."


That disciple of Lu Hong's lineage stared at the reluctant Han Yu with a mocking smile before playfully saying, "Senior sister Han Yu can remember my name, I am Chen Gong, if you are still not convinced in the future, you are welcome to come." to me to instruct you."


"But now, there is no time."


In his other palm, source qi gathered frantically, and he finally launched a fierce punch, clearly intending to directly hit Han Yu first and nullify his combat power.


Han Yu also closed the pupils of his eyes in some despair as he looked at the overwhelming attack being launched at him.




However, at the moment when Chen Gong was about to lower his palm, he suddenly frowned slightly and vaguely thought he heard a faint sound of breaking wind.


The sound of the wind breaking was extremely faint a breath ago, but a breath later, it resounded like explosive thunder above him.


The clouds there, abruptly torn.


A vapor-like figure came whistling down with a majestic burst of source qi, and a jade light flowed over his body, directly carrying a terrifying force that struck Chen Gong's body with lightning speed, before he had even left. completely recovered.




So everyone could only see Chen Gong's figure descending from the sky like a cannonball, and finally stomping on the top of the stone platform, smoke and dust rising, and the entire platform gradually cracking.


This scene immediately caused a roar of shock.


On that stone platform, the faces of the other three Lu Hong lineage disciples also changed dramatically, and as their source qi pulsed, they swept away the smoke and dust that filled the air, and then they saw Chen Gong's body being stepped on directly. on the chaotic rocks of the crumbling stone platform, in an extreme state of distress.


And above Chen Gong's body, there was a figure stepping on him.


A row of eyes looked away and broke.


"Zhou Yuan?!" Those three Lu Hong lineage disciples exclaimed in shock.


In the air, Han Yu was also a little disoriented, only feeling a blur before her eyes, and then Chen Gong flew down.


She slowly lowered her head, and then it was her red lips that opened slightly as she looked at the young figure stepping on Chen Gong's body and muttered somewhat incredulously, "Zhou Yuan?"


She didn't expect that at that last moment, it was Zhou Yuan who appeared to save her.


"Zhou Yuan, let go of that man!" The three disciples shouted angrily, their majestic source Qi rising and locking onto Zhou Yuan.


However, Zhou Yuan ignored him and simply lowered his head as he looked at Chen Gong who was being trampled under his feet. The latter was currently covered in blood, but he was staring at him with extreme ferocity as he roared: "You dare to attack me sneakily! You're dead!"


Zhou Yuan smiled and raised his foot with indifferent eyes.


"Also remember my name to come to me for guidance in the future if you have time."


Then, source qi rose in the palm of his foot and stomped on Chen Gong's face with a ruthless kick.




The ground shattered, and that Chen Gong was directly killed by Zhou Yuan's stomp.


Not far away, those three Lu Hong lineage disciples were blue in the face.


Zhou Yuan, however, clapped his hands, raised his head, smiled at them and said, "There are only three left."


One shift today.

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