===Chapter 462 - Counterkill===

The cloudy and giant mountain.




Suddenly, a cloud tore apart and a shadow of light shot out, followed by two more shadows of light, as source qi fluctuations rippled, dispersing the nearby clouds and mist.


The light figure at the front of the room is naturally Zhou Yuan.



The two chasing them closely were Chu Yang and Liu Xiang, from Lu Hong's line.


"Break the water!"



Zhou Yuan's eyes swept across the back, his palm grabbed fiercely, and the snow-white bristle tip of the Tian Yuan Pen instantly transformed into a ghostly black color, unusually mysterious.





The Heavenly Yuan Pen whistled, and the source qi of heaven and earth converged, the source qi turned into a thousand-foot tail of light, and finally carried an extremely sharp aura, stabbing at Chu Yang as fast as lightning.


Chu Yang's eyes look over, his hands form a seal, immediately there is a majestic qi source pillar of light from the top of his head rises into the sky, and inside the pillar of light, a sword shadow emits a sword chant, and finally collides directly with that heavenly yuan pen stabbing.




The sound of gold and iron echoed, and sound waves spread, cracking the walls of the nearby mountains.


That sword shadow of Chu Yang was also a weapon of quasi-heavenly origin, so it was clear that the Lu Hong clan had made perfect preparations for this boss competition, and even a treasure such as a weapon of quasi-celestial origin.


However, after all, it could only be considered a quasi Heavenly Origin Armament, compared to the Heavenly Origin Pen, which had reached the lower level of Heavenly Origin Armament, there was still a gap, so that first clash , the sword shadow was directly shaken away.


Furthermore, when the dark tip of the Tian Yuan Pen pierced through it, it also tore apart the source qi permeating around that sword shadow.


The Tian Yuan Pen shook off the sword shadow and, as if it had a spirit, engulfed the source qi of heaven and earth again and whistled towards Chu Yang like lightning.


But just as the Tian Yuan Pen rushed into Chu Yang's three-meter range, another sword shadow came with a long hiss and collided with the Tian Yuan Pen.


This time, it was that Liu Xiang who made a timely move, also pushing out a quasi-celestial source weapon.


When the Tian Yuan Pen was slightly blocked, the two sword shadows became entangled, and between the collision, there was a shocking explosion of source qi.


When Zhou Yuan saw this scene, his hand beckoned and the Heavenly Yuan Pen shot back and landed on his hand. He looked at the duo of Chu Yang and Liu Xiang, who were only ten steps away from each other, and his brows furrowed slightly.


In fact, these two elements work very well together.


They were also extremely cautious, refusing to be separated from each other, attacking and defending together, and while defending, these two were also searching for their weak spots with venom in their eyes, and once they found them, they would not hesitate to launch a joint attack.


This was a bit complicated for Zhou Yuan.


His gaze flickered, and then his speed increased sharply as he hurtled towards the clouds.


When Chu Yang and Liu Xiang in the rear saw this, they both let out a cold laugh and chased after them, they also sensed that this Zhou Yuan seemed to be very tied up in the face of their joint efforts.


As long as they continued to be cautious below, looking for Zhou Yuan's weak points, there would always be a chance to crush the other side.


In the time that followed, the three figures traveled like lightning through the clouds and mist, fighting and stopping, but anyone could see that Zhou Yuan, facing the Chu Yang duo as a group, seemed a little exhausted and unable to achieve the goal. same victory as before.


"It seems that Zhou Yuan has finally encountered the battleship..."



“That Chu and Yang duo are smart, if this continues, Zhou Yuan will not be able to hold on sooner or later, and once he reveals a crack, I am afraid that the Chu and Yang duo will launch a thunderous attack.”



"Normal, Zhou Yuan's strength is at most comparable to one of them, as long as he is not given the opportunity to attack by surprise, how can he possibly try to fight two with one?"






Outside the Chief's Peak, many of the disciples were murmuring, all feeling a little sorry for themselves, as it seemed that this black horse, Zhou Yuan, could only go so far.


Seeing this, Elder Lu Hong, who was always observing this, also smiled coldly and said, "Boy, it's time for you to stop here."






Swish! Swish!


Three shadows of light, one in front and two behind, thundered through the clouds.


“Zhou Yuan, right now, you are something of a dog in distress.” Chu Yang stood at the rear, his gaze locked on Zhou Yuan's figure, and his slightly laughing voice, enveloped in Source Qi, reached the ears of the figure in front of him.


However, at his mockery, the figure did not move, and continued to bury its head in front of him.


Seeing this, the sneer at the corner of Chu Yang's lips intensified, his gaze glanced at Liu next to him and increased his speed to follow closely, next, they were going to bite Zhou Yuan to death.




Their figures also rushed towards the clouds again.


However, the moment they rushed into the clouds, they suddenly felt the source qi in the surrounding heaven and earth burst into a strange movement, the clouds began to swirl, and the landscape around them

Complete change.


And it was at that moment that the two men disappeared from sight.


"A font pattern limit?!"


Chu Yang's face changed, here before him was clearly an ordered source pattern boundary!


His face became a little ugly, this cunning Zhou Yuan, who seemed to be

fleeing, it turned out to have prepared a dangerous situation a long time ago, just waiting for them to enter it!


Boom boom!


In the surrounding heaven and earth an extremely violent qi source converged, thunder and red fire began to surge, and finally engulfed the sky.


Chu Yang frowned tightly, a thousand feet of source Qi rose into the sky, directly to drive away all that thunderous red fire, and then a sword shadow rushed out and fiercely slashed against the void in front of him.





It was as if the void had split, revealing a crack, and Chu Yang's body rushed out like lightning.


Stepping out of the crack, the source qi of heaven and earth regained calm and the familiar clouds reappeared in sight.


Chu Yang heaved a sigh of relief, it seemed like he had broken through the source pattern boundary, this trap that Zhou Yuan had set was truly unbearable.


"Minister Ryu?"



But the next moment, he suddenly felt that something was wrong and looked back, only to see that the clouds in that place were gathering in a frenzy, and there was crimson thunder resounding madly in them, and in the depths of that place ,

There was a trapped figure.


It is none other than Ryu Sang.



It turned out that all the power of the limit was acting on Liu Xiang's side, and that was why he was able to escape so easily.


"Now it's just you."



A calm voice came from ahead, Chu Yang looked up with a grim face, only to see Zhou Yuan standing in the void in front of him, his eyes fixed on him without fluctuations.


The source pattern's limit here was set after he had finished off Wu Hai earlier, with the intention of limiting his opponent's numerical advantage.


Chu Yang glanced at the source pattern boundary behind him and sneered, “How long do you think this boundary will be able to trap Liu Xiang?”


He knew Liu Xiang's strength very well, and although this limit was not weak, he feared that it would not take long for Liu Xiang to be able to break out of it.


Zhou Yuan smiled and said, "It won't take long... but it will be enough for

deal with you..."





As soon as he stopped speaking, his figure shot out, a jade light emerged from his body, and the Tian Yuan Pen in his hand vibrated and buzzed, the snow-white tip of the brush quickly turned into a pitch-black color. .


"Ten thousand whale patterns!" "Tongtian Xuanjiao Scales!"

A giant whale-like shadow emerged above Tian Yuan's Feather, while Zhou Yuan's skin sprouted scales that bloomed with jade light.


Terrible forces arise.


This strike is without quarter.


The shadow of the feather whistled down, and a mountain below was at that moment cut alive.


Chu Yang's face also became extremely serious at this moment, obviously sensing the terror of Zhou Yuan's attack, and


He immediately did not dare to be slow, as a sword shadow slowly rose and was held in his hand.


It was a long sword as thin as a cicada's wing, its blade shining with waves of light and cold as ice.


“Lower Grade Heavenly Origin Technique, Heaven Sword River!”



Source Qi whizzed out, sword shadows flowed out as if forming a river of sword Qi, flowing morosely, finally rushing into the sky and fiercely colliding with the Heavenly Yuan Pen that collided fiercely.


Chu Yang also gave his all.




The two terrifying attacks collided, and the shock wave wildly swept across the area, instantly destroying one of the surrounding hills and sending boulders flying.





The river of sword qi shattered under the shadow of the brush, and even the sword shadow made a hooting sound as it flew backwards.





Chu Yang was also affected, his face turned white and a mouthful of blood immediately gushed out, as his figure flew backwards haplessly, with a look of shock in his eyes.


Only when Zhou Yuan truly displayed his strength did he understand how terrifying the former's combat power was.


No wonder even Wu Hai was defeated at their hands.





However, as Chu Yang's body flew backwards, Zhou Yuan's figure appeared in front of him like a ghost, his mouth swelled, and in the next instant, a deep voice seemed to resonate.


"Heavenly Sun Fire!"



The green flames roared, with a terrifying temperature, as they headed towards Chu Yang.


Noticing the heat of that green fire, Chu Yang's face changed again, not caring about the injuries on his body, he hurriedly operated his source qi, whistling.

with a creepy sword intent, and collided with that green fire.





The two collided and even space was distorted.



The mountain under their feet caught fire at that moment, and even the rocks melted.





Chu Yang's face was blue, Zhou Yuan's attack was continuous and fierce, this was just a short encounter, and he was forced into such a mess.


"We must not fight hard, we must delay, Liu Xiang will soon be able to break through the source pattern limit, and when he joins forces with him, he will be able to turn the situation around!"



With this thought in his mind, Chu Yang took a deep breath and within his Qi Sea, a source qi star vibrated, continuously flowing with majestic source qi, finally roaring to resist the spread of the green fire.


However, just as the green fire was in a stalemate with its cold sword qi, an arm suddenly extended out from behind the green fire, with scales shining on it, and grabbed it.


The sword qi passed through, although it only shattered some of the scales on the arm, but a jade light emerged from beneath the scales and directly repelled the sword qi in its entirety.


That arm, with five fingers clenched, punched the open air with a fist,

causing a sonic boom sound to quickly pass through that pupil of Chu Yang.



Layers of Source Qi defenses shattered at this point.




Chu Yang didn't have time to do anything else, but the fist, which contained a terrifying force, hit him hard in the chest.




Chu Yang spit out a mouthful of blood, his face pale, his dead gaze forward, only to see the green fire there slowly fading, a slender figure, standing in it.


"You see, I said... there is enough time." Zhou Yuan raised his face and looked at Chu Yang, revealing a bright smile.


Chu Yang's mouth was full of bitterness and his heart was full of regret, this Zhou Yuan, he was too cunning, they should have divided the largest number of men to expel him in the first place.


Unfortunately... you have now ruined a great situation.


"Zhou Yuan...don't be complacent, even if you can really win against us, so what? You won't be able to get past that hurdle with Big Brother Yuan Hong!"


"Your people will be no match for Senior Brother Yuan Hong either!"



Chu Yang grabbed Zhou Yuan's wrist with a death grip, a sarcastic smile emerged from the corner of his lips, and finally his eyelids gradually drooped, seemingly also falling into a heavy faint.


Zhou Yuan's eyes were indifferent as his palm grabbed Chu Yang and lifted him up.



"It's over but it's over, you're speaking too soon."








On a stone platform, the source pattern boundary suddenly exploded.


A figure walked out of it, and it was none other than Liu Xiang, and as he ran out of the boundary, his stern voice rang out: "Zhou Yuan, do you think a boundary can stop me?"



He raised his head, looked straight ahead, and his pupils suddenly closed.


There, on a hill, a figure sits on the edge of a cliff, with one foot dangling from the precipice, and over his shoulder he carries a black feather, the snow-white hairs of which hang from its tip like white chains.


And above the fallen hair is tied an unfortunate figure, alive or dead without knowing it.


It was Chu Yang!



On the hill, the young figure tilted his head slightly, his eyes staring at Liu Xiang who had broken through the boundary and emerged, then he slowly stood up, threw away the bound Chu Yang, and stared at Liu Xiang from above.


"Going out, huh?"



"Now that you're out, get ready to go keep your brother company."




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