Chapter 463 – Qin Qiglu vs Sun Da Sheng

Somewhere in the mountains.




Extremely violent resonance fluctuations occurred in the area, uprooting trees and tearing the earth.


On a hillside, Lu Qing'er and Yin Yue's faces were solemn as they watched the battle between the mountains and the forest, where the two figures gave off an astonishingly fierce and ferocious aura, like two ancient beasts locked in an encounter. extremely violent and ferocious.


Within the One Star Academy of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, only Li Luo, who had now begun to display the mystery of double resonance, was able to keep Qin Qiglu at bay, but the battle before him was such that Lu Qing 'er and Yin Yue couldn't help but get excited.


From the beginning of the battle, Qin Qiglu found himself outmatched by his opponent.


Even the fierce and ferocious aura that Qin Qiglu was so proud of seemed to be a head weaker than his opponent.


Within the rippling resonance energy, a sturdy figure, no less than that of Qin Qiglu, was visible, a young man with a rough, even slightly ugly face, holding a golden staff, the wind sweeping around him, the ear- piercing hiss of the wind echoing through the entire mountain forest.


At this moment, the golden staff youth's face showed a frantic battle intent, and his eyes were full of brutality and ferocity.


"If my guess is good, that person, I'm afraid, is Sun Da Sheng from the Holy Mountain Academy." Lu Qing'er said in a deep voice as she knitted her eyebrows.


Yin Yue's face changed, of course he had heard of the name Sun Da Sheng, this person was ranked among the top three favorites to win the championship and it could be said that his reputation had resonated throughout the university capitals.


"How can it be so unlucky." He laughed bitterly, they had collided with each other shortly after landing, that Sun Da Sheng was extremely unruly and had a bellicose disposition, this, he simply matched Qin Qiglu, when these two met, what would be the result needless to say at all. .


What are you looking at? I look at you.


You want to fight?


I just want to fight.


So it's a direct fight.


Although the opponent is the favorite to win the title, Qin Qinglu doesn't care who you are as long as you can fight, it is a fight to the death.


So these two just looked at each other for a moment, without even exchanging names, and the battle began.


Lu Qing'er and Yin Yue couldn't go to help either, as Sun Da Sheng's team was also watching them not far away, and there was even more than one team... But the other team didn't attack them, apparently waiting for them. that Sun Da Sheng had a painful fight before coming to clean them up.


The other party would have guessed that they would ask for help, but they didn't seem to have many scruples.


This is normal, after all, with a powerful combatant like Sun Da Sheng, I believe that among the many academies, they all have the confidence to fight hard as long as they do not encounter the Bright King Sacred Academy.


"I hope Li Luo will hurry up, with him around, surely Sun Da Sheng won't dare to be so unruly." Lu Qing'er sighed.


Yin Yue didn't say anything, but there was still a bit of worry in his eyes.


Although Li Luo was also very strong, this Sun Da Sheng was one of the three favorites to win the title.


Can he really control Sun Da Sheng if he comes?


And while the two women were talking, not far away on the hillside, two small teams from the Holy Mountain Academy converged, their gazes locked on the two women.


"Captain Lu, don't you really want to go ahead and eliminate them?


"I'm sorry," said one of the Mountain Academy players.


The leader of the crowd was a young man with a dry and thin body, he said somewhat helplessly, "You guys don't know the character of the boss, everything is a good fight first, but that guy on the other side is quite powerful, he can really provoke "If there is any battle intention in the boss, if it were a normal person, the boss would not be interested in making a move."


"Since the boss has moved now, let's wait for him to finish, lest we complain about our interference and get scolded again."


The others could only helplessly nod at his words, knowing all too well the temper of their own ferocious chief captain.


All things are inferior, but fighting is cool.




Between the mountains and the forest, the two figures collided like ferocious beasts, the heavy spear and golden staff turning into a sky of shadow streaks, enveloped in a whistling fierce wind, constantly colliding again and again in the most ferocious stance.


There is no half-hearted withdrawal.


Only under this extremely harsh clash, it was clear that the Golden Staff side had a considerable advantage, and with every exchange of blows, Qin Qiglu's figure stiffly retreated a step, with blood stains emerging from the palm of the hand he was holding. the heavy spear.


But Qin Qinglu did not show any fear, the fervor in his eyes became more and more intense, the golden tiger stripes on the surface of his sturdy body became more and more bright, and his eyes became redder.


Each blow is accompanied by the roar of the ancient tiger, which shakes the heart and soul.


The strong opponent before him was almost like nothing he had ever known before, but it also gave him a solidity that he had never experienced before, a feeling that was even more painful than when he fought Li Luo, for not even Li Luo would have been able to compete with him. him in a crazy fight.


Qin Qiglu had always thought that he was already fierce enough, but now he realized that there was indeed a mountain beyond the mountain, and this man before him was even fiercer than him!


What a treat!


His eyes were red and his palm gripped the heavy spear so tightly that blood flew out and landed on the tip of the spear, which instantly turned scarlet.


"Tiger Demon!"


The demonic tiger behind him turned into streams of light and merged with the heavy spear, instantly the spear seemed to become as heavy as a thousand pounds, even the void trembled slightly, and the earth under his feet began to crack.


In front of Qin Qiglu, that Sun Da Sheng, feeling the power exploding from Qin Qiglu's shot, his eyes immediately lit up and he smiled: "Not bad, not bad, what a strong shot!"


And then he took a step and the ground opened beneath his feet.


The grayish-white resonance power hissed out from his body, also forming a giant ape grayish-white light shadow behind him, that giant ape was also incomparably violent, with a ferocious aura no weaker than the Golden Devouring Demon Tiger's resonance. Qin Qiglu.


Upper Eighth Grade, Stone Monkey Resonance!


"The Three Sticks of the Monkey King, the Mountain Moving Stick!"


Sun Da Sheng laughed loudly, and the golden stick in his hand whistled out, and in that instant, the power of resonance burst out, as if there was a shadow of light hovering, as if it were a three thousand giant ape. meters that he carried a giant stick on his shoulder, and at one end of the stick he actually carried a mountain.




The golden stick hissed as it collided with Qin Qiglu's ferocious Tiger Demon heavy spear.


An extremely violent Resonance Force shock wave swept across the mountains and forests, creating a clearing in which all the


There are things that are destroyed cleanly.


When the shock wave erupted, Qin Qiglu's figure also flew backwards, before painting a long trail on the ground.


At this moment, he was covered in blood, but his palms always held his heavy spear tightly, he was breathing heavily, and although his wounds were quite heavy, he still maintained a fervent battle spirit in his eyes, and he stood up slightly, laughing in direction to Sun Da Sheng, "Again!"


Sun Da Sheng applied the blood on his palm and looked at Qin Bing Lu who was fighting vigorously and was also a little surprised as he said, “If you keep fighting, you won't be able to hold on anymore.”


Although he was also a little injured, he was obviously much less injured than Qin Qiglu.


"Come on". Qin Qiglu spat out a mouthful of blood foam.


Sun Da Sheng smiled and said: "Okay, then I will comply with you, this friend, your strength has earned my recognition, you must be the strongest person in the One-Star Academy of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy."


Qin Qinglu bristled: "I'm sorry to disappoint you, I'm not the strongest."


Sun Da Sheng was stunned: "Is there anyone else in Xuan Xing Sacred Academy who is stronger than you? It can't be."


Although the Qin Qiglu before him had fallen at a disadvantage in the fight with him, there was no need to underestimate his opponent's combat strength. If his side was not one step ahead in terms of Resonance Force, if he really fought, he would undoubtedly pay a great price even if he could win.


But listening to what this Qin Qiglu said, was there anyone stronger than him in the First Star Academy of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy?


Wouldn't they all be comparable to his Sun Da Sheng?


But he had not heard of such a strong person coming out of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy.


His heart was puzzled, but Sun Da Sheng didn't bother to think about it any further. He held the golden staff tightly in the palm of his hand, it was time, so it was best to eliminate the person in front of him and start the real task.


The force of gray and white resonance bursts in again.


However, at the moment when Sun Da Sheng was about to attack again, his pupils suddenly contracted and he raised his head, only to see an extremely harsh blade light cutting through the sky not far away in the mountains and forests . , cutting off their position as fast as thunder.


The golden staff in Sun Da Sheng's hand swung fiercely, colliding with the harsh sword light.




At the moment they collided, Sun Da Sheng's face changed slightly, because the resonance power contained in this sword light was even stronger than Qin Qiglu before, and the strangest thing was that this sword light gave off a strong penetrating power.


But in the end, they were able to disable them all with their great strength.


Then Sun Da Sheng solemnly looked in the direction where the sword light came from, only to see a human figure coming out of the mountains and forests over there, falling rapidly in this direction.


Ten breaths later, a slender figure landed in front of him.


"This friend, if you want to fight so much, how about you let me play with you?"


Li Luo looked at the sturdy man holding the golden staff in front of him, and then looked at the somewhat injured Qin Qiglu, and naturally knew in his heart the identity of the other party, and then smiled faintly, and his carefree tone did not carry any fear. half.


Sun Da Sheng's untamed gaze fixed on Li Luo, his eyes lingering on her face for a second and frowning.


"Can you really fight when you're so handsome?"

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