Chapter 464 – Tests



A figure walked out of the mountain forest and landed next to Lu Qing'er, Yin Yue, on the slope.


"Classmate Qing'er, are you okay?" Bai Mengmeng was the first to look at Lu Qing'er and asked her.


When Lu Qing'er looked at the visitors, her original nervousness was relieved, because apart from Bai Mengmeng and the others, there were also Zishi's team and Wang Hetou's team, all arriving at the same time, whom they had obviously met. on the way here.


Now the One-Star Academy side of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, apart from Bai Doudou's squad, was evenly gathered.


The combat power increased instantly.


"Okay, we met a team from the Holy Mountain School, and that person must be Sun Da Sheng." Lu Qing'er said succinctly and clearly.


When Yi Zisha, Wang Hetou heard this, his face couldn't help but change a little: "Sun Da Sheng of Holy Mountain Academy? The three favorites to win the championship?"


Their gaze swept towards the mountain forest, which was already in chaos, and they could only see the sturdy figure holding a golden staff, his face emitting an untamed and ferocious aura, this person gave people an extremely dangerous and eerie feeling. untouchable just by looking at him.


"So it's that Sun Da Sheng, no wonder he was able to force Qin Qinglu into such a state." Yi Zisha said in a hoarse voice.


Qin Qiglu's strength was second only to that of Li Luo in the First Star Academy of Xuanxing Sacred Academy, and this guy's fighting style was extremely tough, and he had no fear of death once he made a move. , so his fighting strength was undoubted, however, right now he was so suppressed by this Sun Da Sheng, so it could be seen that these three favorites for the championship were not really in vain.


“Can Li Luo hold back Sun Da Sheng if he goes alone? What's the point of being handsome at this hour." Du Ze Bei Xuan frowned and said with some dissatisfaction.


Although they also knew that Li Luo was extremely strong, that Sun Da Sheng had too strong a reputation after all, and if Li Luo came up and was also taken care of by Sun Da Sheng, that would only be a huge drop in morale for their side.


"The captain is a very pragmatic person, he must have his own plans to do this, and don't you see that the Holy Mountain School team is also there? We have to keep an eye on them." said Xin Fu.


Hearing this, the gazes of the others were directed towards the slope not far away, where there were also several teams from the Holy Mountain Academy, these and others with their gazes fixed on them.


Suddenly, the two sides clashed.


But neither side took the liberty of attacking, instead they waited for the two figures in the mountains to welcome them.


Between mountains and forests.


Sun Da Sheng's untamed gaze swept across Li Luo's face before pounced on Qin Qiglu, who was behind him, and asked, "Could he be the one you said was stronger than you in the Xuanxing Sacred Academy?" ".


Qin Qinglu rubbed his sore arm and nodded.


Sun Da Sheng was obviously a little surprised, "I really can't tell, growing up like this, you are still quite capable of fighting?"


Li Luo smiled and said, "Actually, those who are ugly and know how to fight are the minority."


Sun Da Sheng's eyes flashed: "Are you calling me ugly?"


Li Luo waved his hand and said, "Not really, I can only say that it looks quite special."


Sun Da Sheng carried the golden staff on his shoulder and looked at Li Luo suspiciously: "I'm too lazy to play words with you, do you want to take it away? Then you have to ask the stick in my hand if it agrees."


Li Luo laughed: "Not only do I want to take that man away, I think you have to apologize to my partner for hitting him like that."


Sun Da Sheng's eyes rounded as he looked at Li Luo with strange eyes and sneered, "So handsome, but you have turned out to be a fool."


"In my entire life, I have never apologized to anyone."


"Do you want me to apologize? Fine, take two of my sticks and I'll apologize." He smiled.


When Li Luo heard this, he clenched his palm and an ancient straight sword appeared in his hand, his body turning into a golden jade color, precisely the Golden Jade Elephant Blade.


"Well, try two sticks then." He smiled.


Li Luo then turned his head towards Qin Qiglu and said, “Go to the others’ side first and recover.”


Qin Qiglu nodded, he had also heard the kind of condition that Li Luo had proposed, obviously this was deliberate on Li Luo's part, because with Sun Da Sheng's arrogant character, how could he agree to apologize.


This was Li Luo's way of trying a real fight with Sun Da Sheng.


Is it because he wants to test the true strength of the three title favorites?


"Be careful, this monkey is not easy to deal with." He warned, and was grabbing his heavy spear and jumping.


With Qin Qiglu's departure, Sun Da Sheng's face became cold and solemn, his palm grabbed the golden staff, the gray and white resonance power burst out of his body like wolf smoke, and within the wolf smoke, appeared a giant ape, emitting a ferocious aura.


Although this Sun Da Sheng was very uncomfortable with Li Luo's skin, once Li Luo entered battle, he had no intention of retaining half of his hand.


“The third transformation of the transformation stage… The upper eighth grade Stone Monkey Resonance.”


Feeling the fierce resonance power of Sun Da Sheng, Li Luo's eyes also emerged with a wisp of gravity, in fact, one should not underestimate the geniuses of other academies, the oppressive feeling brought by this Sun Da Sheng was indeed stronger than the Lu Cang he met above the entry competition.


Thank goodness, that's exactly what I intended.


You need to try the so-called Big Three


The true strength of the title favorites.


After all, Jiang Qing'e had already given him a mission, and the biggest blocker must be that Jing Taixu, who had also angered him with what he had done before, so in the end, if they met, it was going to be a battle to the death.


Before that, if he could have a slight encounter with this Sun Da Sheng, he would be able to use him to guess Jing Taixu's butt.


Li Luo grabbed the Golden Jade Elephant Blade in his palm, the third transformation of Transformation Resonance was indeed a level higher than him, but this did not mean that his opponent's resonance power was stronger than his own. After all, he possessed dual resonances anyway, and a main resonance and an auxiliary resonance, the increased resonance power from the resonance bypass within his resonance palace stacked up enough to make up for the power gap. resonance caused by this level.


His face was calm, and the two resonance palaces within his body vibrated at that moment, as two majestic power resonances slowly flowed out.


On the side of that mountain, the people of the Holy Mountain Academy watched the Resonance Force surging again in a frenzy, and all of them could not help but shake their heads.


"Is that person the head captain of the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy? Rather, he has some temper, and even dares to fight the boss hard." A cadet from the Holy Mountain Academy laughed mockingly.


"After all, his men just got a lesson from the boss and he has to intervene to save some face, otherwise it would be too demoralizing." The other cadets analyzed.


"It's still a poisonous beating for less, doesn't he know that if even he gets a beating, his face won't be worse?"


"Normal, after all, they used to be a popular figure in their respective academies, so how could they swallow this easily."




The cadet known as Captain Lu did not participate in the crowd's discussion, his gaze was only fixed on Wang Hetou's side as he said, "Everyone prepare, if there is any movement from the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy team after the boss "I'm done with that person later, then we'll make a direct move."


The others nodded, secretly on guard.


As they spoke, the gray and white resonance power in the mountain forest suddenly and furiously moved, only to see that Sun Da Sheng let out a long whistle, his figure already shot out violently, his hand waving the golden staff, coiling the wind and clouds.


"The Three Sticks of the Monkey King, the Mountain Moving Stick!"


Sun Da Sheng attacks without the intention of testing the ground.


The moment he hit, he was at full strength, and Qin Qiglu had been defeated by this stick before!


The golden stick whistles and the sonic boom pierces the ears, and under a stick it seems to transport mountains.


Not far away, Yirisha, Wang Hetou and others' faces changed a little, this Sun Da Sheng showed his extremely domineering strength as soon as he struck, no wonder even Qin Qiglu was no match for him, this kind of attack furious, Li Luo, could he really catch him?

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