===Chapter 466===

As the violent source qi swept away from Yuan Hong's body in waves like a storm, the clouds on the top of the entire peak stirred and a terrifying pressure invaded the area.


Under that kind of source qi pressure, Zhou Yuan's expression also gradually became grave, judging from this kind of pressure alone, Yuan Hong was not comparable to Wu Hai's current before.


Deep down, Han Yu had long since retreated, her pretty face full of fear, clearly gutless, not having the courage to fight Yuan Hong at all, so expecting any help from her was clearly out of place. .


The overwhelming sense of oppression came from everywhere, but it did not destroy Zhou Yuan's courage, but instead caused a fiery battle spirit to burst out of his eyes.


His palm slowly squeezed the Tian Yuan Pen, and the body of the pen vibrated slightly, as if a humming sound was emanating from it.


He had finally arrived here after a year of hard work and cultivation, and as long as he took one more step forward, he would be able to become the core disciple of Sacred Origin Peak, so it didn't matter what kind of enemy he had in front of him at that moment. moment, Zhou Yuan would not flinch in the slightest.



“Big Brother Zhou Yuan… be careful…”



As Zhou Yuan's heart was filled with battle spirit, an extremely faint voice suddenly came out of him, and he was slightly stunned as he changed his gaze, then he saw three figures originally covered in blood lying on the collapsed ground not far away , struggling to hold on, and the one speaking at this moment was Zhou Tai.


Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and Lu Yan were heavily defeated and according to the rules, they were already considered eliminated from the tournament.


At this moment, the three people who had awakened from their heavily traumatized state were looking at Zhou Yuan with somewhat complicated expressions, especially Zhang Yan and Lu Yan, who considered themselves the least

They were optimistic about Zhou Yuan, but what they had not expected was that Zhou Yuan had actually managed to appear here.


This was because everyone understood that Zhou Yuan had been able to come this far, which meant that the other five candidates of Lu Hong's bloodline had already been eliminated.


The strength of Han Yan and Han Yu was well known to all of them, so it was undoubtedly Zhou Yuan, the one with the most variables, who was capable of doing something like this.


Zhang Yan leaned against the stone wall and looked at Zhou Yuan before finally saying weakly, “You are already considered very good to come this far, so don't try to play tough anymore.”



Although Zhou Yuan's presence here was surprising, in Zhang Yan's opinion, it was still somewhat counterproductive for Zhou Yuan to challenge Yuan Hong at this time.


Zhou Yuan smiled, he knew that Zhang Yan didn't have any malice just now, he just didn't want to hit him, he immediately laughed and said, "Let's try it, what if it works?"



When Lu Yan heard this, she was about to laugh out loud like she had done in the past, but the sharp pain inside her body made her bite her red lips tightly, and she hissed in an unpleasant voice: “Are you still daydreaming? ".



This was not because he looked down on Zhou Yuan, but because even the three

together they had lost against Yuan Hong, he really couldn't believe that Zhou Yuan had any qualifications to fight against Yuan Hong?


That kind of ending is nothing more than being crushed, and could even leave a shadow at the end, causing an obstacle to future cultivation.


Zhou Yuan shook his head and did not say anything more to them, his gaze retracted and focused on Yuan Hong again.


"It seems that you have not yet been dissuaded from this pursuit of death." Yuan Hong said indifferently.





Zhou Yuan's eyes were stern, and a jade light emerged from his body, only to watch his body quickly fade away, directly turning into a wisp of blue smoke and disappearing.


In fact, he decided to take the initiative.


Yuan Hong looked at this scene with an expressionless face, his palm fiercely clenched, and a huge wave of source qi swept outwards, truly transforming into a huge hand of source qi about a thousand feet in length, directly slapping viciously in front of him with great strength. can.




The shadow rose and the entire giant peak trembled under that giant qi fountain.


"Break the water!"



A deep voice was heard.



Zhou Yuan's figure flashed as he looked at the gigantic source qi hand descending from the sky, the Heavenly Feather Yuan's snow-white hairs turned into pitch-black colors, and the source qi within his

body rolled at that moment.


Scales sprout over skin that glows with jade light.





The Tian Yuan Feather whistled upward like a meteor, colliding directly with the Yuan Qi hand from a thousand feet in front.




At the moment of impact, a violent shock wave was produced. Zhou Yuan's eyes were stern, and the tip of his coal-black brush emitted a strange power, dissolving the source qi from the gigantic source qi hand.


Within a few breaths, the black tip of the Tian Yuan Pen was deep inside.



However, this dissolution did not last long, as the tip of the Tian Yuan Pen was stopped by the majestic and violent source qi as if it had touched fine iron.


This time, the broken source failed to break through this gigantic hand of source energy.


Zhou Yuan's eyes were slightly sunken, although the broken source possessed the strange power of cracking source qi, it also had a limit, and that limit depended on his own strength.


Previously, when Wu Hai and the others attacked with their source qi, Zhou Yuan was able to easily dissolve it with the Heavenly Yuan Pen, but when it came to Yuan Hong, the effect was somewhat hindered, and that was because Wu Hai's source qi Yuan Hong was even more abundant.


“This Heavenly Origin Soldier of yours is a bit strange, being able to dissolve so much of my Origin Qi?” Yuan Hong stood with his hands folded as he looked at the scene, but he was a little surprised.


He could feel how many layers of source qi had been peeled off from that giant hand under that black pen, to such an extent that before, Zhou Tai's three men had only barely managed it, but right now, Zhou Yuan had done it with the strength of a single man, thus showing the peculiarity of this black pen.


"But alas, the distance between you and me is too great!"



Yuan Hong laughed coldly as his hands snapped.




Above the gigantic source qi hand, a light burst out and terrifying power descended, forcefully hitting Zhou Yuan's body.





Amidst those countless gazes, Zhou Yuan's figure flew straight back miserably, his claws scratching two deep marks on the ground, like a ravine.


On the surface of his body, the scales were cracked and the flowing jade light was slightly dulled; he had obviously received a blow from Yuan Hong head-on, causing him some injuries as well.



Zhou Yuan's face, too, became extremely serious, this first encounter, it was obvious that he had fallen into a disadvantage, this Yuan Hong, he was truly fierce.


"I heard that you have also practiced the external refining technique? Let me break your tortoise shell inch by inch today, and we will see if you dare to be arrogant in the future!"



Yuan Hong clutched his hands and watched the majestic source qi roar, directly lifting up a mountain and then viciously smashing it towards Zhou Yuan below.


The air is exploding at this point.


"Ten thousand whale patterns!"



Zhou Yuan grabbed the Heavenly Yuan Pen with both hands and swung it violently, and around the body of the pen source qi surged, and the vague shadow of a giant whale emerged.




The Tian Yuan Feather collided with the mountain, which instantly tore apart and boulders fell from the sky.





And between the huge rocks in the sky, a torrent of source qi ran, like lightning, aiming directly at Zhou Yuan.


"The Great Golden Bell of the Anaconda Xuan!"



Zhou Yuan's internal source qi roared in brilliant golden light, with a giant python coiling downwards, turning into a golden bell to protect him.




As the torrent of Yuan Qi hit the golden bell, a loud sound rang out, followed by cracks rapidly spreading across the bell, which finally exploded.


Even Zhou Yuan, one of his strongest defenses, was unable to resist for long under the absolutely powerful attack of Yuan Hong's source qi.





The golden bell burst and Zhou Yuan's figure received a heavy blow,

flying backwards and crashing into a mountain wall, rocks rolling down and burying most of his body.


And on his body, more and more of the light scales shattered, and the jade light on his skin became much dimmer.



A trace of blood emerges from the corner of his mouth.


Countless eyes looked at this scene, everyone couldn't help but sigh, although Zhou Yuan was strong, but obviously, Yuan Hong was stronger, the gap between the two was still too big.


"This fool... still doesn't admit defeat?" Luyan's willow eyebrows were closed, and he couldn't help but gritted his silver teeth.


In this situation right now, there was no way Zhou Yuan could win no matter how he looked at it.





The rocks were shaken by the source qi and Zhou Yuan ran out once again, wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth as he looked at Yuan Hong in the distance and smiled: "Is that all you have? It's not enough." .


Yuan Hong indifferently looked at Zhou Yuan, who was even provoking at the moment, his eyes narrowed slightly.


"It seems that you have not suffered enough."



His hands clenched sharply, and a majestic fountain qi surged from his sky, like rolling wolf smoke, followed by a hiss of fountain qi, covering Zhou Yuan.



Bang! Bang!



At the top of the mountain, the earth bursts into flames.


However, when Zhou Yuan looked at the furious source qi attack, he still showed no signs of dodging, but instead faced it head-on.





And every time he received the attack, Zhou Yuan's figure was swept away miserably, those torrents of source qi, enough to crush mountains with force...



Thus, in full view of everyone, Zhou Yuan's body, like a sandbag, bounced pitifully from side to side on that peak, a scene so tragic that many could not bear to close their eyes.


They really didn't understand, when it was clear that they were not a head-to-head rival, Zhou Yuan was so stubborn and chose such a disastrous compromise...



"This guy is        crazy, right?" Luyan was all dumbfounded, this

Zhou Yuan's behavior was simply sending him to his death.


A cry of suspicion echoed around Chief's Peak.


Zhou Yuan, who had previously been invincible, seemed to have finally encountered an opponent even more formidable than him at this moment.


Only, no one had noticed that, along with Zhou Yuan's body flying through the air again and again, as the jade light on his skin became

Growing dimmer, there seemed to be a flash of silver light, if there was one, deep within his flesh and blood.


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