Chapter 467 – “ Double Resonance” Yu Lang

"Double Resonance?!"


When the captain named Liu Xiao said this, all the captains of the other two squads became timid and lost their voices.


The faces of the other team members were also upset. It is said that the double resonance of the One Star Academy of the Eastern Divine Region named Lu Ming is one of the three favorites to win the championship this time, and his strength has already reached the third transformation.


Although there were three teams here, if they clashed, they would undoubtedly pay a very high price and might be unlucky enough to be seriously injured and eliminated, after all, the other team was not alone, there were two other players.


"Is this news of yours true?" A captain couldn't help but ask.


"It's true, and I don't have to lie about something that can be punctured at the first touch, right? How stupid would that be?" Liu Xiao laughed.


The others nodded, there was really no need, after all, whether that Yu Lang was a double resonance or not, it would be known once they fought.


"No wonder when you met that Yu Lang before, you always kept a certain distance away and didn't dare to make contact with him, so this guy is a hidden tiger." A captain sighed, finally understanding why this Liu Xiao had his hands tied during the previous siege.


Liu Xiao nodded and said, "We still have to be a little cautious when dealing with Fierce Tiger, after all, none of us desperately want to be replaced by him by some teams, that would be a loss for our respective academies."



"Our men will arrive soon, and when there are more of them we can close the encirclement. For that Yu Long, we will only send three teams to surround him then, and with that number, even a double resonance should be able to handle him as long as he does not reach that Lu pass." Ming.”


The others nodded in approval upon hearing the words.


"This is an old and prudent statement by student Liu Xiao, and it works."


"Okay, then we'll wait a little longer until we have more men before making an arrest."


At Yu Long's threat, the crowd quickly agreed. Stay locked up but not trapped...


"What the hell are these bastards trying to do?"


After another while, Yu Lang in the jungle looked not far away, where a human figure could be seen looking at this side, but what puzzled him was that these guys were clearly catching up, but they didn't make any movement.


Although it was good for them to drag on like this, after all, all they had to do now was wait for Li Luo and the others to arrive.


But the other party was so cooperative that it really made Yu Long a little apprehensive.


And not only Yu Lang was uneasy, even Bai Doudou was filled with confusion, her beautiful eyebrows knit together as she coldly said, "Are these bastards trying to humiliate us? They keep chasing and don't make a move, what the hell are they trying to do?"


Qiu Lu hesitated: "Do we have to wait for someone?"


Bai Doudou said, "Although it may sound a bit unpleasant to say... ...but I'm afraid that the strength of our group alone is not enough for them to be so cautious, right? There are already enough of them."


Qiu Lu was speechless for a moment.


"Keep waiting, and hopefully Li Luo and the others will arrive sooner."


In the end, all Bai Doudou could do was sigh and say it.


However, this was not what Bai Doudou had expected.


Time continued to drag on for another two hours before they saw, with pale faces, two more teams coming from afar, and they were clearly not from their Xuanxing Sacred Academy.


So that could only be support from the other side.


This brought together five teams on the other side.


And with the arrival of these two teams, the other side finally began to move.


A figure emerged from the jungle and quickly approached Bai Doudou, Yu Lang, and Qiu Lu, who were trapped in the forest at the top of the hill.


Bai Doudou's face was cold, his palm closed, his spear flashed, and the power of green-silver wind resonance surged. He stood at the front, his gaze glowing as he watched the sweeping figures.


"Everyone take care of yourselves, and I'll try to drag more people with me."


Bai Doudou gave a reminder, although he understood that with such numerical superiority it would be difficult for him to hold out for long.


But it couldn't be helped, she was the strongest of the three, and the other side must know this, so they would definitely concentrate their efforts on her first.


Yu Long said sadly, “Captain, don’t worry, even if they catch me and severely torture me, I won’t tell you where that Spiritual Gathering Altar is located!”


Qiu Lu sighed depressed.


Bad luck, this match has just started and they are already about to be eliminated...


What a tournament.


Qiu Lu glanced at Yu Lang, his eyes were extremely complicated, this guy has to be said to be bad, he can find the Spiritual Gathering altar even if he goes to pee a little, but it has to be said that he is lucky, but as a result , he is surrounded and chased in the blink of an eye, the surprise is brought by him, the panic is also brought by him.


What a bless.


And as Qiu Lu's heart mixed, he saw that in the forest, a human figure had already rushed out, with a majestic resonance power rising and coming straight towards them.


Bai Doudou's face was cold and icy, and he didn't say much as he tightly gripped his spear and charged directly with his figure to meet him head-on.


Even though there were many people on the other side, she still appeared fearless, her short hair flying slightly, and her posture was heroic.


Ten breaths later, the two sides came into contact.


However, just as Bai Doudou was about to confront the enemy, the figures rushing towards her did not attack her directly, but only sent two people to disturb her, and then the others crossed paths with her.


There were ten of them, among them three captains.


In fact, they evaded Bai Doudou and then swooped down like flying eagles towards the rear of… Yu Long!


That Yu Lang, who was holding a long sword in his hand and had planned to hide in the shadows to repair his sword, also looked at the scene with dumbfounded eyes.


Ten people going straight for him? He didn't even care about Bai Doudou?


And why do these people still have such a solemn look?


At this moment, Yu Long had the illusion that they thought he was Li Luo.


The illusion lasted a split second before Yu Long reacted, then his scalp tingled and he turned around and ran, his mind growling, "Fuck them, they're all sick!"


He is a mere freeloader, why do you have to use such a battle against him?


That Qiu Lu was originally not far from Yu Lang, but as soon as he saw this formation, he was so scared that he backed away. Although he didn't know what play it was right now, but with his strength, even if he went up there, he would only be serving food.


Bai Doudou wanted to come to her aid, but the sudden onslaught of attacks in front of her also made her pause for a moment.


In this situation, Yu Long can only fend for himself.


Between the mountains and the forest, Yu Long ran frantically, with the Force of Resonance surging behind him, and a trail of figures rushing after him.




Suddenly, a Resonance Force attack pierced through the air and hit Yu Lang directly in the back.




Yu Long received a heavy blow and his figure staggered forward, rolling a dozen meters on the ground.


This scene fell into the eyes of Liu Xiao and the others who were chasing them, they were stunned, how could they have hit so easily?


Liu Xiao frowned tightly and said in a deep voice: "Be careful, there must be a demon when things go wrong, this Yu Lang might be weird."


The others nodded hesitantly; It was probably true, otherwise a man with double resonance would not have been able to be hit so easily by them and spit out blood.


This kind of performance is really too extravagant.


With this in mind, the chase slowed down a bit, not daring to get too close.


Yu Long was about to cross his arms, but then he realized that those chasing him had stopped. He stood motionless, gritted his teeth, stood up, and continued to flee.


The men behind followed them.


Suddenly, Yu Long understood what those guys wanted to do.


They were making fun of him!


A cat chasing a mouse?


They enjoy the thrill of the chase!


Yu Long was filled with grief and rage, which academy did those bastards belong to? What kind of academy is capable of producing students with such a twisted mentality?


I want to report it, I want to complain.

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