Chapter 468 – Who is the liar?

The chase in the forest continues.


Yu Long's figure jumped and moved through the dense jungle like a monkey, but no matter how agile he was, there were too many pursuers, who followed him closely and tightened the encirclement.


The other side had put all their main forces into the siege of Yu Long.


However, because the other side was too afraid of Yu Long's "double resonance" and feared that he was desperate enough to fight to the death, they held back a little in their pursuit.


But as time passed, Liu Xiao and the others began to get a little impatient.


It has gone on too long.


Being late is not an option.


"Anyway, let's close the network!" Liu Xiao gritted his teeth and drank.


The snow python roared and its tail swung like a giant hammer, bringing a wind-breaking sound directly to the back of Yu Long who was running ahead.


The blow was so fast and fierce that although Yu Long sensed it and desperately accelerated, he was still hit by half of the snake's tail.




With a muffled sound, Yu Lang's throat became sweet and he couldn't help but spurt blood from his mouth, his body rolling like a gourd for more than ten meters.


When Liu Xiao and the others behind saw this scene, their faces instantly became extremely excited.


"Something's not quite right." A captain couldn't help but say it.


"He's, well, weak." The other captain was also a little hesitant.


Liu Xiao's eyes were also somewhat amazed, the first time Yu Lang was hit before, he could still tell that it was intentional, but doing the same the second time was a bit mindless, and the moment he hit Yu Lang's body Lang before, he could vaguely feel that the Resonance Force surging on the surface of the latter's body was not as strong as he thought.


It is even, in a way, like the Birth Pattern force.


Being double resonance, but only one Birth Pattern?




"Liu Xiao, is your information wrong?" A captain's eyes looked at Liu Xiao with a bit of mischief, now in this situation, that Yu Lang was obviously not as terrifying as Liu Xiao had said, the so-called double resonance, furthermore, he had never seen him launch it.


“Liu Xiao, you wouldn’t do this on purpose and want to take the Spiritual Gathering Altar for yourself, right?”


Seeing the somewhat suspicious gazes of the others, Liu Xiao's face turned blue and he hurriedly defended himself: "I haven't lied to you, that senior of ours did tell us personally that there is a person named Yu Lang in the Xuanxing Sacred Academy who "It is extremely deceptive, since it carries a double resonance."


"Does it look like a handful now?" A man scoffed.


Liu Xiao was dumbfounded, his heart filled with equal parts frustration and confusion.


"Forget it, there's no point in talking more, let's catch this guy first and ask about the location of the Spiritual Gathering Altar." But finally, someone spoke.


The entire crowd nodded at the words and, without worrying about Liu Xiao's side of the cause, began to approach Yu Lang's position step by step, surrounding him.


Yu Long stood up with a sore body, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, looked at those people with an angry face, and cursed: "Which academy are you bastards from? Why are you so unethical?" "


Liu Xiao looked coldly: “Yu Long, what exactly are you up to?”


Yu Long was bewildered and furious, three of the ten members of this group of bastards were at the Transformation Stage, and the others were all superior to him at the Birth Pattern Stage, so many of them were beating him. alone, and they had the nerve to ask him what he wanted?


"Show us your true strength, it is a sign of respect." Liu Xiao said coldly.


At the bottom of his eyes as he stared at Yu Long, there was still a hint of expectation, now instead he was eager to see Yu Long display his amazing strength, so he could at least prove that what he said was true, anyway. , there were many of them, even if Yu Long really had a double resonance, they didn't necessarily have to be afraid.


And if Yu Lang is really as weak as he just demonstrated, he, Liu Xiao, is really a little speechless.


Yulong: "..."


He suddenly felt a little tired, he was really tired of communicating with these psychopaths, he was not as good as the others, he could kill them if he wanted to, why should he be humiliated?


I've used all my damn strength, how else can I show him?


The situation is like this now.


Liu Xiao: You are strong!


Yu Long: I'm really not strong!


Liu Xiao: Stop hiding!


Yu Long: I'm really not hidden!


So what could Yu Long do? He could only put his hands in the air, forget it, no more resistance, do whatever you want.


When he saw Yu Lang's appearance, Liu Xiao became so angry that he gritted his teeth. Was this Yu Lang so vicious that he would rather be captured than clear his name? How can there be such a vicious person in this world?


The teaching philosophy of Xuanxing Sacred Academy really gave him insight.


Liu Xiao gritted his teeth and said in a cold voice: "Since you don't know how to behave, don't blame me, I will catch you later and hang you naked first."


Yulong: "    "


Shit, that's too much. It's against the rules to humiliate people like that.


Is this man really crazy? Rabbits bite when they are desperate!


"Okay, okay, you. You want to fucking see it, then I'll show you!"


Yu Long said angrily, his palms clenching the long knife in his hands as his eyes turned fierce.


Seeing him like this, the crowd was put on guard, and a resonance of power rose in the forest, covering his entire body and, at the same time, swirling wind and snow all over the ground.


Is this double resonance hidden master from the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy going to finally reveal his true abilities?


His strength, which was still only at the fourth level of the Birth Pattern Stage, was no match for the top students who had entered the Transformation Stage, but he was gradually catching up to some ordinary Purple Radiance students.


But, put in the context of the occasion at hand, it is clear that this power will not change anything.


But he had no choice but to give his best.


"Chaotic Cloak and Dagger!"


Yu Long took a step forward, and with a violent shout, his long sword slashed downwards, and three green silk wind blades shot out at once, directly slashing at Liu Xiao's face.


Holding a long sword, Liu Xiao also summoned all his resonance power, and the blade hissed with an incredibly cold aura.


And then he viciously cut off the three blades of the wind.




The sword light slashed downwards, and the three silver-green wind blades only lasted a breath before they all shattered.


There was a strong sense of disappointment and anger in Liu Xiao's eyes, why, would this Yu Lang be so weak? That was impossible!


And just as anger surged in his heart, suddenly, behind those three broken wind blades, another stream of light shot out, a stream of flashing light that seemed extremely blinding in the messy forest.


The sweat on Liu Xiao's body suddenly rose again.


With a twist of the sword light in his hand, the resonance power burst out, the ice-cold resonance power seemed to transform into a white python, with a hiss, and collided with the sparkling jet of light.




There was a loud sound.


At the moment of collision, Liu Xiao clearly felt an astonishing force pouring out like a torrent, the light from his white python sword shattering almost in an instant as the stream of light slammed heavily against his torso.




A mouthful of blood spurted out of Liu Xiao's mouth and his figure flew backwards, crashing heavily into a large tree.


However, at this moment, Liu Xiao didn't care about the injuries on his body, but was ecstatic: "See? Can you see it? I'm not lying, this power, it's the double resonance!"


Seeing this scene, Yu Lang was also a little stunned, looking at his long sword, was it already that strong now? Was he really able to defeat a top student of the First Transformation Stage?


Is it true that I hide powers that I don't even know I have?!


When he thought of this, Yu Lang couldn't help but raise the corner of his lips into a captivating smile.


But suddenly he saw that the faces of those in front of him began to change a little, and the way they looked, were they afraid of him?


It isn't true.


They looked behind him.


Yu Lang couldn't help but turn his head, and then he saw a group of people appear in that jungle behind him at some point.


The leader of the group, a handsome man, was Li Luo.


Looking at Li Luo, Yu Lang burst into tears.


Li Luo rubbed his chin and looked at the dozen people surrounding Yu Lang, he could see at a glance that several of the other party had Transformation Stage strength, and he immediately wondered a little and laughed, " "Yu Lang, what the hell have you done that the heavens are angry with you? How could you attract so many people to mess with you."


Yu Long wiped his eyes and felt like crying.




I'd like to know why the hell these people are so twisted.

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