===Chapter 469: Commotion in the Four Directions===

Above the enormous peak, a ruin, deep cracks enough to split that square in two, and at the end of those cracks, rocks piled up, burying the figure of Yuan Hong.


Outside Chief Peak there is a dead silence.



Since the beginning of the battle for leadership, Yuan Hong had always been calm and collected; even when facing the combined efforts of Zhou Tai, Lu Yan, and Zhang Yan, he had never been at a disadvantage.


Compared with Zhou Yuan, Yuan Hong is the truly invincible one.



Therefore, when the many disciples saw that this Yuan Hong, who was unstoppable, was actually, at this moment, being blown away by Zhou Yuan's fist, the feeling of shock was only very strong.


It must be known that a few moments before, Zhou Yuan had been miserably pressed and beaten by Yuan Hong.


But in this short time, Zhou Yuan was as if he had transformed.


Who would have thought that Zhou Yuan would be able to explode with such terrifying power?


In that lineage of Shen Taiyuan, let alone ordinary disciples, even Shen Taiyuan couldn't help but open his mouth a little wider, lost in thought as he watched this scene.


From the moment Zhou Tai and the others fell before, Shen Taiyuan really had no more hope in his heart, after all, although the

Zhou Yuan's performance wasn't bad either, he was in fact still a little different from Yuan Hong.


So I was willing to fail.


But he never imagined that the situation would suddenly get worse.


This surprise caught Shen Taiyuan a little off guard.


Seeing himself surprised, he could only gaze with incomparable relief at the silver figure glimmering at the top, and an extremely grateful emotion welled up in his heart.


He was celebrating the fact that he had chosen Zhou Yuan against all odds and had also given him the greatest support.


Perhaps, a long time later, this choice of yours will be one of the wisest things you have made in all your years.


And as Shen Taiyuan sighed, that Elder Lu Song not far away also sighed lightly, although he had already chosen to withdraw from the fight at Sacred Origin Peak.


But when he saw Zhou Yuan come this far, he still had some fluctuations deep in his heart. After all, at the beginning, he had also risen a bit to take Zhou Yuan under his wing, but in the end, he did not fight with Shen Taiyuan because he did not want to cross paths with the Lu Hong bloodline.


And by now, it's clear that the kind of concession he made at the beginning was too embarrassing.


If Zhou Yuan was truly able to take the position of chief, then Shen Taiyuan's bloodline could become the main bloodline of Sacred Origin Peak, and Shen Taiyuan's status would also increase, far beyond his own.


"This old man..."



He sighed and looked at Shen Taiyuan with some envy in his eyes.


"A really good eye."


In the distance, Lu Hong's line fell silent again from its previous ecstasy, and many of the disciples were left in a state of shock; It was the first time in all these years that they had seen Yuan Hong in such a pitiful state.


However, the cause of this scene was none other than a new Purple Belt disciple of the Fourth Heaven.


His eyes glanced at Lu Hong and found that at this moment the latter's pale face was so gloomy that it was slightly distorted, his teeth clenched in a death grip as he looked at the figure on the top of the peak, full of shock and fear. gonna.


He had never gotten into Zhou Yuan's hair, and although Zhou Yuan had defeated Wu Hai's five before, Lu Hong didn't have much to worry about since he had Yuan Hong.


In his opinion, when Zhou Yuan meets Yuan Hong, the former will naturally understand what the gap means.


When the time comes, Yuan Hong will naturally regain the face he lost before.


But what Lu Hong didn't expect was for the situation to change like this...



Zhou Yuan's sudden burst of strength shook everyone, including him.


Lu Hong took a deep breath, the absolute mentality that he had won had already loosened a bit, but the good thing was that the situation had not reached the worst possible point.


So, I'm afraid it's not that simple for Zhou Yuan to take away Yuan Hong's boss position.



"Let me see what you're really capable of!"



Lu Hong gritted his teeth, his eyes shining with a fierce light as he stared at the figure on top of the peak.





At the top of the peak, Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and Lu Yan had their mouths open and the surprise on their faces was slow to dissipate, obviously the sudden change before them had shocked them too much.


Who would have thought that Zhou Yuan would have blown Yuan Hong away with a punch…



You know that previously the three of them had not even forced Yuan Hong into such a mess, but Zhou Yuan had managed to do it, what does this mean?


This shows that Zhou Yuan's strength has to surpass even the three of them combined.


This left the three of them a little dumbfounded, especially Lu Yan and Zhang Yan, both of whom had always had a somewhat critical feeling towards Zhou Yuan, and even felt that Zhou Yuan's participation in the boss competition was a bit annoying.


But they never expected that Zhou Yuan, whom they had underestimated, would be the one, at that moment, to possess the power to surpass their combined efforts.


This made their expressions extremely complicated.


Zhou Yuan held the Tian Yuan Feather, whose sharp tip pointed diagonally at the ground, with source qi gushing out to form a glow.


His eyes did not waver as he looked at the blindingly deep marks in front of him, and then stopped at the pile of rocks, although the rapid attack from before had left Yuan Hong in an extreme state of distress.


However, in Zhou Yuan's perception, that Yuan Hong did not suffer a serious fatal-type injury as a result.


This opponent was also unexpectedly difficult for Zhou Yuan.


However, Zhou Yuan was not afraid, after all, he had survived even that difficult time before, not to mention that the situation, today, was beginning to change.


When, upon entering the Silver Bone Realm, along with the increase of his own Source Qi as well as the Heavenly Yuan Pen, the true power of


Zhou Yuan's combat would no longer be weaker than Yuan Hong's strength at the peak of Eighth Heaven.


"Since you didn't defeat me before, you are the one who has lost your last chance."



Coldness appeared in Zhou Yuan's eyes, and in the next instant, with a stomp of his paws, his body shot out violently, appearing directly on top of the pile of rocks.


"Is that all you can do now, hide like a mouse?"



Zhou Yuan let out a cold laugh as the Heavenly Yuan Pen in his hand swung downwards with a roar, pouring out terrifying power, and the countless rocks beneath instantly burst and turned into dust.


And the shadow of a coal-black pencil fell heavily, penetrating deep into the crack, while the ground around it continued

falling apart.




At the moment when the feather shadow fell with terrifying force, a crimson glow suddenly emerged from the depths of the pitch-black pit, vaguely appearing as if it were a crimson light, strongly colliding with the black feather shadow. like coal.




The loud and clear sound of gold and iron resounded.


The two collided forcefully, and a terrifying shock wave of source qi shot out, the entire huge square seemed to be plowed, and cracks kept appearing on the top of the huge peak.


In the distance, Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan, and Lu Yan were affected and dragged away, spitting out another mouthful of blood on the spot, extremely distressed.


But they didn't care about their own injuries, and their eyes were dead at the place where the collision occurred.


Only to see there, Zhou Yuan's figure shot back and retreated, his claws cutting long marks on the ground.


Zhou Yuan, for his part, stared straight ahead, only to see the smoke and dust dissipate and the figure of Yuan Hong appear once again.


At that moment, his clothes were torn and his hair was scattered, but his eyes were like a beast's, full of fierceness.


A majestic qi fountain rises around him, bringing with it great oppression.


The most striking thing about him is that he has before him a huge red blunt sword, held in both palms.


High temperatures emanate from them, as if they could melt the ground.


Yuan Hong's palm rested on the hilt of his sword, and the source qi of heaven and earth whistled madly, causing his aura to surge.


Countless lines of sight looked at Yuan Hong's huge crimson sword, and all their pupils shrank slightly.


“Lower Grade Heavenly Origin Armament, Heavenly Astonishing Sword!”



Cries of surprise were heard from heaven and earth.



At that high altitude, when Master Ripple Peak saw this scene, he also let out a cold laugh and looked at Master Lingjun Peak, saying, “This Heavenly Astonishing Sword, from what I know, must belong to Jianlai Peak, right?” ?



Lord Lingjun Peak's eyelids drooped slightly as he said indifferently, "Yuan Hong had had an outstanding performance at Jianlai Peak, so before coming to Sacred Origin Peak, I was rewarding him with this sword."



The Wave Peak Master snorted coldly, his voice filled with mockery.


Outside the Chief's Peak, that Lu Hong, on the other hand, was relieved upon seeing this scene, and in turn gritted his teeth.


“Damn brat… since you have forced Yuan Hong to sacrifice even the Heavenly Astonishing Sword, then… next time, you should be prepared to pay the price!”



In his opinion, when Yuan Hong offered the Heavenly Astonishing Sword, that also meant that the latter, too, was about to truly show his strength.

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