Chapter 469 – Two Duplexes

The timely appearance of Li Luo and the others made Yu Lang so emotional that tears almost fell from his eyes.


On the other hand, Liu Xiao and the others on the opposite side had ugly faces, they had dragged their feet here for too long, and had actually left Yu Lang waiting for the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy's rescue troops.


“Everyone, it is a bit unreasonable for you to treat the souls of the One Star Academy of our Xuan Xing Sacred Academy like this.” Li Luo took two steps forward and looked at the ten people in front of him with a smile, while his eyes were somewhat grim.


Liu Xiao struggled to get up from the ground, but his gaze was fiercely fixed on Yu Lang.


This bastard was actually an outstanding student of the First Star Academy of the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy!


Don't you see that even people from his own academy have admitted it?


Was it to attack him for being so dark before?


Yu Long was a little embarrassed by Li Luo's praise, and said modestly: "What kind of soul, I can't talk about it."


, “So what if everyone from your Xuan


"If you're smart enough, you should choose to work with us."


Li Luo and the others were startled, and then looked at Yu Lang with a bit of astonishment: “You really found a Spiritual Gathering altar?!”


Yu Long waved his hand and said indifferently: "There's no need to be surprised, it's just a routine operation."


However, the petulance and complacency in his eyes almost roared.


Li Luo couldn't help but patted Yu Long's shoulder and said, "Brother Long you are our lucky star, we must give you great credit this time!"


They had come all this way without seeing a single hair, but Yu Long had already found a Spiritual Gathering Altar next to him.


As for these latest encounters, there is no need to worry.


Li Luo then turned his gaze to Liu Xiao and the others and said with a smile: “Whoever beat up our Brother Long just now, let him stand out for me and take a beating.”


The Heavenly Spirit Dew produced by a Spiritual Gathering Altar was quite lucrative, and although it would attract the attention of other academies when it came to light, what were some risks when one was driven by absolute profit, so he had no intention of Share it with other academies.


"That's the guy who hit me the hardest."


With Li Luo supporting him, Yu Long instantly became emboldened as he pointed at Liu Xiao and gritted his teeth: “This bastard, just fight, and repeatedly humiliate my strength.”


He was sad: "I know I'm weak, but there's no need to be so sarcastic, right?"


Li Luo froze, seeming to think of something, and asked that Liu Xiao, “Which academy are you from?”


Liu Xiao snorted coldly: "I come from the Red Sand Sacred Academy."


Red Sand Sacred School...Red Sand Empire...


Li Luo's gaze flickered as he remembered the Golden Dragon Dojo, and his face immediately became slightly strange.


Liu Xiao looked angrily at Yu Lang and said, “Yu Lang, you are at least a “Double Resonance Practitioner”, what's wrong with showing off your skills?”


" Double Resonance?" Yu Long was a little stunned, this guy was stupid, right?


Just as Yu Long was about to curse, Li Luo suddenly spoke indifferently: "You're right, Yu Long is indeed a 'Double Resonance', but what you don't know is that he is not the only 'Double Resonance' in the world." Xuan Xing Sacred Academy."


As he spoke the words, a strong resonance power had surged from his body, and the two resonance powers flowed out, directly revealing their twin resonances.


"Besides, I'm double resonance." Li Luo smiled.


Liu Xiao and everyone around him were stunned, their faces paled as they looked at the double resonance power flowing from Li Luo's body, their minds buzzing.


Two people with double resonance?


Are there even two double resonances in the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy?


How is it possible?


Other academies are lucky to have a double resonance, but the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, to have two?


Why has such shocking news never been spread abroad?


Yu Long also looked at Li Luo dumbfounded, obviously a little taken aback by his set of operations, but then he saw Li Luo wink at him and immediately seemed to understand something, was Li Luo deliberately trying to blurt out some smoke and mirrors news?


Thus, when other institutions covet them, they will have many considerations in mind and will be able to adapt their plans with misinformation, which in the long run will create many opportunities for them.


Well, as expected from a chief captain, Li Luo's considerations are still very much in mind.


So be it, it doesn't matter if I endure a little pressure for the sake of final victory.


As Yu Lang thought this, his eyes became indifferent and his aura changed at that moment, he looked at Liu Xiao and said with a slight smile: "What a view you have, I have hidden myself so deep and yet you still discovered it."


"This is the biggest secret of our Xuan Xing Sacred Academy!"


On the side, Lu Qing'er, Bai Mengmeng and others were looking at these two saying this with strange expressions.


Liu Xiao and the others, on the other hand, had changing faces and surprised eyes.


They were a little confused as to whether Li Luo's words were true or not.


But Li Luo was now indeed a solid double resonance, after all, the resonance power of those two attributes could not be faked, and although Yu Lang did not reveal it, the information from the beginning was pointed out to him...


Could it be that there really are two Dual Resonances in the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy?


Yes that's how it is...


This information must be returned.


As Liu Xiao and the others' eyes flickered, the next moment, a projectile suddenly shot out from their sleeves, exploding into a black mist that filled the forest.


"Do it, catch them!"


Li Luo's voice also sounded at this moment.


Around them, Lu Qing'er, Xin Fu and the others shot out with their resonance power at that moment.


Yu Long looked at the chaos between the mountains and forests and breathed a sigh of relief, then he remembered something and hurriedly said, "Go help the captain's side! She is also under siege."


Li Luo laughed: "You don't need to remind me, Qin Qiglu, Wang Hetou and the others have already gone first."


Only then did Yu Long relax, and then he muttered: "I'm really unlucky this time, I don't know what kind of nerve these guys have, as if they think I'm the strongest person in the team, they directly sent many major forces to surround me, if "If I weren't smart, I'm afraid I really wouldn't have been able to hold out until you guys arrived."


Li Luo's expression remained unchanged as he said, "No, you have to remember that from now on, you are the second Double Resonance Practitioner of the First Star Academy of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy!"


"I'm afraid that the news of the Spiritual Gathering Altar you found has already spread, so I also need to convey your identity as "Double Resonance", which will be of great help to us in guarding the Spiritual Gathering Altar."


"At the end of the day, two people with double resonance will end up making people a little more scrupulous."


"Even though this may cause you more trouble and stress, I'm sure you'll be able to do it for the good of the academy, right?!"


Seeing Li Luo's expectant look, Yu Lang perked up and patted his chest.


"Don't underestimate people, what pressure haven't I, Yu Long, endured?"


"Ten of them hit me, am I afraid?"


Li Luo felt extremely relieved, and at the same time secretly relieved in his heart, fortunately, the hole was finally filled.


(NT: You have no idea how much I enjoyed these chapters hahaha)

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