Chapter 470 – Medium Spiritual Gathering Altar

The battle ended earlier than expected.


The five opposing teams did not belong to the same academy and were fighting each other. They were able to maintain the situation when the wind blew, but once the situation changed, they would simply turn into scattered chaos and flee.


So it was only a matter of ten minutes or so.


The five teams fled.


Some of them were eliminated directly.


It is worth mentioning that there are two ways of elimination in this House level tournament, one is to fall into a state of serious injury where one is unable to fight, at which time the spirit gourd one carries will directly activate a burst of energy that will roll the seriously injured person out of the House level field.


The second is the breaking of the spiritual gourd that one carries, which, when broken, also means that one is disqualified from participating further.


Therefore, in this House Level Competition, the Spirit Gourd is not only the only accessory used to collect the Heavenly Spirit Dew, but also the credential to participate.


In the forest, after Li Luo's side had been successfully resolved, Qin Qiglu, Bai Doudou, Wang Hetou and the others also arrived from a short distance.


When Bai Doudou arrived here, he first looked at Yu Lang and said, “Are you okay?”


This guy was being chased by ten people from the other side, that kind of situation scared even her, but now Yu Lang is still standing here peacefully, which makes her slightly unbelievable.


Yu Long became emotional: “Captain, it is very kind of you to care so much about me.”


Bai Doudou was not feeling well: "What the hell have you done? Why are they paying so much attention to you?"


Yu Long was also speechless and said, “It seems like they are treating me like a double resonance.”




Bai Doudou was dumbfounded, then her eyes swept a glance at the sullen Li Luo next to her, out of some intuition, she felt that this kind of thing might have something to do with him...


"Are you okay, sister?"


And while thinking this, Bai Mengmeng walked over and hugged Bai Doudou and asked with concern.


With a smile and a nod, Bai Doudou hugged his sister and began to speak in a low voice.


Li Luo's face was calm, but he felt that when Bai Mengmeng was talking to Bai Doudou, the rest of her eyes seemed to be looking at him, her eyes seemed to smile.


Li Luo's heart immediately stirred, were all these girls so sharp in their sixth sense?


Just as he thought of this, he felt Lu Qing'er also approaching him, and with a smile on the young girl's clear and beautiful face, he said in a voice that was only the two of them: "This matter, it was you." who caused trouble within the Golden Dragon Dojo, didn't he?"


Li Luo's face was slightly stiff, could he even guess it? Was it because that guy was from the Red Sand Sacred School?


These girls are too smart and much harder to fool than Yu Long.


But fortunately, Lu Qing'er smiled and did not ask too many questions as her words turned to Yu Lang and requested, “Quickly take us to that Spiritual Gathering Altar to take a look.”


Instantly, the eyes of everyone present unanimously turned towards Yu Lang.


There was a strong feeling of curiosity and expectation in his eyes; After all, they had not seen a Spiritual Gathering altar in all the time they had been here.




Become the center of attention, Yu Long suddenly felt very lively as he dried his hair and waved his hand.


They followed Yu Lang through the mountains, and although they were traveling at full speed, it still took them about half an hour to reach the place Yu Lang had mentioned.


It was a crack in the mountain full of green vines.


Furthermore, the crack is large enough for a person to pass through, and with the green vines covering it, it really is half imperceptible.


“Before, when I first passed by this place, I felt a little difference, so I explored it carefully, sensed it, and finally discovered that there was a Spiritual Gathering altar hidden right behind this mountain crack!” Yu Long said with a frown.


Li Luo walked over and took a look at the front of the mountain crack, where a faint smell of urine remained in the mud, along with some washed-out green vines, which had fallen away to reveal the back crack of the mountain. mountain.


"You have very powerful strength." Li Luo was a little speechless, the process of Yu Lang discovering the Spiritual Gathering Altar was obviously not something bold as he claimed, but rather this guy had inadvertently peed here and then casually broke these green vines.


"I'm flattered". Yu Long gave a dry laugh.


Li Luo made a disgusted face, then took the lead and stepped into the mountain crevice and walked along the narrow path. After about a hundred steps, he emerged from the mountain crevice, and then the sight before him made his eyes brighten abruptly.


After the crack, there is a valley of lush vegetation, and in the middle of the valley, there is a pool of water about three meters wide, which is extremely clear, with a faint mist arising from it, and a spotted white flower hanging from it. It grows in the pond, from which a strange fragrance emanates.


The faint mist that rises from inside the pool of water then converges along these exotic flowers, eventually coalescing into moisture on their petals.


When these energetic moistures merge, they give rise to the Dew of the Celestial Spirit.




At this moment, Bai Mengmeng, Lu Qing'er and the others also snuck in, looked at the scene before them, and burst out in surprise.


"Is beautiful".


"What dense energy of heaven and earth."


Bai Doudou, on the other hand, counted those exotic flowers in the water pond and finally said in astonishment: "There are a total of twenty-three Heavenly Spirit Dew Carriers, this Spirit Gathering Altar, must have reached the medium-sized level."


The so-called Carriers of the Heavenly Spirit Dew are these exotic flowers, since only through their transformation can the Heavenly Spirit Dew be condensed, which is why they are also known as Carriers of the Heavenly Spirit Dew. Right now there are twenty-three carriers here, which means that the Dew of the Celestial Spirit that will eventually take shape will reach twenty-three drops.


Spiritual Gathering Altars are also classified, and are simply divided into three levels: small, medium, and large. The higher the level of the Altar, the more Heavenly Spirit Dew is produced.


The yield of twenty-three drops of Heavenly Spirit Dew has entered the medium size class.


They had come all this way and already knew how difficult it was to find the Heavenly Spirit Dew, and after working hard for most of the day, they were only able to find three drops.


"Pretty pretty."


Li Luo was also full of praise and gave Yu Lang a thumbs up: "You have done a great job this time."


Medium-sized Spiritual Gathering altars are definitely considered difficult to find.


Yu Long waved his hand modestly: "It is my duty to ensure the honor of the academy."


Li Luo was full of smiles, and it was evident that he was in a really happy mood. He raised his head, and above the valley, there was a faint mist of condensed energy, as if it had formed a kind of film invisible to the naked eye, making it difficult for people to realize the vision of the valley even if they looked at it. from a high place.


No wonder it's so hard to find.


"But now there is another problem."


Suddenly, Lu Qing'er frowned slightly and said, "The Spirit Gathering Altar will only begin to activate after being infused with energy, which will then accelerate the birth of the Heavenly Spirit Dew, and this time will last all night." , so even if we start activating it from now, I'm afraid we will have to wait until tomorrow morning to be able to collect the Heavenly Spirit Dew."


“And when the Spiritual Gathering Altar activates, it will emit a strange light, and this place will be exposed then.”


Lu Qing'er stared at Li Luo and said, "Although I don't know how many academy teams will come by then, it's sure to be a big battle no matter what."


The others' faces also became solemn.


"Isn't this the mechanism of the House Tournament?...Using the Spiritual Gathering Altar as bait, it lures teams from various academies to fight against each other."


Li Luo's expression was calm, obviously prepared for this result, he looked at the crowd and smiled: "Heavenly Spirit Dew is too difficult to find, if we want to send more people to Dragon Bone Island, we can only rely on it." Spirit Gathering Altar, right now it is difficult to find one, this is no reason to give up, furthermore, I do not plan to cooperate with other academies and subsequently share it with them. "


“I, for one, will take the twenty-three drops of Heavenly Spirit Dew here.”


There was a hint of dominance in his calm voice.


"I agree!" Qin Qiglu smiled, he was totally fine with their Xuan Xing Sacred Academy having this place to themselves, as for sharing it with others? Then let's see if his fist is hard enough first!


"You are the chief captain, you are in command." Bai Doudou nodded.


Yi Zishi smiled and nodded.


Wang Hetou's face was expressionless, and although he didn't say anything, it was clear that he consented.


Seeing the crowd reach consensus, Li Luo's smile grew wider as he applauded.


“Since that is the case… Then let us all prepare and begin to face the first Spiritual Gathering Altar Guard Battle.”


“I hope this battle will bring out the prestige of our Xuanxing Sacred Academy!”

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