Chapter 472 – Battle Deployment

"There are three main roads leading to the valley, and I will hold the center and try to attract the chief captain of the other side."


"Qin Qiglu, Yi Zishi, your two squads are in charge of the left lane."


"Bai Doudou, Wang Hetou two squads are in charge of the right lane, your side might be a little more troublesome because we previously released the smoke and mirrors information that Yu Long is also a double resonance, the other side will most likely increase their forces against your side, but if so, it will be good news for us instead because it may distract the other side's forces."


"The problem, of course, is that you have to withstand more pressure."


Beyond the valley, Li Luo was making his next operational deployment.


"The initial guess is that there may be two or three Holy Schools involved in the siege against us. Although we have a disadvantage in terms of numbers, when it comes to quality, I believe that it is our side that has the advantage."


For his part, not to mention him as the best combatant, Qin Qiglu was equally strong, with his strength compared to other academies, he was strong enough to serve as the chief captain, and even in the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, if it weren't for the As atypical as he was in this term, Qin Qiglu would still be able to become the strongest of the One Star Academy.


Others, such as Bai Doudou and Wang Hetou, have also reached the peak of the first transformation of the Transformation Stage.


With the current three-way arrangement, excluding Li Luo's side, Qin Qiglu's side will probably be the least pressured, while Bai Doudou, Yu Long and Wang Hetou's side will probably be under great pressure.


"Should I ask Yu Lang to come to my side?" At this moment, Qin Qiglu spoke up.


His side was stronger and would have been able to share the pressure if Yu Long had come.


Li Luo pondered for a moment, shook his head and said, "Your side has the advantage that you are needed to hold the left lane, and it would be best if your side could repel the enemy as soon as possible."


“Yu Long, for his part, is supposed to be used to resisting pressure, there is no need to feel sorry for him.”


Yu Long rolled his eyes, I dare say I'm a punching bag.


But he also understood that the situation at hand was unique, they were at a disadvantage as they were outnumbered, and the smoke and mirrors intelligence put in place by Li Luo earlier was just what he needed to stand out and distract the other side.


"Everyone, this is our first battle, we still hope to fight the prestige of our Xuanxing Holy Academy."


Making preparations, Li Luo smiled weakly and arched his hand towards the crowd.


The crowd also smiled, then said nothing more and dispersed towards their respective areas of responsibility.


Lu Qing'er walked at the end, her beautiful watery eyes staring at Li Luo, whispering, "Li Luo, is there no problem on your part?"


Actually, he knew that Li Luo, as the already revealed double resonance person, was the other side's true target, because as soon as there was a problem here with Li Luo, not only would it be a huge blow to his side's morale, but it would also directly lead to the breakdown of the defense.


Li Luo snorted and immediately said, “Never tell a man he has a problem!”


"Do you need me to stay and help you?" Lu Qing'er laughed.


Li Luo said seriously, “Student Lu Qing’er, please obey the Chief Captain’s orders, or I will punish you even if you are pretty!”


"Poor mouth."


The young woman gave Li Luo a blank look before putting her hands behind her back and bouncing slightly with youthful vigor towards her companions, leaving behind her slender and fine back.


Li Luo admired the young girl's back for a moment, then with a tip of his fingers, his resonance power erupted as his figure rose to the top of a large tree, where a sea of forest was visible around him, the battlefield he had chosen to overlook all the battlefields of this mountain forest.


His gaze shifted to the mountains not far away when a figure began to appear there.


There were quite a few people.


Li Luo's eyes narrowed slightly, it seemed like there should be three teams from the Sacred Academy participating in this siege.


And when Li Luo looked at those teams, he and others also saw him standing on the sea of forest, with their gaze fixed on him.


There was some commotion among the numerous figures, and then a yellow-robed figure suddenly rose into the sky, leaping above the sea of trees, feet on the tops, and quickly approaching Li Luo's side.


It finally stopped about twenty meters away from Li Luo.


"This must be Chief Captain Li Luo of the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy, right? I'm here at the Red Sand Sacred Academy , Zhao Xing Ying." The yellow-robed youth smiled and arched his hand.


Li Luo smiled and nodded in greeting.


"I didn't expect Chief Captain Li Luo to hide so deeply, the information exchanged before did not reveal that you carried dual resonances." Zhao Xing Ying said.


Li Luo laughed: "Our academy has already exposed double resonance, we can't expose them all, right?"


"That Yu Long?"


Zhao Xing Ying laughed lightly: “Is it really double resonance?”


"Who knows". Li Luo laughed.


“Chief Captain Li Luo, I won’t say these meaningless words with you either… I just want to ask, do you really intend to take this medium-sized Spiritual Gathering altar for yourselves?” Zhao Xing Ying asked.


Li Luo nodded.


"Chief Captain Li Luo's appetite is too big." Zhao Xing Ying frowned.


"Support the bold, starve the timid." Li Luo laughed.



“We have gathered three Holy Schools here, do you think your Xuanxing Holy School can eat it?”


"I have to try it."


Zhao They must be aware of the difficulties and withdraw."


"Sell out an ally so quickly?" Li Luo was a little surprised.


“Not to mention allies, it was originally placed for the Spiritual Gathering Altar, if we could also obtain it by working with Chief Captain Li Luo, then why choose them?” Zhao Xingying was direct.


"Aren't you afraid I'll tell them that?"


"It's not like they're going to believe it, and I'm not going to admit it, Chief Captain Li Luo isn't that naive."


"How much do you want?" Li Luo said.




Li Luo laughed and said, "Your appetite is not small either, so it seems impossible to negotiate."


Zhao Xingying said helplessly: "It seems that Chief Captain Li Luo is very confident in himself."


“How about this?… Your three chief captains will fight with me, if you can win, the Spiritual Gathering Altar will be handed over, if you lose, then you will meekly retreat, how about that?” Li Luo said indifferently.


A flash of surprise flashed across Zhao Xing Ying's eyes: "Do you want to fight three in one? Chief Captain Li Luo, you are really wild."


"Pushing the limits a little bit." Li Luo laughed.


"A very touching way to go, but I choose to decline." Zhao Xing Ying smiled weakly and said, “We clearly have a greater numerical advantage, so why should we fight this with you here?”


"It is a pity." Li Luo said, while in his heart he sighed, the other party was not stupid either.


“Since we cannot reach an agreement, then forget it, Chief Captain Li Luo, on behalf of the Red Sand Sacred School House, the Long Sacred Imperial School House, and the Heavenly Step Sacred School House, from now on, I declare war.” to your Xuan Xing Sacred School House."


Zhao Xing Ying stared at Li Luo, her eyes gradually sharpening.


"But as a mark of respect to you, the three chief captains, as you wish, will join forces against you."


The words fell and he gently waved his hand.


Instantly, a resonance force, between the mountains and the forests in the rear, violently erupted.

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