Chapter 473 – The Battle Begins

When many resonance forces erupted in the mountains and forests not far away, this battle to guard the Spiritual Gathering Altar officially began.


Li Luo's expression was quite calm, his expression not changing because of his opponent's numerical superiority, after all, this was already expected.


His gaze was simply fixed ahead, and along with those bursts of resonance power, three figures had already swept towards Lin Hai, the resonance power emanating from their bodies having all reached the level of the second transformation of the Transformation Stage. .


Zhao Xingying is among them.


Obviously, these three were the chief captains of the three sacred academies who had come to attack this time.


Indeed, force is considered strong.


But it was no surprise, at least they were the bearers of the one-star faculties of the other sacred academies, their own talent was no longer weak, plus the cultivation resources given by the academy, so if we said that someone was a mediocre , it would be too much to underestimate those other sacred academies that were in various countries.


And now that these three have joined forces, they should not be underestimated.


As Li Luo watched, three figures quickly jumped forward and finally appeared a dozen meters away.




"This is Ding Qi, the head captain of the Heavenly Step Sacred Academy."


Li Luo nodded calmly, of course he knew that Zhao Xingying was deliberately trying to pressure him.


The three chief captains, all of them, are not weak.


“Chief Captain Li Luo, I won’t say much more, just one question, do you really want to monopolize this Spiritual Gathering Altar?” The burly young man named Zheng Fuxing said in a low voice.


Li Luo nodded.


"Chief Captain Li Luo, the commotion here will attract the attention of more and more academies, they may not take the initiative, but once there is a problem with your side of defense, it will definitely attract them, and then the situation will become even more chaotic, are you sure you can contain the scene?" Ding Qi, the head captain of the Heavenly Step Sacred Academy, said.


Li Luo laughed: "So I needed some progress to make a statement."


Zhao Xingying smiled: “What Chief Captain Li Luo means is that he wouldn’t want to use the three of us to deter other academies, right?”


"No?" Li Luo asked rhetorically.


Ding Chi said sarcastically, "Does Chief Captain Li Luo think he is Jing Taixu, Sun Da Sheng, or Lu Ming? Are you really that strong, how come your name is not among the three favorites to win the championship?"


"Probably starting today." Li Luo said seriously.


The three men gaped, and then said nothing more, as three majestic and powerful resonance forces were already emerging from their bodies, rolling resonance forces, as if wolf smoke were rising.


Zhao the Resonance of the Golden Vine.


Zheng's resonance power took on a black silhouette appearance, and there was a low roar of a bull demon, bursting out into piercing sound waves, which was the resonance of Mighty Bull Demon.


The trees under his feet caught fire directly from the fiery red fiery resonance of Ding Qin's power, giving off overwhelming heat.


The three main captains directly burst out their resonance power at this moment, and then the three of them shot out almost simultaneously.


They did not foolishly choose to go up alone to test Li Luo's depth because that was unnecessary, no matter if Li Luo was really strong or just putting on a show of strength, they all had one goal, to crush him and snatch the Spiritual Gathering Altar!


And since Li Luo was the head captain of the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy, as long as he lost here, the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy team would naturally suffer a huge drop in morale.






A loud snap of wind sounded.


Seeing this, Li Luo stomped his paws and the power of wood resonance broke through.


"The binding of ten thousand trees!"


The tree under his feet seemed to suddenly come to life at that moment, its vines quickly spread out and collided directly with the golden vine .


It was a beautiful sight to see, with golden light and wood chips flying in the sky.


At this moment, a black light shrouded in a fierce aura swooped in, only to see a huge black ax emerge from Zheng Fuxing's hand, a heart-piercing roar came from his mouth as he slashed down with his axe, an astonishing force surged in. At that moment, even the void became slightly distorted at that moment.


Li Luo's figure did not move, his palm fisted, and the Golden Jade Elephant Blade flashed, and with a flash of light, it collided with the huge ax in Zheng Fuxing's hand.




The sound of gold and iron resonated as a furious shockwave of Resonance Force erupted, shattering the surrounding forests.


"Burning beads!"


Suddenly, a hot resonance power fluctuation came from the side, only to see a red-red fireball resonance power wrapped with rolling heat, directly into Li Luo's face.




The power of watery resonance merged in Li Luo's mouth, then transformed into a water vector and shot out, colliding with the burning fireball, and both of them were annihilated instantly.


Within moments, the two sides exchanged blows fiercely, showing no mercy.


Faced with the siege of the three men, Li Luo did not retreat half-heartedly, but instead opted for a more domineering and harsh attitude.


Any incoming attacks were deflected by his strong hand.


Within the Water Light Resonance Palace within his body, the water pond transformed by the Water Resonance nature was rippling at this moment, and within the pond, the great sun was blooming with light.


In the Palace of Wood and Earth, a green Sangri tree standing in a field of brown earth shakes gently, and leaves that shine with light fall off before rising into the air.


The roots of resonance nature within the two resonance palaces provide Li Luo with a constant source of resonance energy.




Golden Jade Elephant Blade blocked another strong axe strike, Li Luo looked at Zhao Resonance Force flowed at high speed, forming an exceptionally sharp water aura.


The two forces of resonances of the body, fused.


The power of double resonance explodes!




With the increase of Li Luo's Water Light Resonance Power, the Water Manifestation Technique already had an extremely strong cutting power, and now with the edge of the Golden Jade Elephant Blade, a faint trace was left on the void where the sheet passed.


The slash was exceptionally fierce.


The three of them were also aware of it, and their eyes were cold, but they were also people who had gone through hundreds of battles, and they knew that they could not retreat at this time.




A furious shock wave erupts.



Li Luo's figure trembled, while on the contrary, the three Zhao Xingying took a dozen steps back at that moment.


The faces of the three men became completely and absolutely serious.


“Water Resonance, Wood Resonance… What an overbearing double resonance power, so Chief Captain Li Luo really possesses double resonance.” Zhao Xing Ying's voice falters.


The four of them were at the level of the second transformation of the Transformation Stage, but in the previous encounter, the strength of Li Luo's resonance power had clearly surpassed them all, something that only someone with a double resonance would be able to do. .


After all, the two resonance palaces, the resonance power it can contain, are also stronger than them.


If the three of them had not joined forces, but instead fought alone, someone would inevitably have been injured in the exchange just now.


Hearing Zhao


Zhao "


"Our team is breaking into the other two roads, and as long as they get results by then, they will still be able to enter the Spiritual Gathering Altar, and here you are, although we have some difficulties in defeating you, I am afraid it is not too difficult to keep you" .


"And you should be able to feel that teams from other academies are starting to appear here, and everyone is watching us fight, so aren't you afraid that after two losses, it will be cheaper for the others?"


"So at this time, you are still not willing to grant the profit outflow?"


At these threatening words from Zhao Xingying, Li Luo's eyes remained calm.


"I trust my companions, and it may not be easier for you to fight your way through them than it is for me here."


“And… As I said, those who are watching the show are irrelevant, as long as I crush the three of you, this Spiritual Gathering Altar, no one will dare to touch it again.”


Hearing Li Luo's words, Zhao Xing Ying's three faces also turned completely cold.


"Then we will see today if your Li Luo's double resonance power is stronger, or if this mouth of yours is tougher!"

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