===Chapter 474 - Ask for the tripod===



In the sky above the Boss Peak, countless shocked eyes looked down as those two attacks, whose auras were strong to the extreme, roared down.


Anyone could sense that the two men had given it their all at this moment, and this was undoubtedly a blow to the peak of their powers.


Outside the Chief's Peak, both Shen Taiyuan and Lu Hong were staring at the sky above that peak, as if their breathing had stopped at that moment.


They knew that the battle had continued until this situation, it was almost considered to have reached the limit of Zhou Yuan and Yuan Hong, and the final result would inevitably come at this point.


Lu Hong's face became a little uglier because he had never thought that Zhou Yuan, who he thought he didn't need to worry about at all, had forced Yuan Hong to such a point in life.


Even when Yuan Hong used his "Feeding Sword Technique" as the ultimate card, he was unable to achieve a crushing victory.





The sound came from Lu Hong's teeth, his eyes full of regret and annoyance, if they had known that this boy was such a cheater, they should have changed their strategy first and concentrated their efforts on Zhou Yuan first.


But now it is useless to lament, even for Lu Hong, who can only wait with trepidation for the final outcome.





Under the convergence of countless gazes, Zhou Yuan's fist, entwined with black hairs, fell heavily in the air at the peak, shaking the void and

colliding fiercely with the crimson shadow of Yuan Hong's palm, which contained the shadow of a sword.




At the moment of collision, the entire sky and earth seemed to freeze for an instant.


Then, a huge storm of source qi, thousands of meters in size, erupted directly with the two as the origin point, rampaging into a frenzy.


The storm was so violent that even the numerous disciples who were

Those outside the Chief's Peak could clearly feel its fury, cracks spreading throughout the peak and the mountain crumbling.


At the origin of the storm, Yuan Hong's eyes were red as he stared deathly at Zhou Yuan, who stood above him very close, and let out a roar through clenched teeth: "A newly minted disciple." arrived, you want to prevent me from promoting to the position of boss, how dare you!"



He roared, the source qi in his body gushing out wildly as the void trembled.


On his arm, the crimson sword shadow became increasingly clear, and his entire arm seemed to transform into the Heavenly Astonishing Sword, emitting extremely sharp and fiery fluctuations.


However, facing Yuan Hong's fierce face and roar, Zhou Yuan's face was indifferent, his five fingers clenched tightly, his coal-black hairs rolled up like gloves, flickering with a deep light.


"Here! Me! Get out!"



A low roar seemed to come from Zhou Yuan's throat as his fist retracted slightly, then shot out again the next instant.




As if it were a fist covered by black gloves, it collided with Yuan Hong's palm like a clash of gold and iron, and a huge shock wave was set off again.


At this moment, Yuan Hong's pupils shrank because he could feel an indescribable majestic force roaring, and under the outpouring of that force, small blood marks emerged on Yuan Hong's arm, which had a sword shadow looming. about him.




The entire arm, as if it had been broken at this moment.


Then, the countless lines of sight were horrified to see Yuan Hong's figure descending from the sky like a cannonball.


The sound of the wind rushed past his ears, and on Yuan's face

Hong's astonishment appeared, he seemed to have not expected that the power of Zhou Yuan's punch could be so strong to that extent!


It was as if the Heavenly Astonishing Sword within him was emitting a pitiful sword cry at that moment.




His figure landed directly on the top of the Chief's Peak, and then only a loud thud could be heard, as the already shaky peak completely collapsed at that moment.


Yuan Hong's figure, traversing the mountain, finally penetrates to the extreme depths of the main peak.



The mountain collapsed and the entire gigantic peak, at that moment, collapsed.



That kind of destructive power caused many disciples to breathe coldly as they watched it.



The whole world is silent.



Countless horrified eyes moved upward from the collapsing Chief's Peak, only to see Zhou Yuan's figure standing in the air at that midpoint, the hairs on his palms rapidly shrinking back.


On the fist, there is fresh blood dripping from the fingertips.


The previous punch was certainly fierce, but that kind of recoil was also extremely terrifying. If Zhou Yuan hadn't become a master of the external refining technique, I'm afraid that kind of setback

It would have been enough to break his arm.


His gaze coldly looked down, where the main peak was still collapsing, and his eyes followed the collapse and could see, in the

deep mountain rocks.


Yuan Hong's figure slumps limply on him.


He was covered in blood and his arm showed signs of twisting, apparently broken.


Yuan Hong's face, still floating in horror, also raised his head with difficulty, and his gaze saw the figure high in the sky through those crumbling mountain rocks.


A hiss escaped his throat and with difficulty he reached out with his palm to grab it.


There was still a strong look of resignation in his eyes.



How could he have imagined that he would be defeated at the hands of Zhou Yuan…



A newly arrived disciple who had never caught his eye... was able to defeat him, Yuan Hong?


The eyes of the two men met across those crumbling rocks of the mountain.


"I... I'm not convinced!! How can you possibly defeat me?" He roared hoarsely, blood pouring from his mouth.


A red light erupted from his body, and a final sword shadow shot out, groaning and stabbing into the ground beside him, none other than the Heavenly Astonishing Sword.


And at this point, this Heavenly Origin Soldier had become extremely dull, and had obviously also suffered serious damage.


As the Heavenly Astonishing Sword left his body, the light in Yuan Hong's eyes faded as he looked at the cold-eyed young figure watching from high in the sky, and finally the palm that had been stretched upward slowly lowered.


Although no matter how reluctant he was, Yuan Hong knew that this time the boss battle...



Has lost.





The rocks rolled down and covered the huge crater.




In the air, Zhou Yuan spat out a mouthful of blood foam, and the source qi around his body gradually dimmed; This battle was also extremely difficult for him.


If he couldn't break through the Fifth Heaven, he would have to use the Silver Shadow again.


And now, with the help of Yuan Hong's oppression, he had not only cultivated to the Silver Bone Realm, but had also entered the Fifth Heaven, which could be considered a great success.


Zhou Yuan wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and raised his head as he looked into the distance, where at this moment, Zhou Tai, Lu Yan, Zhang Yan, and Han Yu were converging together before looking at him with a shocked face.


That look was as if he had seen a ghost.


Because they were at the closest distance, watching as Zhou Yuan turned the tide hard of that desperate situation, and even finally trampled Yuan Hong down.


The shock was so intense that it cannot be exaggerated.


Luyan swallowed a mouthful of saliva, her pretty face incomparably complicated.


How could he have imagined that this newly arrived disciple, whom he had always looked down upon, had actually defeated Yuan Hong, doing something that none of his three senior Purple Belt disciples could do together?


“Big Brother Zhou Yuan… this is too… fierce, right?” Zhou Tai murmured.



Zhang Yan remained silent, but the astonishment in his eyes remained undisguised, and there was even an extra hint of astonishment in his gaze as he looked at Zhou Yuan.



Zhou Yuan smiled at them, then his gaze shifted to Han Yu, who stood mutely on the side, and at this moment, she was the only one who had not been eliminated from Boss Peak.


"Senior Sister Han Yu, shall we cross paths?" Zhou Yuan smiled.



Once Han Yu is eliminated, he will be the only one left on the Boss Peak, and the position of Boss will naturally fall to him.


When Han Yu heard this, he first froze, then backed away sharply as if he had seen a terrifying beast, and finally, he even fell to the ground and fainted.


I was so surprised that I fainted.


When Zhou Yuan saw this, he also froze for a moment, and then scratched his head in tears and laughter. It seemed that the fierce power caused by defeating Yuan Hong earlier was too great, making Han Yu somewhat overwhelmed.


However, coupled with Han Yu's fainting, this meant that she had also been eliminated.


In the entire Main Peak, he is the only one left.



Thinking of this, even Zhou Yuan's heart was pounding.


He raised his head and looked beyond the heights, clenching his fist in salute.


"The battle for the leadership of Sacred Origin Peak has ended, please grant the throne to the Chief Master."



His majestic and clear voice echoed in the silence of the world.


(Yesterday I made a mistake, I should have entered the fifth heaven, not the fourth, I have checked it, it does not affect the reading).

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