Chapter 475 – Close the door and release the poison

"Tally, I opened this mountain, I planted this tree, if you want to pass through here, leave the money to buy the road!"


Between the mountains and the forest, just as Liu Xiao and the others continued to jump forward, Yu Lang's figure appeared on the dirt slope in front of him with a thunderous cry and a glance from the corner of his eye.


Such an aura immediately caused Liu Xiao to be startled and he hurriedly told the crowd to slow down while warning, “Be careful, this is Yu Lang, possibly the second with Double Resonance of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy!”


Hearing this, the expressions of the others also changed a little. Here they could clearly see the fierce exchange between the two chief captains in the distant Sea of Forests, and the strength revealed by that Li Luo made everyone's heart astonished, because even their three chief captains joining hands, could not They managed to gain even half the advantage, so you could see how strong this double resonance was.


If the Yu Lang before them was of the same strength as that Li Luo, even if there were more of them, he feared that they would all pay a heavy price.


But they weren't actually scared by Yu Lang, after all, they were already prepared for this when they came, so they simply slowed down and then surrounded Yu Lang in an enveloping manner.


As long as he is surrounded, even if he is really a double resonance person, he will show his fatigue under the siege of so many people.


But just as they moved, that Yu Long stepped back, as a sneer came out of him: "Do you really think I'm stupid?"


"I also warn you that this path is not open, and if you insist on going this way, then don't blame me for being ruthless."


Liu Xiao sneered, "Yu Lang, if you are really a double resonance, why don't you show your strength and let us open our eyes, you hide so much, are you a fake?"


Yu Long smiled spontaneously and said, "You really got it right."


"I have given the warning, it is up to you to listen or not."


Activating his resonance power, his figure shook and stepped on the wind, which was the aura of some experts.


Liu Xiao's face changed, but he finally gritted his teeth and said: "Go after him, there is no way we can retreat, but let's all stay a little cautious, he must still have teammates."


Everyone else nodded, and then their figures jumped.


The chase continued for a while before Liu Xiao finally couldn't contain himself and began to order a Resonance Force attack.


Then, an attack of resonance power violently burst into the air and rushed like a storm towards Yu Lang, who was in front of him.


Faced with such an attack, Yu Long's scalp also tingled, but he realized that he could not show fear at this moment, so he concentrated his spirit and his wind resonance power exploded, his figure fluttering like a willow leaf in the wind. , dodging all resonance power attacks.


With that posture, he seems to be unusually agile.


And not far away, in the dense forest hiding Wang Hetou, Du Ze Bei Xuan and others saw this scene, but they were a little surprised: "This guy's body technique is quite powerful."


“That is the “Royal Wind Technique” taught by Mentor, and Yu Lang is the most advanced person in our team when it comes to practicing this technique.” said Bai Doudou.


Wang Heqiu, Du Ze Bei Xuan slightly speechless, this guy is actually how afraid of death, only to be so serious to cultivate this kind of life-preserving art.


"They go to the predetermined area." Xin Fu, who had been standing by with little presence, suddenly warned.


Everyone's body is tense.


Not far away, Yu Long narrowly dodged another wave of Resonance Force attacks, his claws rose into the air as if a breeze carried his body, causing him to float a dozen meters away and land in a somewhat dense forest. sunken.


At the back, Liu Xiao and the others pounce directly.


The moment they rushed in, the jungle struck, only to see their resonance power burst, turning into countless vines that shot out, then entangled all those dense branches, and in just a few moments, the forest was sealed.


And when Wang Hetui stood on top of the dense forest, he immediately burst out his own resonance power and a rolling poison mist immediately formed.


Poison mist is slightly acrid, and as soon as it emerges, the surrounding foliage begins to show signs of corrosion and wilting.


Behind Wang Hetou, Bai Doudou and Qiu Lu struck simultaneously, the power of wind resonance erupted into a fierce wind, which swept out, swirling the poisonous gas and pouring it frantically against the dense sunken forest.


As the poisonous gas rushed in, Yu Long took the brunt of it, and his head was immediately flooded with a wave of dizziness.


At the same time, Liu Xiao and the others in the rear also felt that something was wrong and hurriedly shouted: "There is a trick, break through the surrounding dense forest!"


But now, caught by surprise, the formation had become somewhat confusing.


However, not everyone was affected by the poisonous gas. Among these people, there were many apprentices who possessed the resonance nature of the detoxification effect, such as Water Resonance and Wood Resonance, and they immediately operated their resonance power to dissolve the poisonous gas while beginning to destroy the seal around them. .


This scene was also seen by Bai Doudou and the others, who immediately said urgently, “Wang Hetou, this poisonous gas of yours is not poisonous enough!”


Wang Hetou's face darkened as he said, "This type of spaced poison gas is originally much weaker in toxicity!"


On the side, Xin Fu interjected: "I have seen a powerful marquis with a poisonous resonance, and the poisonous Qi emitted can fill a city and cut off all life."


Wang Hetou said angrily, "You know he is also a powerful marquis! I, a poisonous resonance of the Resonance Master realm, am already at the limit of what I can do!"


But he also knew that this moment was the most critical, so after a few seconds of hesitation, he suddenly gritted his teeth, took out his dagger and, enduring the pain, made a few cuts on the surface of his body, through which blood immediately gushed out.


He formed a seal with his hands and his blood rose like a blood mist, actually forming a fusion with those poisonous gases.


Instantly, the poisonous gas became more viscous and darker.


The poisonous gas continues to pour into the dense sealed forest below, shrouded in a gale of wind.


Yu Long continued to endure the impact of the poisonous gas, and instantly his dizziness became stronger and his limbs weakened a little, but he understood that he was being poisoned because his resonance power was the weakest.


The erosion is even more powerful, while those behind may not be affected too much.


"This little poisonous bird is a bit useless." He murmured.


"Still not enough!"


And above the slope, Bai Doudou watched for a few seconds and frowned.


Wang Hetou became a little impatient and was about to speak when he suddenly saw Bai Doudou take out a small knife from the corner of his eye, and suddenly his sweat broke out and he shouted, "Bai Doudou, what do you want?" .


"You should have said that bleeding can increase toxicity, right? Look at you, releasing such a small amount of blood, feeding mosquitoes? Are you still a man?" Bai Doudou raised his eyebrows and asked.


"You can't do it, I'll help you!"


As soon as his voice fell, he slashed directly at Wang Hetou's back, and blood instantly gushed out like a torrent of water.


"Ah, fuck! Bai Doudou are you crazy?!"


Wang Hetou's face twisted in pain and he began to curse without caring about his manners.


"Duze Beixuan, stop her!" he hastened to say.


He was also surprised by Bai Doudou's decisive and fierce attack, but the situation was quite special and he couldn't really stop Bai Doudou, so he could only pretend that he hadn't heard it.


"Stop talking and don't waste your blood!" Xin Fu reminded kindly.


Wang Hetou simply felt the urge to vomit blood, but luckily, he also understood that this was not the time to point fingers and hurriedly activated his resonance power to evaporate the blood, which then merged with the poisonous gas.


This time the poisonous gas became extraordinarily violent.


The poisonous gas rolled like a roaring poisonous dragon, carried by a fierce wind, and poured into the dense closed forest below.


This wave of poisonous gas was so fierce that Yu Long, who was in front, staggered and fell headlong, cursing in his heart: “This damn little poisonous bird won't really poison me, will it?”


And it was good to see that Yu Lang was not the only one to fall, those at the rear of the chasing group were equally overwhelmed and began to fall in droves.


Only Liu Xiao and a few others with higher Resonance Strength continued and destroyed all the seals around them, then left the poisoned circle.


But by then their numbers had been drastically reduced.


On the hillside, Bai Doudou holds a long spear in his hands, his posture heroic, the power of wind resonance surging, his robe rattling.


He first looked at the fallen Yu Long, who seemed to continue crawling, and dropped his heart.


"Everyone, we have to do something." He said in a slightly cold tone.


When Du Ze Bei Xuan, Xin Fu, Qiu Lu and the others heard the words, their resonance power also exploded at that moment.


And then, he took the lead, as if he were an imperial iron horseman, and charged towards Liu Xiao and the others with a fiery expression.

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