===Chapter 475: The End===

When Zhou Yuan's clear voice echoed through the heavens and the earth, the silence outside the Chief's Peak was finally broken at that moment, and the almost stupefied gazes gradually returned to their senses...



His eyes looked at the Chief's Peak, which was still slowly collapsing, and in the air, Zhou Yuan was standing in the air, although his clothes were torn and slightly distressed, the power that vaguely emanated from him caused many disciples to stagnate slightly. .


It was at that moment that they suddenly felt that Zhou Yuan, who seemed to many to be just a new disciple, had grown to such an astonishing level in just one year...



Even a veteran disciple of Yuan Hong's caliber had lost to him!


It was at this moment that the crowd realized that the Zhou Yuan before them could no longer be seen with the same eyes as before… anyone who continued to pose in front of him with a certain seniority would actually only be

humiliating himself.


Outside the Chief's Peak, the disciples of the three veins of the Sacred Origin Peak also came to their senses.


The disciples of Shen Taiyuan's lineage were still somewhat unable to believe the scene before them, they looked at each other and finally said with some hesitation: "We, do we win?"



Lu Hong's bloodline had put so much pressure on them that even at this point, they still felt that this result before them was too wonderful to accept.


Shen Taiyuan's old face, the old-fashioned and cold face of the past melted at that moment, and there was undisguised excitement in his eyes as he nodded heavily and said with a trembling voice: "That's right, Zhou Yuan has won!

We've won this boss battle."



Faced with this result, not even Shen Taiyuan's characterization could remain calm.


Because when the three Zhou Tai teamed up earlier to shoot Yuan Hong and failed, Shen Taiyuan's heart had actually been somewhat desperate, because the strength that Yuan Hong had displayed was too strong.


Although Zhou Yuan has repeatedly surprised people, in Shen Taiyuan's opinion, Zhou Yuan hasn't been initiated for long, so I'm afraid he doesn't have much chance of winning if he has to challenge a veteran disciple like Yuan Hong at this time. .


However, he never expected that Zhou Yuan, who was almost unpopular, could go this far…


Finally, strength saved the day and crushed Yuan Hong alive.


Shen Taiyuan looked at the young figure in the air, a look of incomparable relief in his eyes. He was glad that he had insisted on taking Zhou Yuan under his wing and had given him great support against all odds.


And now, Zhou Yuan is giving him the biggest reward of all.


With those words from Shen Taiyuan, the nearby disciples finally came to their senses, Zhou Yuan had truly defeated Yuan Hong and claimed the position of Head of Sacred Origin Peak!


And so, in the next moment, there was a roar of applause.


"Little Brother Yuan is invincible!" A shrill howl of excitement sounded to the extreme.


The crowd was startled and looked over to find that it was Shen Wanjin, whose round face was now red with excitement, and he looked like he was about to faint.



"I...I bought 20,000 Yuan Yu!" Shen Wanjin was so excited that he trembled.


Only then did they remember that Shen Wanjin had voted 20,000 Yu Yuan for Zhou Yuan to win first place!


How many times does it have to be?



They had mocked Shen Wanjin earlier that his 20,000 Yu yuan was

They had gone down the drain, but who would have thought it would end like this? Counting those odds, how many benefits did Shen Wanjin have to make this time?


That amount, even for a purple belt disciple, is a bit astonishing.


Many of the disciples looked at Shen Wanjin with red faces and excitement and suddenly felt their hearts ache, this little chubby, after a

With a lot of blind manipulations, he had become a high-ranking tycoon within the Cang Xuan Sect?




And as the many disciples on his side applauded, not far away, Elder Lu Song was also the first to clap softly, sending a congratulatory smile towards Shen Taiyuan.


The disciples under that door also came to their senses, so there was also cheering, after all, they were undoubtedly leaning more towards Zhou Yuan than Yuan Hong to obtain the position of head.


The cheers and applause of the disciples from both rows converged and trembled like thunder.


Amidst their cheers, the Lu Hong clan was as silent as death, and many disciples, including Wei Youxuan and others who had fought with Zhou Yuan before, all looked at the scene with pale faces.


How could they have imagined that Yuan Hong, who was almost invincible at Sacred Origin Peak, would be defeated at the hands of Zhou Yuan!


This was a devastating blow to the morale of Lu Hong's lineage.


In that silence, Lu Hong's pale face was also ashen, his body trembled, his heels loosened, and he ended up sitting on his buttocks in the seat behind.


"How is it possible?" Lu Hong muttered.


"How could I defeat Yuan Hong?!"



Lu Hong's dry palm grabbed the back of the chair so hard that the back of the chair cracked at this moment. Obviously this result far exceeded his expectations.



Yuan Hong was the senior disciple he had dedicated all his efforts to training, and he had also been tutored by Peak Master Lingjun, so on this Sacred Origin Peak, there was simply no disciple who could stand up to him.


Therein lay Lu Hong's confidence to claim the position of Head of Sacred Origin Peak, but this scene before him caused all his confidence to crumble.


His head was in turmoil, because he knew very well the great responsibility that his lineage carried when reaching the Summit of the Sacred Origin.


That was the result of a game between the Lingun Peak Lord and the other peak masters.



If they failed here and failed to take over the position of chief, then Jianlai Peak, on the other hand, would suffer a huge loss, the kind of loss that even an old man like him would not be able to bear.


He had followed Peak Master Lingjun for many years and knew very well the obsession in this Peak Master's heart, which was to make Jianlai Peak the most powerful peak of the Cang Xuan Sect.


But right now, everything that was planned is failing here.


Lu Hong didn't even dare to look high in the sky at that moment, he could imagine that at that moment, the Peak Master of the Spiritual Capital must be furious...



Lu Hong's eyes were dull as he looked at the figure in the air at the top of the peak, and suddenly a feeling of incomparable regret surged in his heart; If he had known this, he should have dragged Zhou Yuan under his tutelage in the first place.


But he hadn't paid much attention to Zhou Yuan in the first place, nor did he feel that this new disciple might have anything to worry about… coupled with Lu Xuan Yin's sake, it was clear that he had more than a little resentment towards Zhou Yuan. .


At that time, if Zhou Yuan had been accepted, even if he had been frozen, at the very least, what happened today would not have happened!


But now...when he remembered what happened, Lu Hong finally understood what it meant to feel remorse.


"It's over..." he murmured, his body frozen.

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