Chapter 476 – A Slash

The battle raged in the hills and forests, fierce and chaotic.


The three paths leading to the Spiritual Gathering Altar were erupting with extremely violent resonance energy fluctuations.


As time passed, teams from other academies began to appear in the area, and their eyes first looked hotly at the haze of light blooming deep within the mountain range, and then turned their gaze back to where the battles had broken out.


They did not immediately engage in such fights.


On the one hand, the haste was excessive, the team had not yet fully assembled, and on the other, intervening at this time could easily cause the two sides of that battle to stop and attack them in turn, so the smarter ones are holding back and waiting for the situation to evolve.


The best outcome is for both sides to lose, so they can pick up the pieces.


More eyes, however, still converged on that sea of forest, because it was the most visible, and at the same time everyone could clearly see that it was the main battlefield, especially the one revealed by the head captain of the Xuan Xing Holy Academy. .. Double Resonance.


This made everyone secretly surprised, as no one had previously known that this Xuanxing Sacred Academy had hidden such an ace up its sleeve.


Fighting one against three and not staying halfway, such fighting power is simply amazing.


However, with more and more teams from other schools being attracted to the school, this dragging situation is not really favorable for the Xuanxing Holy School.


The only way to end the greed of other schools' teams is to be quick and reveal enough shock power.


But does Xuanxing Sacred Academy really have that kind of power?


Over the sea of lush forests, the mountain breeze swept, brushing the trees as if they formed rolling turquoise waves.


The four figures stepped on green waves, enveloped in majestic resonance energy, and the piercing sound of the breaking wind echoed like dull thunder across the mountains and forests, and each burst of resonance energy cut the tops of some large trees.


As the battle continued, areas of hollowness were cut out in this vast sea of forest.


"Golden Vine Fist Seal!"


Zhao .


However, in the face of Zhao Xingying's attack, Li Luo remained calm, wielded the Golden Jade Elephant Blade, and launched a brilliant slash.


He snorts.


The golden vine fist seal directly split into two and dissipated into a sky of golden sèd light spots.


When Zhao Xingying saw this, the corners of her mouth twitched slightly, and irritation and fear showed in her eyes as she stared at the somewhat mottled straight sword in Li Luo's hand.


His golden vine resonance was already indestructible, but his previous repeated attacks were all shattered by Li Luo with the power of the sword.


The knife, which came with some kind of divine power, seemed to be lightly brandished by Li Luo, but it still exploded with quite astonishing power.


Clearly, the sword in Li Luo's hand must be a golden eye treasure tool, and one of the best!


Li Luo is already difficult with his double resonance body, but now that he is holding a divine weapon, it is even more troublesome.


The figures of Zheng Fuxing and Ding Qi appeared to the left and right of Zhao Xingying, at this moment, their faces were also covered with melancholy, after the previous encounter, they had already deeply experienced the greatness of Li Luo in front of them.


Even when the three of them joined forces, they failed to gain even half an advantage.


No matter how furiously they executed their combined attacks, they were all defeated by Li Luo.


Furthermore, they could sense that Li Luo was looking for an opportunity to take them down one by one, as none of them were a match for Li Luo if they were alone, and only by joining forces would the three of them be able to alleviate Li Luo's attack.


Luckily, although the three of them were joining forces for the first time, they all possessed great combat experience, so a tacit understanding was quickly formed, which only prevented Li Luo's idea from becoming a reality.


But the three of them also understood that with the strength of the three of them, they feared that they would not really be able to defeat Li Luo.


Zhao "If you are interested in this medium-sized Spiritual Gathering altar, you can choose to cooperate with us at this time, and later, you can distribute it according to your contribution!"


Since the three of them could not defeat Li Luo, then they would agitate the situation a little more.


At that time, if he joined more academies, he believed that not even Li Luo would be able to bear the burden.


Zhao Xingying's loud shout echoed through the mountains and forests, causing some of the teams to stir weakly. Before, they did not dare to intervene at will, fearing that the two sides would suddenly turn around and confront them, but now that Zhao Xingying had taken the initiative to invite them, it was a good opportunity.


Only they didn't make an immediate decision either, and were clearly still hesitating.


Li Luo also didn't expect this Zhao


"It's better than nothing". Zhao Xingying said indifferently.


"Chief Captain Li Luo, now that more and more teams are arriving here, the situation is already chaotic, are you really not going to consider my previous proposal? As long as you are willing to share part of this Spiritual Gathering Altar with us, we will be free of concerns when we join forces. Asked.


Li Luo smiled and shook his head.


"Almost". He spoke suddenly.


Zhao Xing Ying's eyes seemed slightly cold as he said, "What's almost there?"


"That's almost enough people." Li Luo pointed to the rows of people watching the battle.


"What do you mean?" Zhao Xingying said slowly.


Li Luo answered seriously, "There weren't many people before, even if we defeat you with words, I'm afraid the deterrent effect is not enough, so I think it will be more effective when there are more people."


Zhao Xingying couldn't help but let out an angry laugh: "Chief Captain Li Luo means that he was playing with us just now?"


"That's not true, you're too presumptuous to talk about playing, but you could say it's a warm-up." explains Li Luo.


After that, he no longer paid attention to the anger surging in the eyes of the three, but his face gradually calmed down, and his five fingers slowly clenched the slightly rough hilt of the Sword.


Within his body, the bubble of resonance power has been cultivated to the point that it can coalesce to produce eleven of them, just one away from the highest level.


Only two of these eleven resonance power bubbles are poison bubbles, and they dare not use them freely.


The other nine Resonance Force bubbles, on the other hand, broke seven instantly at this point.


A rolling resonance power roared out from him, while within Li Luo's two resonance palaces, a majestic resonance power similarly rose.


The two resonance forces collide and quickly merge.


The power of double resonance.


Li Luo's gaze was like water, and suddenly an extremely powerful Resonance Force erupted from his body, the Resonance Force flowed out and gradually covered the Golden Jade Elephant Blade in his hand, above the blade, the Resonance Force flowed like waves of water, and carried a surging vitality.


At this moment, the Golden Jade Elephant Blade emitted a subtle hum.


It's like a weak satisfaction.


And when the blade vibrates, a blue and emerald aura of resonance power condenses and surrounds the blade.


“Unity Kingdom?!”


As soon as this resonance power aura appeared, Zhao Xingying's trio changed severely, obviously also having eyesight.


“If you can endure this slash, what's wrong with giving you the Spiritual Gathering Altar?”


But Li Luo did not give them much time to be startled, as he spoke clearly and tightly gripped the hilt of his sword before slashing.


"The Technique of Thousand Blades of Flowing Water."


A calm voice sounded, as if without waves.


But at the same time as this calm voice, a wave of light burst through the heavens and the earth, as if a light had emerged from the clouds in a blindingly bright moment.


It was a sharp stream of water about three meters long.


The sword extended and the sea of forest was instantly razed.


At this moment, a look of astonishment arose in the eyes of the many people watching the battle.

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