Chapter 477 – Hegemony

A three-meter-long blade of light pierced the sky, shining like waves of flowing water, but the astonishing aura that emerged caused Zhao Xingying, Zheng Fuxing, and Ding's faces to suddenly change drastically.


At that moment, the three of them felt a piercing chill.


This slash from Li Luo was so strong that it struck fear into the heart.


Is this the true power of Double Resonance?


It was clear that both parties were in the second transformation of the Transformation Stage, and also possessed high-quality resonances, and could be considered the proud sons of their respective academies, however, at this moment, their pride shattered under this imposing cut.


"Join forces!"


"Block this one, and you run out of ideas!"


"With so many school teams seeing each other, we are representing our respective schools, so let's not disgrace our schools!"


, Zhao They closed together, and the power of golden resonance erupted from his body.


"Golden Vine Python!"


At that moment, the vines shone with a metallic glow and quickly condensed, turning into a huge python of gold and silver vines in just a few moments.


Inspired by Zhao Xingying, Zheng Fuxing and Ding also gritted their teeth, summoned their fears, and tried their best.


"The Bull Demon splits the mountain!"


With his ax in his hand, Zheng Fuxing roared towards the sky, his strong resonance power rising and forming a bull demon light shadow several meters behind him, his eyes red and emitting a fierce rolling aura.


In an instant, the giant ax burst out with dense black light and slashed downwards.


Ding's hands surrounded his mouth, his cheeks bulged, revealing a crimson color, and he could only see the crimson resonance power roaring like flames, and within the crimson resonance power, there was actually a flaming sword burning.


He spat out his fiery sword, which whirred and was engulfed in rolling heat as it soared through the sky.


The three men unleashed their strength and exploded with their strongest attacks.


Four powerful attacks swept across the sea of trees, crushing countless large-topped forests.


Around the mountains and forests there were also many solemn glances cast.


This was the decisive meeting between the two chief captains.




Even the wind howling in the mountains stopped at that moment from the impact of the resonance force, then reversed its direction and rolled, blowing away the mountains and forests.


The trees swayed violently among themselves.


And at the origin of the shock wave, a hollow area measuring tens of meters appeared directly, where large trees were uprooted.


Li Luo's straight sword-wielding figure also shook back a dozen steps, and a watery light surged on the surface of his body, as if forming a gauze, absorbing and dissolving all the power that hit him.


It's a heavy water sarong.


Resonance Force shock wave dissipated , Zhao Xingying's three figures gradually revealed themselves.


At this moment, the three of them were in quite a pickle. A dark gray-silver battle armor had appeared outside Zhao Xing Ying's body, which was obviously a treasure tool of incredible defensive power, and now there was a deep cut mark on the armor.


Zheng Fuxing's palms, which were holding his giant axe, continued to drip blood as his tiger's mouth crumbled.


Ding, for his part, covered his mouth as blood spurted out.


The Resonance Force coursing through the bodies of the three men had become somewhat disordered, clearly traumatized in the previous encounter.


The result of the fight between both parties speaks for itself.


Among the mountains, those teams from other academies who were trying to be fishermen also had strong horror welling up in their eyes, the combat power that Li Luo had revealed was even stronger than they had imagined.


With only one man, against three chief captains, however, he had the absolute advantage!


What kind of force is this?


I'm afraid this can be compared to those three, Jing Taixu, Lu Ming, and Sun Da Sheng, right?


No one would have thought that this Xuanxing Sacred Academy would still hide such an ace up its sleeve!


"Three of you, if you keep fighting, someone might have to be eliminated." Li Luo looked at the three of Zhao Xingying and smiled weakly.


Zhao Li Luo and they had overestimated themselves.


"This is the power of double resonance..."


There was still some resentment in Zhao Xingying's eyes, obviously both of them were in the second transformation of the Transformation Stage, but why was the difference so big?


Zheng Fuxing and Ding Chi also had complicated expressions, they all understood that after this battle, Li Luo's reputation would increase greatly in this House level tournament, it seems that it was really like he said before, after today, those three favorites to win the championship, they could become four.


"I can fight again!" Zhao Xing Ying gritted his teeth.


Zheng Fuxing, however, sighed and said, "The situation is not too good for the other two roads either."


Zhao Xingying was startled and looked left and right, and with the advantage of the terrain, from here they could almost see the battle over there.


The left side is the most disadvantaged


The two teams from the Xuanxing Sacred Academy had revealed quite astonishing strength, especially the burly young man, whose strength was not weaker than the three of them, causing no one to be able to fight him at all, and they could only be gradually taken down. for him.


The right side was originally the team they had invested the most in, but looking at it now, the team had inexplicably shrunk in most of its members. Although they were still fighting back and forth with the other side by virtue of their numerical superiority, it was obviously impossible to break through the other side's defenses and enter the Spiritual Gathering Altar.


Zhao Xingying looked on in a daze, finally disillusioned.


With all three paths blocked, his plan to try to take over this Spiritual Gathering Altar was completely ruined.


If the fighting continues, damage is inevitable, and when the meat is not eaten and the troops are lost, how can we continue to compete for the other Spiritual Gathering altars?


The three men looked at each other, took out a whistle and gave a sound signal.


When this signal sounded across the hills, there was a commotion from that road to the left and right, for it was the whistle of retreat.


The teams from the three academies were somewhat reluctant, but when they looked at the three chief captains who had each been injured in the Sea of Forests, and then at the sword-wielding Li Luo on the opposite side, their faces were dark and clear, before finally becoming a dark sigh.


Was this Li Luo from San Xuanxing Academy so fierce up to this point?


Upon hearing the whistle, the team from the three houses picked up their wounded companions and began to retreat.


The Xuan Holy Star Academy team did not chase them either, as they were also quite tired at this time, and although the three great schools had retreated, there were still teams from other schools snooping around in the shadows, and they had to protect the Altar of Spiritual Meeting.




There's no point in complaining when you've already lost.


It's a shame to talk about toughness when you can't even overcome a three against one.


Li Luo didn't say anything either, just watched the departure of the three, then waved his hand to Qin Qiglu next to Bai Doudou, indicating for them to take an immediate rest.


The man, still standing at the top of the tree, holding a straight sword, looked around at the prying eyes of the mountains, and his voice echoed through the forest.


“This Spiritual Gathering Altar, I, the Xuan Xing Holy Academy, want it, who has an opinion?!”


The mountain wind blew, causing Li Luo's clothes to rustle, as his voice reverberated in the ears of everyone present in this mountain forest.




However, against the backdrop of the three great universities receding into the dust, Li Luo's comment only attracted the silence of the mountains and no one dared to respond!


The teams from the various academies in the mountains looked at the silver-haired youth who was at the top of the tree with his sword, and understood in their hearts that after this battle, Li Luo's fame would definitely spread throughout the Academy Tournament. , and that another person would be added to the favorites to win the title.

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