Chapter 478 – Night Talk

After the great battle, peace returns to the mountains and forests.


Li Luo stands on the top of a gnarled tree, palms on pillar swords, silent.


In the valley behind, a mist of light constantly erupted from the sky, attracting the eye.


But no one is tempted to be greedy anymore.


After all, although the Spiritual Gathering Altar is good, it must be done within its means, and it is not worth paying the price of destroying a group for it.


The Xuanxing Holy School before us has already revealed its great strength, and this strength is destined to be considered the top batch of that level in this faculty competition, and the general Holy School is no longer able to compete with it.


As the hours pass, night falls and covers the mountains.


In the darkness, the valley is the only one that is beautiful and unusual.


In the mountain forest on the left, Qin Qinglu sits with his eyes closed and rests, while the others chat in low voices.


The two girls, Lu Qing'er and Si Qiuying, sat together and spoke in low voices. The two girls hadn't had a deep relationship before, but after fighting side by side just now, their relationship had become closer, and at this moment when they were free, they had a chat to pass the time.


But as they chatted, Lu Qing'er's eyes kept looking more at Li Luo, who was at the top of a large tree in the distance, standing with his pillar and his sword.


His eyes flashed with a trace of distress, before Li Luo fought against the other three chief captains, now the battle stopped, he did not rest, still standing high to deter the four sides of the tiger staring at the wolves.


Si Qiuying naturally noticed Lu Qing'er's gaze and the absent-mindedness of her talk. The alert-minded young woman vaguely sensed something and immediately asked cautiously, "Qing'er, you... Do you seem to have a good relationship with Li Luo?"


"I have known Li Luo for many years, we were classmates when we were at South Wind Academy, so of course we have a good relationship." Lu Qing'er was frank enough to admit it.


But Si Qiuying obviously didn't mean this kind of relationship, she weighed her words, and finally said carefully: "Do you, do you like Li Luo?"


Lu Qing'er was stunned for a moment, her thick brush-like eyelashes flickering softly, and after a moment she smiled: "What? Isn't it allowed?"


If it had been Ye Hongxi who had asked him, he surely wouldn't have admitted it. After all, she knew very well that Ye Hongxi would object, so she didn't dare to show her girlish feelings.


Si Qiuying shuddered a little, Lu Qing'er was also extremely famous in the First Star Academy, and was undoubtedly considered to be of the highest level both for her status and her own appearance and temperament. As far as she knew, not only did many male students of the First Star Academy admire Lu Qing'er, even the elders of the High Star Academy were secretly inquiring about Lu Qing'er's many news.


But after almost a year, no one had heard of anyone being able to make any notable progress with Lu Qing'er, leading many elders to think that this pretty girl was an inaccessible iceberg, but now Si Qiuying realized. He realized that this iceberg in the eyes of others actually already had someone in mind.


"But, but Li Luo has a marriage contract." Si Qiuying couldn't help but say it.


Lu Qing'er nodded slightly and said, "I know."


He then stared at Si Qiuying and asked seriously, "Do you think Senior Sister Jiang really likes Li Luo? The kind of liking I'm referring to is that between a man and a woman."


She and Jiang Qing'e were still on good terms, and in her eyes, Jiang Qing'e was as dazzling as a star. She, Si Qiuying, was in some ways very good, and her family's talent could be considered top-class in this Great Xia, but even as proud as she was, she felt ashamed of herself every time she saw Jiang Qing'e. .


It was precisely for this reason that when Li Luo first arrived in Xia City, he could not contain the anger in his heart and rushed to block him out of the city, wanting to give this wasteful Young House Master of Tian Shu County a piece. of your mind.


And this incident is now Si Qiuying's most humiliating memory.


But as to whether Jiang Qing'e had feelings for Li Luo, Si Qiuying found it difficult to answer. Although the current Li Luo was also considered extremely outstanding, she really couldn't imagine that a girl like Jiang Qing'e would actually have feelings for anyone of the opposite sex.


But despite this thought, he felt the need to defend Jiang Qing'e: "There is absolutely no doubt about the relationship between Li Luo and Sister Qing'e, Sister Qing'e once told me that Li Luo is the most important person in your heart."


Lu Qing'er said softly, "I don't deny the bond between School Sister Jiang and Li Luo, after all, they grew up together, and although they are not related by blood, their bond is truly deeper than that of a real brother." "


Si Qiuying's eyes were a little strange, was this a direct way to label her as sister and brother?


However, Si Qiuying also had to admit that even she couldn't understand the complex emotions between Jiang Qing'e and Li Luo. Before Li Luo came to Xia City for this reason, many people, including her, thought that Jiang Qing'e was very resistant to the marriage contract and existed only in name, but as she got to know her, she discovered that the The emotions and bonds between Jiang Qing'e and Li Luo were deeper than everyone had imagined.


Even his original feelings had long since transcended that paper marriage contract.


But... It is difficult to understand to what extent this deep emotion is masculine and feminine.


"This marriage contract is really not fair to either Li Luo or Sister Jiang."


Lu Qing'er said calmly, "I also told Senior Sister Jiang to her face."


Si Qiuying gaped as she stammered, “You, have you told Sister Jiang this too?”


Talk to the person in person about these matters? This Lu Qing'er normally seems calm and collected, how could she do something so violent? That was Jiang Qing'e, people wouldn't even dare to talk to her if they saw her, but Lu Qing'er dared to say those things to her face?


"That marriage contract is a shackle for all of them, why can't we talk about it?" Lu Qing'er said.


Si Qiuying rubbed her forehead, and in her heart she felt extra admiration for Lu Qing'er's guts and courage. She was probably the only one in the entire academy who dared to provoke Jiang Qing'e like this.


"So, what did Sister Qing'e answer?" Again, he couldn't help but ask curiously.


He was curious to know how Jiang Qing'e responded to such a provocation.


When Lu Qing'er heard that, she didn't answer, because she remembered Jiang Qing'e's powerful counterattack that day, which made her cheeks redden slightly.


At the same time, he couldn't help but sigh secretly, worthy of Jiang Qing'e, this opponent's strength is really too powerful.


But even with such a strong opponent, it is unlikely that he would want Lu Qing'er to back down in a difficult situation.


Because you have to correct what is wrong.


Lu Qing'er's beautiful eyes looked at the figure standing on top of the tree, and her eyes rose with determination, Li Luo, I will definitely free you from that chained marriage contract.


The night was long and finally dawn.


When the first rays of morning light broke through the clouds and cast their shadow on the mountains, the mist emanating from the valley suddenly became more intense and a strange fragrance emanated from it.


Standing on top of the tree, Li Luo opened his eyes for the first time, his palm gripping the hilt of his sword and his stern gaze observing the surrounding mountains.


There was some commotion coming from those places, as everyone knew that this was a sign of the birth of the Heavenly Spirit Dew.


To the left and right, Qin Qiglu, Bai Doudou, and Wang Hetou, who had rested overnight, were on alert again.


But the shock from yesterday's battle was still there, so although there were many eyes filled with greed, no one dared to act rashly.


This lasted about ten minutes or so.


The sudden disappearance of the haze in the sky.


Immediately afterwards, Bai Mengmeng's slender figure trotted out of the mountain crevice and waved in the direction of where Li Luo was, her innocent and sweet little face filled with an unmistakable expression of joy.


Obviously, the Heavenly Spirit Dew from this Spirit Gathering Altar had already been collected by her.


Li Luo's face finally showed a relieved smile, as the first Spirit Gathering Altar since entering the Academy Tournament had finally been won without any risk.


Twenty-six drops of Heavenly Spirit Dew now.


And it took ninety-nine drops to rescue one person on Keel Island.


So they have to keep looking.


Li Luo waved his hand and Qin Qiglu and the others retreated to Bai Mengmeng's side, before a single figure jumped out and headed straight towards the mountains and forests beyond.


Li Luo fell at the end, clenched his fist to the four directions, then with a long whistle, his figure swept out like a great eagle.


The first battle to guard the Spiritual Gathering Altar had finally ended, but everyone understood that it was still only the beginning.


As more institutions enter, increasingly fierce competition will continue to emerge.


For the title of the strongest student and the "Golden Emblem of the Divine Tree".





Spiritual Gathering Altar Group



The House Tournament is still in full swing.


Before we knew it, an entire week had passed.


Over the course of the week, an unknown number of battles broke out in the Tournament of Houses, and each appearance of a Spiritual Gathering Altar attracted the prying eyes of many academies, followed by another major battle.


Under this constant battle, more and more strong students began to stand out, and then became famous in the House Tournament, attracting the attention of all parties.


Among them, Li Luo, the double resonance person of the Xuanxing Holy Academy, is the most dazzling and radiant.


Some good people consider him the fourth favorite to win this One Star Academy House Tournament.


However, Li Luo did not care too much about that fame, because what he wanted was not a fourth place favorite to win the championship, his goal was that title of the strongest student of the First Star Academy.


The reason is simple: he covets that golden emblem of the divine tree.


Of course, there is the task given by Sister Qing'e.


And that Jing Taixu, after all, needs a little education.


This is a matter facing the Young Master of the House Luo Lan.


And during this week, Li Luo and the others did not sit idly by, they found a total of four small spirit gathering altars and one medium-sized one. With the help of these spirit gathering altars, the Heavenly Spirit Dew in his hands finally filled a spirit gourd successfully, reaching the amount of ninety-nine drops.


This meant that the One Star Academy side of Xuanxing Sacred Academy was at least capable of escorting one person across the Sea of Fire to Dragon Bone Island.


But this was clearly not enough, as Li Luo's goal was to get at least three or four people from his side from One Star Academy to enter Dragon Bone Island.


Furthermore, the more people entered Dragon Bone Island, the more help he could provide, after all, collective strength was necessary for this Academy Tournament, so even if he entered Dragon Bone Island, with the help of Qin Qiglu, Bai Doudou and the others, it would be much easier for him.


However, the search for the Altar of Gathered Spirits was not easy, and it had already taken them a week just to gather this first batch of ninety-nine drops. At this rate of progress, even if it took them a month, he feared that they would not be able to gather the guaranteed three or four rations of Heavenly Spirit Dew.


On the other hand, the duration of the Chamber Tournament is not that long. Obviously, this step-by-step approach to finding them is not feasible.


The only way to reach the top is through the Advanced Spirit Gathering Altar.


But unfortunately, high-level Spirit Gathering altars are extremely difficult to find, and Li Luo and his team had worked hard for a week without half a word about the Advanced Spirit Gathering Altar, but luckily for him, Li Luo He was in no hurry because he knew that as he advanced further and further into the courtyard level, the Advanced Spiritual Gathering Altar would definitely appear.


And just as expected, as the House Tournament entered its ninth day, they finally received extremely powerful information.




“Has the Spiritual Gathering Altar Cluster finally appeared?”


Next to the beach of a large rushing river, Li Luo looked at the panting Yu Long who came running, and especially after hearing the information that he finished panting, he couldn't help but get up, and the other people who were resting also raised their heads. surprised, with surprise in their eyes.


The so-called Cluster of Reunion Altars, as its name indicates, refers not to one Altar of Reunion, but to a succession of Altars of Reunion that appear in the same area.


Normally, in a group of Spiritual Gathering Altars, there is one high-level Spiritual Gathering Altar, and even more than one.


The Spirit Gathering Altar Swarm only appeared in the depths of the Academy Tournament, and in a way, this was a result of the Academy Alliance's manipulation, since once the Spirit Gathering Altar Swarm began to appear, it also meant that they were close to a central area like Dragon Bone Island.


The first half of the House Tournament will witness one of the liveliest meetings.


I am afraid that all the academies that have heard about this will rush full speed towards the place where the Spiritual Gathering Altar Cluster has appeared.


And this is also the news that Li Luo has been waiting for these days, and of course, perhaps not only him, but all the academies are waiting.


He wanted to bail out a few more people to enter Dragon Bone Island, so the Spirit Gathering Altar Group was the only chance.


Yu Lang nodded and said: "We met a team from the academy ahead and exchanged information with each other, then we learned this information from them, it must not be fake news, because this kind of news will soon be broadcast, and the movement caused "because of the appearance of the Spiritual Gathering Altar Group is so big that it is impossible to conceal it."


"According to the directions they gave, it's not too far from us, it should only be a day's journey."


All the people rejoiced at the words.


Li Luo was beaming with joy: “The big seat is finally waiting for us.”


Compared to this group of Spirit Gathering altars, even the medium-sized Spirit Gathering altars they ate were nothing more than an appetizer.


"But I have heard that the Spiritual Gathering Altar Group is extremely special, and I wonder what kind of challenge mechanism this session will be?" Bai Doudou said from the side.


Li Luo shook his head and laughed: "We'll see when we get there."


"Gentlemen, if you are well rested, then let's move."


When the people heard the words, they all nodded, the group briefly gathered up and headed at full speed in the direction where the group of Spiritual Gathering altars had appeared.


Shortly after setting out on their journey, they saw several teams from other academies, who seemed to be heading in the same direction as them, and it was obvious that their target was also the Spiritual Gathering Altar Group.


The teams from the numerous academies run off on their own and the well does not cross the river.


Perhaps because of the rule that the Heavenly Spiritual Dew in the House Tournament could not be snatched after being loaded into the Spiritual Gourd, when there was no competition for the Spiritual Gathering Altar, the teams from the various academies were still relatively friendly to each other and did not move to create dissension, after all, no one wanted to start a big battle and exhaust their forces for nothing when there was no benefit to drive them.


It is a notable difference from the outside world.


However, in the past few days since the opening of the House Tournament, the Xuanxing Sacred School had experienced a huge battle and now its fame had obviously skyrocketed, especially Li Luo, the head captain, who was even more famous, for So when teams from other schools recognized them along the way, they all cast curious glances at Li Luo.


Naturally, no one would be unlucky enough to come and mess with him.


So with this smooth journey, on the morning of the second day, Li Luo and the others finally arrived at the area where the group of Spiritual Gathering altars had appeared.


It was an extremely vast lake, dotted with small islands like chess pieces on a board, and at this time, on top of each island stood a flagpole with the emblems of the different academies.


The bustling voices of the people converged and echoed around them.


From time to time, more teams jump out from all directions, landing on one of the islands, and the atmosphere brightens.


Li Luo's eyes looked into the depths of the lake and saw a dense fog lingering in the sky and the earth, and in the fog, a temple-like building could be seen standing in the sky, with waves of majestic energy of heaven and earth emanating from him, filling the lake and the swamp.


Especially the four halls in the central area, the energy contained was even more amazing. According to the spirit gathering altars that Li Luo had detected before, these four halls must belong to the advanced spirit gathering altars.


This scene made Li Luo wipe his mouth, unable to hide the longing in his eyes.


They had come all this way and had never encountered a single high-level Spiritual Gathering Altar, but now here, four had appeared…


It is the largest part of the pie in this initial tournament.


If you can take a bite out of this place, then all your goals will be achieved.

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