Chapter 480 – The Staircase

Upon arriving, Li Luo's group also quickly found an unoccupied island to occupy, and then raised the flag of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy to indicate that the place was their property.


The moment they planted the flag, everyone felt the crystal compass in their hands vibrate, and then a message appeared in their minds out of nowhere, and that message was about the Spiritual Gathering Altar Group.


The crowd rushed to receive that message.


After a few minutes, everyone frowned.


"What a bummer." Lu Qing'er frowned and whispered.


Li Luo nodded with a deep feeling of empathy as he raised his head to look at those buildings in the mid-air clouds in the depths of the lake. From the information transmitted by this channel, these groups of Spiritual Gathering altars in front of him could technically be divided into four pieces, each of which had a high-level Spiritual Gathering altar as its core, and around this altar high-level Spiritual Gathering altars, there were also many intermediate-level Spiritual Gathering altars.


As for the abundance of resources, it is truly a sight to behold to the point of drooling.


After all, Li Luo and the others had worked hard for a week and had only found one intermediate level Spiritual Gathering altar and several low level Spiritual Gathering altars.


However, it is not so easy to obtain these Spiritual Gathering altars.


The first and most problematic is the "ladder".


The so-called "Stairway to the Clouds" is the staircase formed by fog clouds before the four upper altars of Spiritual Gathering, which extends all the way down, forming a staircase towards heaven.


This is the only way to access the Advanced Spirit Gathering Altar.


The only way to open the Spiritual Gathering Altar Group and collect the Heavenly Spirit Dew is to climb the "Cloud Staircase" to the front of the main hall and ring the Spiritual Gathering Bell located in front of the altar. hall.


But overcoming the "ladder" is not easy.


This is because this Spiritual Gathering Altar Cluster is a collection of extremely large heavenly and earthly energies, which will form an energy pressure that will sweep away the Cloud Climbing Stairs in waves like a torrent, and anyone who cannot resist the impact of the energy will rush downwards.


Furthermore, only one person can climb the ladder, which means that this person must be extremely strong and able to withstand the energetic impact.


However, although only one person can climb the ladder, if one person really goes there, even Jing Taixu will only be swept away by the terrifying energy impact of the Advanced Spiritual Gathering Altar and will become a fool.


So someone has to share the load.


And not just one person, because it is not nearly enough... This count does not refer to one person, but to the number of academies.


From the information conveyed, there were four stone platforms suspended around the Cloud Staircase, and for each of them someone from one of the academies would be needed to guard it, and knowing that the number of people in an academy team could add up to a dozen, wouldn't these four platforms add up to a total of 50 or 60 people?


With so many people helping to share the energetic impact, it was clear how terrifying the energetic impact of that Advanced Spiritual Gathering Altar was.


In simple terms, to open a group of Spiritual Gathering altars, two conditions must be met.


First, a candidate strong enough to withstand the impact of the energy waves and finally ring the Meeting Bell.


Secondly, in addition to the academy they were in, they had to find three other academy teams to share the energy shock.


Of the two conditions, the first is undoubtedly the more difficult, because although there are many people helping to share the load, the person climbing the ladder will inevitably bear the greatest energetic impact, and more importantly, the person climbing the The ladder is the first to climb, and only when that person actually stands on the ladder is the challenge considered activated, and only then can the other helpers flock up the four platforms to help share the pressure.


The first person to climb the ladder will naturally have to endure the first wave of energy alone without help, although this first wave is the weakest, but again, there is no one to help share it at this time.


So even the weakest energy impact wave is definitely not something that an ordinary person can pull off.


The second condition is simply to have people, and with so many school teams gathered here now, the last thing missing is, on the contrary, people.


If the first condition is met, the second is easier.


"Now the question is, how strong does that climber have to be?" Bai Doudou said in a thoughtful voice.


Everyone shook their heads, and this was not elaborated, but there was no rush, for while they were discussing it, there were already many academies in this lake and swamp, and some chief captains who boasted that they were not weak still jumped at the opportunity to try, and finally someone was the first to rise to the sky, and jump directly to a ladder of clouds.


“That is the head captain of the Black Radiance Sacred School, Qian Yiming…”


“This man is strong and I heard that he had defeated several head captains of other academies before.”


Many voices sounded on the islands, recognizing instead the man who had tried to be the first to eat the crab.


And under the attention of those many eyes, the chief captain named Qian Yiming soared like a nag and then landed directly on a ladder.




The moment it landed, everyone heard a loud crash from the stairs, and then saw a torrent of magnificent colors rushing down the stairs like a flood.


The torrent contained violent heaven and earth energy, which collided with the air upon impact, constantly emitting roaring explosions.




Just a few breaths later, that first wave of energy impact flood collided with Qian Yiming, who also burst out his resonance power unreservedly in a roar.


However, within a few breaths, Qian Yiming let out a miserable scream, a mouthful of blood gushed out, and his entire body was directly dragged off the ladder and rushed headlong into the lake and swamp, splashing a wave. of ten meters.


Countless eyes looked on in disbelief.


Is the torrent of energy that hits the Staircase so terrifying?


Even Qian Yiming couldn't withstand the first wave? And if they couldn't withstand the first wave, then there was no way to activate the Spiritual Gathering Altar, and then the other helpers naturally couldn't come up to help share the burden, which was simply a dead cycle.


The atmosphere on the islands was somewhat calmer, and the original fiery atmosphere was immediately dampened.


Although this set of Spiritual Gathering altars is tempting, it is obvious that not everyone can try it.


But this did not last long, as suddenly a commotion spread across the archipelago and eyes turned in the direction of the commotion before seeing a figure that seemed to be walking on the wind, gradually ascending into the air.


The clothes are fluid and unusually elegant.


When the figure appeared, the lake swamp boiled and a fiery gaze was cast.


Even Li Luo and the others were staring at him.


This time, the man who had landed in the air towards the staircase was...


Jing Taixu!

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