===Chapter 481: Frustrating Zhu Yue===

Inside the House of Passion.



Many glances were directed at Yao Yao, who was standing next to Zhou Yuan, but Zhou Yuan was indifferent and did not look at Zhao Vela, who had stopped in his tracks, but simply held the wine glass in his jade hand, with his eyes fixed on the light waves of the glass.


Zhao Vela's eyes narrowed slightly as he stared at Yao Yao, he had naturally heard of the latter's unique reputation within the Cang Xuan Sect, it was said that this girl, who was too beautiful to be described as the son of a saint apart from the ten saints.


However, he had not fought Yoyo face to face, so he naturally harbored some doubts about such rumors.


In his opinion, most of Yoyo's fame comes from her stunning beauty, after all, in the face of such a beautiful and stunning person, anyone could boast a few points.


"What? Does this younger sister think that the Saint Sons of my Cang Xuan Sect are nothing great?" Zhao Vela said nonchalantly, however, his words were somewhat ruthless, directly placing Yao Yao in opposition to the many Saint Sons.


"I'm not sure about the others, but I don't really see you."



Zhao Candle's face sank instantly, in front of so many people, being looked down upon by a girl, he really couldn't bear it.


Inside the House of Hundred Fragrances, the other disciples also looked at each other, not daring to speak, after all, here, I am afraid that only Yiao Yao would dare to speak to Zhao Vela like this.


"What a charlatan, do you really think that just because others have hawked you a few times, you consider yourself a figure?" Zhao Candle's eyes were as cold as a knife as he stared at Yao Yao, and a

majestic and rough source Qi slowly surged around him.


Seeing him act like this, the faces of the disciples of the two lines changed, and

there was fear in his eyes; after all, they really didn't have the courage to face a holy son.


Shen Wanjin also hurried over and said with a smile: "Brother Vela Zhao, don't be angry, you are a son of a saint, why do you need to be callous to some of us ordinary disciples? How about I make peace with you?" .



He held his glass and lowered his posture.


Zhao Candle just looked at him coldly, and with a wave of his sleeve and robe, a fountain of qi swept out, and with a bang, he lifted Shen Wanjin off the ground, smashing the table to the side.


"Who are you? Worthy to drink with me too?" Zhao Vela said indifferently.


"Zhao Candle!"



Zhou Yuan's eyes were stern as the Heavenly Yuan Pen came straight out of his hand.


"Me? Is this the head disciple of Sacred Origin Peak planning to challenge me?" Seeing this, Zhao Vela smiled playfully.


“I really want to test how powerful the Holy Son of the Cang Xuan Clan is, it just so happens that Senior Brother Candle Zhao is in the last place, so if I can, I might be able to take you down.” Zhou Yuan said slowly.


Zhao Candle's eyes were cold as he said, "Then come and try."


Zhou Yuan was about to make a move while grabbing the Tian Yuan Pen with his palm, when a jade-like hand came out from the side.


"You've already gotten involved enough today, do you want to steal it again?"



Zhou Yuan stagnated and helplessly rolled his eyes. He knew that if he fought Zhao Candle now, he was afraid he wouldn't have much chance of winning, but as long as he could tangle with his opponent for a while, he wasn't really disgraced.


But it didn't look like Yeo was going to let him get away with it.


"What? Do you want to change?" When Zhao Candle saw that Yaoyao had stopped Zhou Yuan, he pouted his mouth: "Okay, I'll accept whatever you two want to play today."



However, Yao Yao shook his head and said, "If you want to fight with me, you are not qualified to do so, and I am not interested in playing with you."



Zhao Candle’s face darkened sharply as he looked around the circle and said contemptuously, “Is there anyone here who dares to confront me other than your words?”



All the disciples of the other two lines of disciples shrank in their gazes. Even Lu Yan, Zhou Tai, and Zhang Yan, although they all had angry faces, really did not dare to fight Zhao Candle.


After all, the latter was a saint son, much stronger than Yuan Hong.


He simply stretched out his jade hand and picked up Tun Tun, who was fluttering on the table and swallowing, his small body covered by the plate.


"If you can beat him, you will still be qualified to fight the others."



Tun Tun was carried away by the meat around his neck, and there were still pieces of meat in his mouth. The beast's black and white pupils still had a look of innocence, and it struggled slightly, and its small, short legs kicked, obviously dissatisfied that Yao Yao had prevented it from eating.


The numerous disciples around them were dumbfounded, obviously they did not expect that Yoyo intended to let Tun Tun deal with Zhao Candle.


Zhao Candle froze and his face turned blue.


"Don't you dare insult me!"


In his opinion, bringing a beast to fight him at a young age was undoubtedly humiliating him.


But Yaoyao simply ignored his voice, grabbed Tun Tun and said, "If you can't handle him, you don't have to eat anymore."


After saying that, he directly threw the dumbfounded Tun Tun towards Zhao Candle.


Zhao Candle's eyes contained anger and he laughed angrily, "Well, since you don't know any better, then I'll cut this little beast into pieces."


With a single squeeze, his majestic source qi gathered and transformed into a sword shadow several feet in length, but emitting extremely harsh sword qi, and with a swish, he fiercely slashed at Tun Tun who was flying in front of him. he.





A loud snap of wind sounded.


At this moment, Tun Tun finally came back to his senses, but he did not pay attention to Zhao Candle's attack, but instead remembered what Yao Yao had said before, and immediately his small body trembled.


How dare you use such a terrible threat of not being able to eat






As a result, a furious roar came from Tun Tun's throat, and his small body instantly swelled with indescribably terrifying power.


The disciples surrounding them paled violently.


From among the dark golden light, a mysterious and enormous beast appeared out of thin air, whose scaly claws fiercely struck the sword shadow in one fell swoop.





The huge claw slammed down, and the sword shadow was torn apart in an instant, as fragile as thin paper.





A thunderous bestial roar made the entire House of Hundred Fragrances tremble.


The huge beast transformed by Tun Tun crushed the sword shadow and shot out directly in front of Zhao Candle's shocked gaze, appearing in front of him in an instant, roaring like thunder, the huge claws wrapped in black light and slapping furiously. mercilessly.


As the giant claw fell, Zhao Candle's pupils also tightened, and an aura of indescribable danger surged from his heart.


The source qi within his body erupted almost without any bang at this moment, and his five fingers curled together like a palm knife, with the source qi coalescing at his fingertips as if they were forming an extremely sharp sword.


He slashed with his palm, using attack instead of defense. With this palm slash, even if Yuan Hong was as strong as him, if he was hit by the slash, he would be seriously injured.




Before the astonished gaze of the disciples, the beast's claw and the palm leaf

They collided directly with each other, and the sound of gold and iron resonated as a violent shock wave raged wildly.


Boom boom!


The entire House of Passion was in revolt.



The eyes of the crowd were fixed on the clash, and then their pupils

They slammed shut as they saw Zhao Candle's figure shoot back in a slightly distressed manner.


He was thrown out of the House of Passion and landed on the floor of the outer room.


Where he landed, the ground was cracking.


Blood marks appear on the palm of his hand and blood drips from his fingertips.


Zhao Candle's face was gloomy as he looked at the blood dripping from his hands, not moving a muscle, seemingly shocked by the result,

obviously he didn't expect that he would be injured by a so-called beast in the hands of his mouth...


There was also silence inside and outside the House of Passion.



Those Jianlai Peak disciples looked at this scene with icy coldness in their bodies, the same disbelief in their eyes, their Jianlai Peak saint son had been injured by a small beast that only knew how to eat!


The disciples of the two lines of Sacred Origin Peak were equally surprised that Tun Tun, who was nothing but food in their eyes, was so terrifying…


As soon as he slapped Zhao Candle away, Tun Tun's body quickly shrank and leaned back, slumping onto the table and ignoring the others as he continued to bury his head in a feeding frenzy.


Yao Yao's bright eyes raised slightly, but the light in his eyes was as cold as spring water, staring at Vela Zhao's blue face, and slowly said: "Even Tun Tun couldn't defeat you, saying that you status as a Holy Son is nothing remarkable, do you still have an opinion?"



Zhao Vela's face was cloudy, and his heart was so suffocated that he almost spit out a mouthful of blood. He had come today with the intention of shocking the morale of Sacred Origin Peak, but he had not expected to suffer defeat at the hands of a beast instead.


The strange gazes surrounding him at this moment made him so furious that he could not stay here any longer and could only give Zhou Yuan a chilling look with his eyes, directly waving his sleeves and turning around.


It's just that the back looks a little miserable anyway.



Seeing Zhao Vela sneak away, the Jianlai Peak disciples also hurried to follow him with ugly faces.


And with his departure, the disciples of the two lines of the House of Hundred Fragrances immediately let out a cheer, and those who looked at Yoyo's gaze became

They came back even more amazed.


At the same time, he became even more astonished when he looked at Tun Tun, who had grown his mouth on the table and was furiously licking his plate.


Zhou Yuan and Yao Yao looked at each other, then couldn't help but smile, this Zhao Candle, he was really a bit unlucky, he originally wanted to come and give the crowd a downward spiral, but instead he ended up disgracing himself severely.


But it was Tun Tun who hit him before, so what was he doing staring at him when he left?


Zhou Yuan shook his head helplessly, it seemed that this guy was going to remember him again.

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