Chapter 482 - Li Luo's Ambition

Only after Jing Taixu left in full view of the crowd, Lu Qing'er looked at Li Luo with some surprise. “Do you also want to test whether you can rely on your ability to activate a group of Spirit Gathering altars?”


The meaning of Li Luo's previous words was clearly that he had no intention of becoming a vassal of Jing Taixu and the others.


"The best way to eat a little more of the pie is to be the one to share it."


Li Luo greeted the crowd with a smile, "This is a group of Spiritual Gathering altars, if we take it, we should be able to prepare to enter Dragon Bone Island."


Bai Doudou nodded and said, "If we can really take it, then of course it would be the best result, just..."


"Judging from what Jing Taixu and the others just did, I'm afraid that if they want to withstand the first wave of energy impact and activate the Spiritual Gathering Altar Group, they need the strength of the third transformation of the Transformation Stage." "


She didn't say anything about the latter, but Li Luo understood what she meant. Although Li Luo's record was quite remarkable along the way, and he was now even known as the fourth biggest favorite to win the title, at least in terms of resonance power level, Li Luo was still only second.

transformation stage transformation, which was still a gap from Jing Taixu, Lu Ming and Sun Da Sheng.


And the most important point is that even if Li Luo really blocked the first wave of energy flood, could he finally cross the ladder, ring the Spiritual Gathering Bell, and open this group of Spiritual Gathering Altars?


If they fail, they will be laughed at and at that point, they won't even have a chance to bond with others.


I'm afraid this group of Spiritual Gathering altars will have to be missed.


"I don't think there's anything wrong with trying it, it will carry some risk, but if it goes well the benefits will be extreme and the risk is totally worth it in terms of benefit-to-benefit ratio."


Lu Qing'er's beautiful eyes looked at Li Luo and smiled sweetly: "And I don't think Li Luo is worse than the three of them, if they can succeed, why can't Li Luo?"


When Wang Hetou saw the smile on Lu Qing'er's pretty face, he couldn't help but say in a sultry voice, "I think we should be sensible in everything and not be blind."


Wang Hetou had always had some thoughts about Lu Qing'er. Although he had not only made no progress in the past year, but had also provoked the other party's dislike, he couldn't help but have mixed feelings in his heart when he saw how blind Lu Qing'er was towards Li Luo.


However, Lu Qing'er paid no attention to his words, as if treating him like air.


"I think we might as well try it." Bai Mengmeng agreed.


Qin Qiglu said: "Since I have to take, of course I have to take the largest amount, it is too humiliating to follow others as vassals, I can't eat this food with contempt."


"Everything has said that he is a collaborator." Duze Beixuan rolled his eyes.


Qin Qiglu laughed coldly: "Even the final harvest has to be delivered by 60%, this is the attitude towards collaborators? Why deceive yourself and others."


Du Ze Bei Xuan was speechless and fell silent sadly.


"Li Luo, if you are interested then try it first, if you feel that you still have the strength to withstand the first wave of impact of the energy torrent and you are a little confident about climbing the cloud ladder later then I think we can still challenge him." Yi Zisha said with a sideways smile.


The public was more in agreement with Li Luo's attempt, as you said.


When Li Luo saw this, he also smiled and nodded: "Then let's try it first."


The olive branch thrown by Jing Taixu, whatever the profound meaning behind it, would not have been acceptable to Li Luo.


As for whether or not the other party wanted to put their differences on the ice, it didn't even matter, because the odds were that Li Luo would still end up facing each other as he aspired to be the strongest cadet at the House level.


Once his decision was made, Li Luo did not hesitate for a moment. He turned his gaze towards the last of the groups of Spirit Gathering altars that had not yet been activated, and with his resonance power surging, his figure was already rising towards the ground, like a roc spreading its wings, and swept straight towards the ground. cloud ladder that extended from the clouds and fog.


And with this move, he immediately attracted countless gazes.


"Another person is climbing the ladder!"


"Who is so arrogant?"


“That is…Li Luo, the head captain of the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy.”


“Oh? That Li Luo who has recently risen to fame? I heard that this person is also a double resonance! Before, he defeated three chief captains with one against three."


"I've heard he's considered the fourth favorite to win the title."


"It's just blackmail, the reputation of the three Jing Taixu people is not made overnight, although Li Luo hides quite deep, but compared with these three, there must still be a small gap."


"But this Li Luo is quite arrogant, first the first plane Tai Xu personally went to him and supposedly wanted to cooperate with him, but Li Luo refused, and now it seems that he wants to control a group of Spiritual Gathering altars by himself."


"I'm just afraid that if he fails then, he's going to lose face."




While the many schools of the archipelago were discussing Li Luo's movement, on the other three islands, there were also people looking at Li Luo who had ascended into the air.


Sun Da Sheng carried the golden stick and sat on the boulder, his eyes narrowed as he looked at Li Luo's figure, for the latter, he still had a deep memory, after all, there were not many people who could take two sticks away from him with the strength of the second transformation of the Transformation Stage.


He actually wanted to fight Li Luo for real, but he had been too busy searching for the Spiritual Gathering Altar before and had not had a chance to meet again.


"And I wonder if this guy's double resonance power is powerful, or that cold woman Lu Ming?" He rubbed his chin and muttered.


On another island, Lu Ming tilted his bright white pretty face, looking at Li Luo's figure again.


"Sister Lu, is this guy Li Luo, the double resonance person who has been doing the rounds lately? He is very handsome." Beside Lu Ming, a neat female cadet asked curiously.


Lu Ming nodded and said, "Judging from the resonance power flowing around him, it should be a Water Resonance and a Wood Resonance, but judging from the purity of his resonance power and the emanation of his spirituality, it is at most a seventh degree resonance, as well as a sixth degree resonance."


However, Lu Ming's two twin resonances are seventh grade.


In terms of rank, he is superior to Li Luo.


"You'll make it?"


Lu Ming's face was like frost, obviously the advantage of Li Luo's outward appearance had no effect on her, he still said indifferently, "That depends on how far he has cultivated his dual resonance power, and it is only "In the second transformation of the resonance transformation stage, he still has a disadvantage at this point of resonance power."


"And even if we pass this wave, what are we going to do, the real difficulty is the subsequent escalation, the current activation is just an appetizer."


The participant nodded her head.


On the island where the Bright King Sacred Academy was located, Jing Taixu stood with his arms crossed, his face unfazed as he watched Li Luo's figure rising into the air. When he had just received the information that Li Luo was actually a dual resonance person, he was also a little surprised.


It had previously been slightly overlooked.


But that had little to do with his previous attempt to unleash goodwill on Li Luo.


After all, although double resonance people are rare, they are not so rare for him, and his own Ninth Grade Void no longer looks weaker than any double resonance.


He didn't even fear Lu Ming, so he naturally feared Li Luo, who was only the second transformation of the Transformation Stage, even less.


The real reason for the previous intention to get closer to that Li Luo and soften the relationship a little was still being pointed out by that heckler boy from the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy.


Their target was Jiang Qing'e.


The girl who made him feel amazing.


And the fact that the other party was so close to joining him in marriage gave him a special feeling in his heart.


Of course, the most important thing is that the ninth grade and the ninth grade, in order to match, right?


It is very likely that this time Jiang Qing'e will manage to take the title of the strongest student of the Three Star Academy. Although his academy had a sniper plan, Jing Taixu thought that it would not be of much use, so... For his part, it would be best to take the title of strongest student this time.


For the rest, it seems a little humiliating that the woman shines too much and that her side goes nowhere.


He seemed to be staring at Li Luo's figure, but the thoughts in his head were drifting away.


It was also at that moment that Li Luo's figure, under those many gazes, landed on the first level of the staircase.

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