===Chapter 482 - Wuhuang Sacred Palace===

To the north of the Holy State, a vast and endless territory with countless spiritual treasures of heaven and earth.


People say that Cang Xuan's Heaven qi is six parts of the Holy State Continent alone, and among the Holy State Continent, this land

prosperous and spiritual land north of the Holy State must be, I am afraid, three parts of the qi of the Holy State alone.


And to the north of this sacred state, three parts of the qi are used to support a gigantic sect, the Holy Palace, famous in Cangxuan.


Many years ago, the Holy Palace was nothing more than a not very impressive sect on the Holy State Continent, and at that time, the Cang Xuan Sect was still a sect that no one in the entire Cang Xuan Heaven could shake.


It is only unknown when the Holy Palace began to ascend at an astonishing speed, and in just a hundred years, it has ranked among the most powerful sects in Cang Xuan Heaven.


It was during that time that the ancient ancestor of Cang Xuan Heaven, who was the Lord of Cang Xuan Heaven, fell under the siege of a mysterious powerhouse, and the entire Cang Xuan Heaven was shaken.


The Holy Palace, on the other hand, has taken its place, claiming to be the most powerful giant sect in the Cang Xuan Heaven, exclusively dominating the north of the Holy State, and with this three-part qi, it is proudly looking down on the pack.


Today, the Holy Palace is like a glorious sun on this Holy Continent, overwhelming the sky and the earth.


And in the face of the increasingly powerful Holy Palace, even the other five giant clans are also fearful.


Far north of the Sacred State.



The earth is cold and snowy all year round, and in that sky and earth an invisible border rises, directly between the snowy heaven and earth, opening up a heaven and earth like a mountain and clear water.


The lofty mountains rise in their midst, with white cranes flying and waterfalls falling like the Milky Way, just like fairy time.


Among those mountains and hills, countless white halls rise, orderly and austere.


This is where the strongest sects of Cang Xuan Heaven are located. Sacred Palace.


In the depths of the Sacred Palace, a white hall stood at the top of a huge peak, and within the hall, there was a bottomless pool of blood, and on the opposite side of the pool, on a futon, several figures were sitting. , emanating an unfathomable aura around him.


In the center of the room is a man with silver hair. The man has a gentle smile and the pupils of his eyes are also silver like his hair, looking mysterious and unpredictable.


This silver-haired man was clearly the Lord of the Sacred Palace, known as the Sacred Palace Master Yuan, a gigantic figure of great renown in this Cang Xuan Heaven.


Beside him, the several seated figures, judging from their aura, were obviously also senior members of the Sacred Palace and of distinguished status.




At this moment, his eyes locked on the pool of blood, in which bubbles of blood emerged with a gurgle, followed by a whirlpool, and finally the body of a naked man was seen slowly rising from the pool of blood.


On that body, a few lines of blood emerged faintly, twisting and crawling on the flesh, slightly strange, and if you look closely, those lines appear to be a hideous, distorted face of blood.


Creepy and terrifying.


As the eyes gradually move upward, a knife-like handsome face appears.


That face was not unfamiliar to him, and if Zhou Yuan were here, he would have been able to recognize it at first glance, because it was none other than his great enemy, Wu Huang!


It was simply strange that the original Wu Huang, who had been beheaded by Zhou Yuan in that land of sacred relics and from whom only his soul had escaped in disarray, now possessed a physical body again.



Wu Huang's tightly closed eyes slowly opened at that moment.

moment, and a blood light faintly emerged in his eyes, before gradually converging and falling.


He stood up in the pool of blood and finally knelt before that Sacred Origin Palace Master before him and said in a respectful voice, “Thank you very much, Palace Master, for reshaping my flesh!”



The silver-haired, silver-cup Sacred Origin Palace Master looked at Wu Huang with a smile on his face as his gaze swept across the fleshy body with many strange blood face tattoos and nodded, saying, “Not bad, the body of “This Blood Cultivator is extremely compatible with you.”



Wu Huang also clenched his palms, feeling that incredibly fierce power surging through his body, and said, “I can feel that the power of this flesh body is stronger than the previous one!”


The Sacred Origin Palace Master laughed: “It is natural, a lot of resources were spent to forge this physical body for you.”



Wu Huang licked his mouth and looked at his palms, a ferocious look surfacing in his eyes as he muttered, "Zhou Yuan, you didn't expect this, did you? So what if you cut my flesh last time? Now I'm even stronger."



“If I meet you again next time, I will make you taste the taste of having your meat cut!” Infinite hatred arose on his face.


Sacred Origin Palace Master said with a smile: “That Zhou Yuan, nowadays, is doing well in the Cang Xuan Sect, and he had already become a Purple Belt disciple of the Cang Xuan Sect the last time I heard of it.” of the."



"However, now that you have obtained the Blood Cultivator Body, as long as you wait for your divine soul to be perfectly fused with this physical body, you will be able to bring its power into play, and when you want to kill that Zhou Yuan and take revenge, I don't think there's no problem."



Wu Huang made a fist and said respectfully, “Thank you, Palace Master, for making this possible!”



Sacred Yuan Palace Master smiled and nodded, then waved his hand, allowing Wu Huang to retreat first.


Wu Huang respectfully left the room and the room returned to its original state.



“Wouldn't it be worth it for the Palace Master to spend so much effort to forge a Blood Cultivator Body for this Wu Huang?” Beside that Sacred Origin Palace Master, a white-haired old man said slowly.


"This Wu Huang, although his talent is good, but my Holy Palace, is not without people who are not as good as him, leaning so many resources on him, the other disciples, on the contrary, will have complaints."



Holy Palace Master Yuan smiled slightly and said: "Complaints belong to the incompetent, if there are people like that, it is enough to expel them from the Holy Palace."



His eyes looked deeply at Wu Huang's retreating figure and said:

"He is, after all, a carrier of the Holy Dragon Qi."



"Hasn't the matter been clearly investigated? The Holy Dragon Qi in his body is the property of that Zhou Yuan, this Wu Huang, he is nothing more than a fake dragon." A senior member of the Holy Palace said on the side.


The Sacred Origin Palace Master laughed: “What is a false dragon?

As long as he is able to kill and devour that Zhou Yuan, he is naturally the true dragon.”



“And that Zhou Yuan, although he carries the Holy Dragon Qi, does not have the Holy Dragon Fate, otherwise he would not have been stripped of the Holy Dragon Qi upon birth.”


"But this person really has some tenacity, to be able to kill his way out of that desperate situation and take half of Wu Huang's Holy Dragon Qi, to put it mildly, he has some skills."



The old man next door was puzzled, “What does this Holy Dragon Qi do for our Holy Palace?”


The Sacred Origin Palace Master's eyes narrowed slightly, light flickering in his silver pupils as he slowly said, "The Sacred Dragon Qi can help us find that Cang Xuan Sacred Seal that was hidden by Ancient Ancestor Cang Xuan." .



Inside the main hall, several figures were startled.



"The Cang Xuan Sacred Seal, a sacred object born from the Cang Xuan Heaven, is able to sense heaven and earth, and the Holy Dragon Qi Luck, also born from this heaven and earth, those who carry the Dragon Qi Luck Sacred are naturally considered the proud children of heaven and earth."



“As long as I wait for this Wu Huang to grow up, then kill that Zhou Yuan and swallow that half of the Qi again, then I will be able to use the momentum to break Ancient Ancestor Cang Xuan’s concealment tactics and find out where the Seal is.” Holy Cang Xuan."



"And as for these real and fake dragons, they don't mean much more to me"


The Sacred Origin Palace Master's silver pupils looked at the pool of blood before him, blood reflected in his eyes, and a frantic smile gradually emerged from the corners of his lips.


"At your time".



"Then I will become the overlord of Cang Xuan Heaven." “And my Holy Clan will once again reign over this Cang Xuan Heaven.”

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