Chapter 483 – Activate the fourth block

As soon as Li Luo's figure landed on the first staircase, a loud boom could be heard at the end of the staircase, followed by a torrent of energy rushing downwards, like an enraged python hitting the staircase.


The air in its path is crushed by the torrent of energy with a low sonic boom.


Li Luo stood on the stairs, his eyes alight as he watched the torrent of energy roaring downwards. Only when he himself was here could he clearly feel how violent that torrent of energy was.


A terrifying pressure washed over him, causing goosebumps to break out on his skin.


In the Islands, countless gazes were also intently fixating on Li Luo's figure at this moment.


Everyone wanted to know if the supposed fourth favorite to win the title, who had recently emerged, was really that good, or was he just a name in disguise?


Lu Qing'er, Bai Mengmeng and the others held their breaths, their hands clenched and their cheeks covered in tension.


Boom boom!


The magnificent torrent of energy was reflected in Li Luo's pupils, and with a squeeze of his palm, the Golden Jade Elephant Blade flashed in his hand.


Li Luo's face was grave, and the two resonance palaces within his body roared at this moment, the rolling resonance power roaring unreservedly.


And then the two resonance forces form a fusion.


A majestic and radiant resonance power surged within Li Luo's body, rising like wolf smoke into the sky, the two azure-colored resonance powers blending with each other, seeming to be in perfect harmony.


Above the blade, a blue and turquoise halo of resonant power slowly emerges.


As soon as this aura of resonance power appeared, it caused cries of alarm throughout the archipelago.


Lu Ming was all too familiar with this aura of resonance power, a sign that only the dual resonance power of the Unification Realm could appear.


But thinking about it, it's normal, if he hadn't mastered the power of Double Resonance in the Unity Realm, I'm afraid it would be unlikely that he could defeat three Chief Captains of the same rank with his own strength.


It's just... For some reason, Lu Ming felt a little strange about Li Luo's resonance power.


It seems that the flow of his resonance power is even faster.


And while he was lightly wondering in his mind, Li Luo had already struck.


The majestic resonance power flowed and covered the blade, the resonance power flashed, and above the blade, a watery aura flowed at high speed, emitting a hum and cutting through the air.


"The Technique of Thousand Blades of Flowing Water."


Li Luo slashed his sword, only to see an exceptionally dazzling and brilliant sword light fiercely smashing through the air, the sword light looked like a Buddha in the line of water roaring across the sea, smoothing out everything in its path.


The water current blade light emanated an extremely sharp and piercing force, directly colliding with the magnificent energy torrent.




The two collided, and the two energies eroded fiercely, emitting a shrill and piercing sound.


The glorious torrent of energy was continuously cut off, but the torrent seemed to have no end, and as the blade light water jet continued to advance, the blade light became more and more dull, and finally, with a violent Onslaught of the torrent of energy, it was reduced to points of light and shattered.


And the rest of the torrent of energy roared, directly enveloping Li Luo.


However, Li Luo was not alarmed by this, as the three of them had not managed to break through the energy torrent in one go, and their previous attacks were only intended to weaken the energy torrent's momentum and provide a buffer for the following harsh resistance. .


A layer of resonance power barrier formed in front of him, as water light flowed across the surface of his body, seemingly forming a layer of water light gauze.


"Heavy water."




As Li Luo made these defenses, the torrent of energy rushed towards him, the layers of Resonance Force barriers shattered almost instantly, and a few breaths later, the torrent crashed into his body, and in that instant, Li Luo He felt as if he had been hit head-on by an ancient beast.


The heavy water sarong on the surface of the body rippled with extreme violence, clearly defusing the terrifying impact.


But obviously it was impossible for the heavy water gauze to dissolve everything, and still a huge force penetrated the heavy water gauze and hit Li Luo's body.


His body shook violently, and then his stride was jerked back and forth.


Obviously, in this kind of harsh resistance with resonance power, Li Luo's Second Transformation Stage Transformation was ultimately inferior to the Third Transformation Stage Transformation of Jing Taixu's trio.


Jing Taixu, in particular, only took a step back when he fought hard with his resonance power, thus showing the purity and strength of his own resonance power.


Li Luo retreated step by step, and right at the last rung of that ladder, his figure finally stabilized, somehow completely and completely deflecting the torrent of energy impact.


But he was not happy, but his eyes were thoughtful.


In the archipelago, there was some commotion. Although Li Luo's final resistance was a bit terrifying, he still stood firmly on the ladder and was not dragged down, which meant that he had also succeeded, and this fourth set of Spiritual Gathering altars had been activated by him.


This made many people tsk and tsk, this Li Luo really had some abilities, he was actually able to activate the Spiritual Gathering Altar Group with the strength of the second transformation of the Transformation Stage.


In the midst of so much commotion, Li Luo turned around and descended the stairs, landing again at the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy, where he was able to activate the Spirit Gathering Altar Group, naturally he also needed the help of people from the three academies.


In an instant, the island, which was still considered cold, became lively and chaotic.


Jing Taixu looked at the bustle from afar, but smiled slightly.


"Brother Jing, no wonder this Li Luo didn't even accept your kind offer, so he really wants to eat just one, but his strength is indeed very strong, obviously, he is only in the second transformation of the Transformation Stage." , but it can carry that level of energy flood." Behind Jing Taixu, a young man with white eyebrows said with a light smile.


"No wonder the power of the dual resonances of the Unification Realm can be used." Jing Taixu laughed.


"Although he is only the second Transformation Stage transformation, when it comes to the strength of his resonance power, a normal third Transformation Stage transformation is actually no match for him."


The white-browed young man nodded with some envy and said: "After all, the double resonance has two resonance palaces, which is a natural advantage, and with the added power of the double resonance, I am afraid that only one resonance of ninth grade like you, Brother Jing, can suppress it."


Jing Taixu smiled weakly and did not feign modesty: "So I am talking about the third general transformation of Transformation, while obviously I, along with Lu Ming and Sun Da Sheng, are not included in this category."


“ That side of the Xuan Xing Holy Academy? Brother Jing, you tried to throw an olive branch earlier, but that Li Luo didn't accept it, so it seems like he has a grudge against you, and now that he has shown his uncommon strength..."


Jing Taixu waved his hand.


"No problem".


"Although he blocked the first wave of the energy avalanche, he had a few scares, and the energy avalanche will be even stronger when he ascends the cloud ladder, so he may not be able to resist by then... Even "There's no one who really scares me in this House level tournament."


A smile tugs at the corner of his lips.


"Not really."


The young man with white eyebrows smiled and nodded to his words.


And then time continued to pass, and the commotion in the archipelago finally calmed down, as the academies that had activated the four Spiritual Gathering Altar Clusters were each choosing their own collaborators, after all, with so many academies here now. , the last thing they needed was this type of vassal-type collaborator.


On Li Luo's side, they were just as quick in making their selections, except that they were very informal, letting the schools that came to compete draw lots, and ended up choosing three schools that had good luck.


The other schools that had not been selected could only be full of regret, but they did not leave, because when the Spiritual Gathering Altar Group opened, there would still be energy from heaven and earth pouring into this lake and swamp, and when the moment, they would also gain some benefits, although they could only be described as crumbs, but something was better than nothing.


Thus, amidst those countless envious gazes, the opening of this Spiritual Gathering Altar Group finally began in earnest.

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