Chapter 485 - Don't take the hint

Between the islands, a boisterous clamor rose to the clouds.


Numerous disbelieving eyes looked at Li Luo who was running madly at the top of the cloud ladder. No one expected that Li Luo, who was at the bottom of the ladder just moments ago, would suddenly accelerate at that moment and directly overtake Sun Da Sheng and Lu Ming.


What is it about?


Everyone was filled with confusion.


Even Qin Qiglu, Bai Doudou and the others were stunned.


The other three school teams on their side who had come to assist in the battle were also dumbfounded, in fact they had been somewhat pessimistic about the Xuanxing Sacred School being able to open this Spiritual Gathering Altar Group, since Li Luo had seemed slightly reluctant when he had activated it previously.


The sudden change in attitude has lifted their spirits.


This Li Luo, he really has something, huh?


As the crowd seethed, Li Luo's expression was quite calm. In fact, his previous move was not that strange, it was simply based on the refraction of the "Magical Mirror of Water Light", which bounced off the torrent of energy that hit him at that instant. The "Water Light Magic Mirror" is a special resonance technique that is strong when it encounters strength and weak when it encounters weakness, and after Li Luo used his light resonance power to enchant it, it has a remarkable refraction effect.


What Li Luo had performed before was not a simple “Water Light Magic Mirror”, but a large “Water Light Magic Mirror Formation” that he had continued to improve.


After delicate coordination, the rebound and refraction effect of the "Water Light Magic Mirror Formation" has also been enhanced.


The torrent of energy that came from the ladder was extremely terrifying, but it was because it was so terrifying that when the Water Light Mirror Formation was operating its rebound force, it exploded with such terrifying power that it was this rebound force that directly tore apart. the torrent of energy, allowing Li Luo to take advantage of the situation and run wildly.


Li Luo looked forward, where the torrent of energy that had been shattered was gradually recovering, but that intensity was obviously much weaker than at the beginning, so he directly raised his Golden Jade Elephant Blade, and the flashing light from the blade roared, cutting those torrents of energy into pieces, as he maintained his pace and jumped upwards, just to cross the 30 stairs again.


The rest of his eyes scanned the distance, the place...


He is on par with Jing Taixu.


The two were on a step almost simultaneously.


Countless people stared in disbelief.


Another wave of even more violent and majestic energy torrents roared from above and below.


Jing Taixu did not look at Li Luo, but he knew that his opponent was already at his level, and his expression, apart from being slightly agitated at first, was now calming down.


This Li Luo, although his resonance power is slightly weaker, his methods are truly infinite and should not be underestimated.


And although there was no direct competition between each other at the top of this ladder, after all, there was no such thing as you reaching the top and me not being able to, but after a slight hesitation for a second, Jing Taixu chose not to. No matter what, he would be the first to reach the top and open the group of Spiritual Gathering altars.


Although there is no substantial benefit, or even if it were Lu Ming or Sun Da Sheng, it would not be impossible for him to give in for a while.


But this person was Li Luo.


Well, he was Jiang Qing'e's fiancé... So, for this reason alone, Jing Taixu felt that he couldn't fall behind Li Luo anywhere, even if it was this meaningless staircase to the clouds.


Otherwise, in the future, how else can he go and get engaged to Jiang Qing'e?


As he thought this in his heart, a faint smile emerged from the corner of Jing Taixu's lips, sorry Li Luo, who made Sister Jiang so stunning?


Jing Taixu raised his head, his gaze condensed into the roaring torrent of energy as he abruptly closed his hands, and in the next instant, the power of wind resonance within his body burst out violently, the fierce wind whistled, and the wind Green silk seemed to gather between his palms at an extremely alarming speed.


A few breaths later, Jing Taixu's palms curved slightly, seeming to form a mouth, and he placed them on his mouth and blew violently.


The Cone of Magical Wind.




A dark green cone shot out and then rose against the wind, becoming about three meters in the blink of an eye.


The wind cone was so fast that it caused a sonic boom in the sky and the earth, a violent shaking that made countless people pale as they watched the extremely powerful wind cone collide with the torrent of energy that roared from the staircase. of clouds.




The cone of wind burst forth in that instant, as if countless compressed hurricanes swept across the sky, with such overwhelming force that even the void was torn into a wake.


The approaching torrent of energy was agitated by this hurricane-like turbulence, and for a while there were signs of the torrent dispersing in all directions.


Jing Taixu took advantage of the situation and went upstairs.




Such forceful tactics have caused many surprises.


Boom boom!


At the same time, a thunderous explosion was heard again from the cloud ladder where Li Luo was, and when the crowd looked, they saw that the torrent of energy had been torn apart again by an extremely terrifying force, and Li Luo was also shocked. He was rushing upwards, no less fast than Jing Taixu.


Countless gazes were fixed on the two figures hurrying up, and for a moment, they vaguely understood that this seemed to be some kind of race.


It's just that Li Luo's performance had really surprised them to the extreme, after all, someone who could force even Jing Taixu to start taking him seriously was truly considered one of the few in this House level tournament.


But I'm afraid those who have been left speechless are Sun Da Sheng and Lu Ming.


They look at the two figures far ahead and don't know what to say.


"So you're relying on the rebound power of the Water Light Mirror? That's clever, but the rebound power of this Water Light Mirror of yours seems to be a little too strong."


Lu Ming stared at Li Luo's figure, after realizing before, he saw the water mirror that Li Luo had cast, this kind of art was not unique, but for some reason, Li Luo's water mirror was somewhat perverted. in his power.


Both Lu Ming and Sun Da Sheng understood that Li Luo had taken a trick, he did not rely on his own strength to dissolve the torrent of energy, instead, he borrowed the strength, so that the effect would not only be the best, but It will also save time and effort.


However, this is not against the rules.


Let's say Li Luo is very smart.


At the moment, Li Luo and Jing Taixu have become the leaders, while Lu Ming and Sun Da Sheng have lagged behind, but the two of them are not in a hurry, but have slowed down the pace and are moving forward slowly, because it is the same. arrive first rather than last, there is no need to fight for such unnecessary ups and downs.


On the contrary, they were a little surprised that Jing Taixu would suddenly expose all his means to pursue Li Luo, since they had had some dealings with Jing Taixu and Jing Taixu was not such an unpragmatic person.


So why such a reaction to Li Luo's outburst?


While they were wondering in their minds, the figures of Li Luo and Jing Taixu on those two cloud stairs ascended at a steady pace.


They broke through a torrent of energy as fast as they could.


Countless people stared in disbelief.


Were they competing to see who could reach the top first and open the Spiritual Gathering Altar?

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