Chapter 486 – Ringing the Spiritual Gathering Bell

Boom boom!


A violent clap of thunder continued to echo from the two staircases, while all eyes in the archipelago were fixed on the two figures hurrying up.


Normally, under the impact of such a constant torrent of energy, those seemingly simple thirty stairs should have proven quite difficult and heavy, but the two people seemed to ignore the obstruction of the torrent of energy now.


It was not that the power of the energy torrent had diminished, but rather that these two had brought out their true power as well as their means.


Every time they crossed the thirty steps, a new wave of energy roared in, and they countered it as fast as they could, then climbed at breakneck speed.


In a few minutes, the two men were already far ahead and near the top of the ladder.


And what made the faces of many couldn't help but look up was that Li Luo and Jing Taixu's pace was almost parallel.


Later, Sun Da Sheng and Lu Ming, who were on the other two stairs, slowed down and watched the two fighting with interest.


And they also understood that this last torrent of energy would be the strongest.


This blocking tiger can be the difference between the two on this ladder.


"Li Luo..."


The fact that Li Luo was able to fight with Jing Taixu to such an extent at the top of this cloud ladder was honestly something beyond everyone's expectations, and it was all thanks to his strange water mirror rebound power, this Water mirror resonance technique used here was really a kind of impressive subtlety.


But after this period of observation, Lu Ming could also see that the rebound effect of Li Luo's "Water Mirror Technique" also had a limit, because as the waves of energy floods continued to grow, each Every time the floods of energy were torn apart by the rebound force, the gap became smaller and smaller.


This means that under the last wave of energy flood, the effect of Li Luo's "Water Mirror Technique" will also be much weaker, and at that time his speed will definitely be affected, so he will not be able to keep up with Jing Taixu's speed.


In the end, it was Jing Taixu who was the best fighter in this battle.


But it didn't matter, this kind of ladder sequence didn't mean much, Li Luo was able to force Jing Taixu to take it so seriously, in a sense he was already winning.


At the very least, Lu Ming's eyes were now more than a little gloomy as they looked at Li Luo.


Before there were rumors that this Li Luo was the fourth favorite to win the title, which she had not paid much attention to, but now that she had seen a competition between Li Luo and Jing Taixu on the ladder, she had to admit that the rumors They were still credible.




And just as Lu Ming's mind was spinning, suddenly an extremely loud and clear explosion sounded at the end of those two cloud stairs, and when he raised his eyes, he saw a majestic torrent of magnificent energy sweeping down at the end of those stairs. of clouds.


That torrent of energy was much more furious than before.


The final wave of energy floods is finally here.


The pupils of Jing Taixu's eyes reflected the torrent of energy bearing down on him, his expression was as calm as ever, even though the majestic torrent of energy in front of him was so terrifying.


He formed a seal with one hand, and a majestic and pure green silk resonance power gathered together, truly merging into a green silk light fan in his hand, which he held and struck violently.


"Great Spirit Wind Slash!"


The speed of the wind blade was so fast that many people could only see a flash of green light, followed by an extremely piercing sound of wind that resonated between heaven and earth.


In the blink of an eye, the green-silver wind blade collided with the torrent of energy that was roaring down.


He snorts.


A tearing-like sound sounded at that moment, and the faces of countless people changed drastically as they saw that at this moment, even the cloud ladder had been torn apart by this wind blade, creating a deep trail.


And the torrent of energy in front of them split into two.


What terrifying destruction!


The torrent of energy was cut off, as Jing Taixu stepped out, his paws swept as if he was stepping on the wind, heading straight for the Spirit Gathering Bell that was in front of the High Level Spirit Gathering Altar at the end. of the cloud stairs.




There were many shocked cries among the islands as Jing Taixu's movement directly revealed the terror of his own strength.


And it was at the same moment that Jing Taixu tore apart the torrent of energy that someone was also guarding Li Luo's side.




When the torrent of energy came, Li Luo still, as expected, cast the previous "Water Mirror Technique". The huge water mirror collided with the torrent of energy, and the water mirror shattered in an instant, turning into a sky of watery light, but the rebound power exploded just in time.


The torrent of energy churned violently and tore apart again.


But just as Lu Ming had thought, the opening, which had not been fully opened, was obviously too powerful for this torrent of energy, surpassing even the limit of the rebound of the water mirror, so this caused this torrent of energy to flow. energy still had residual power.


However, Li Luo's pace did not stagnate in the slightest, as his figure rushed towards the torn opening and, within a few steps, he encountered the remaining momentum of the energy torrent.


His face did not flinch, and his palm tightly grasped the Golden Jade Elephant Blade in his hand.


The double resonance power within the body exploded without hesitation.


An aura of resonance power surrounds the blade. A harsh, bright light pierces the blade.


But Li Luo knew that that was not enough.


Then he moved his mind, and the Golden Jade Elephant Blade in his hand abruptly emitted a humming vibration at that moment, and a faint pattern of light began to bloom on the mottled blade.


Golden Jade Elephant Blade, the first level of the Elephant God Power!


The skin on his arms was immediately torn, and the veins bulged out like snakes, making Li Luo's arms look hideous at that moment.


But the power that surged forth enough to cut a mountain made Li Luo smile.


He threw the Xuanxiang Blade in his hand and watched as it turned into a dazzling blade of light that cut through the last part of the torrent of energy with unstoppable momentum and at the same time headed straight to the top of the staircase. clouds without losing momentum.


On the other cloud ladder, Jing Taixu had already reached the top first, his figure appearing before that Spiritual Gathering bell, before he lowered his palm without hesitation.


At the same time, a smile appeared at the corner of his lips.


This Li Luo did indeed have some skills, which surprisingly gave him a rare sense of passion.


But in the end, he was one step away.


The wind from his palm whistled downwards, but at the moment he was about to hit the Spiritual Gathering Bell, a loud bell chant echoed across heaven and earth.


Jing Taixu's pupils constricted slightly.


The light from the corner of his eye swept another cloud ladder, only to see that at the end of the cloud ladder, on the Spiritual Gathering Bell, an ancient straight blade stabbed directly into the body of the bell, which was trembling violently, while It made a deafening sound.


And at this moment, Jing Taixu's palm, which had just landed on the Spiritual Gathering Bell, made a loud sound.


But the smile at the corner of his lips gradually narrowed.


Silence reigned in the archipelago as everyone silently contemplated the scene.


Sun Da Sheng, Lu Ming and the two even stopped in their tracks, strong surprise welling up in their eyes.


They looked at the bottom of the stairs and saw Li Luo slowly climbing the last few steps, approaching the Spirit Gathering bell, and taking out the straight sword.


He did not turn around either, but limited himself to applying the long sword in his hand, while a murmuring voice descended from above.





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