===Chapter 486 - The Nature of the Heart===

The winding mountain road, shaped like a dragon, is a lonely path coiled between heaven and earth, surrounded by mists that prevent vision, making everything seem mysterious and strange.


And at that moment, on that long mountain road, a figure, slowly climbing up.


That figure was naturally Zhou Yuan, who had broken into the Mountain Path of Trial.


At this moment, his face was pale and bloodless, and the source qi surging around him had also become extremely weak, as only the last three hundred of the originally brilliant four thousand source qi stars remained within his Qi Palace. ...



The source qi that he had worked so hard to cultivate over the years had strangely disappeared for the most part.


Without being able to know at this moment if it is reality or an illusion, the

situation is scary enough.


If it had been for someone with a less determined mind, I fear they would have been too weak to continue on.


But Zhou Yuan didn't stop, gritted his teeth and looked ahead, he had already come this far, if he backed away, wouldn't his previous resistance be in vain?


"Three hundred stars Source Qi, can it last until the end?"



Zhou Yuan pursed his lips tightly, but no matter what, the moment the source qi ran out, there should be other changes.


With this thought in his mind, Zhou Yuan took another step.


A stone staircase that extends underfoot.



In the Qi Palace, one after another, a qi source star began to disappear…



In just half a column of time, the last three hundred stars of Source Qi were finally approaching the end.


Zhou Yuan's footsteps stopped on a stone staircase, his face clouded, because at that moment, in his Qi Palace, that last Source Qi star gradually dimmed, and finally disappeared completely.


All source qi in the body disappears at this point.


In that instant, a boundless weakness erupted from his body, the kind of weakness that Zhou Yuan had not felt in many years...



When he thought that he was unable to open the eight chakras, his body, at all times, was filled with this sensation.


The power that he had cultivated so hard for so many years was lost in that moment.


Zhou Yuan closed his eyes and took a deep breath before opening them, he turned around and looked at the long mountain path behind him and was silent for a moment. At this moment, he had a premonition.


If you step back at this point, the source qi that has disappeared should return in full force.


Only, in that case, he would undoubtedly fail the mountain path test.





Let's keep going...



Zhou Yuan looked towards the mountain road that still could not be seen to the end. At this moment, he had no more source qi, and due to the disappearance of source qi, the strength of his physical body was also showing signs of weakening.


Moving forward will undoubtedly involve more, and will the energy of the source then return?

It's impossible to be sure.


How exactly do I choose?



Zhou Yuan remained in his place, silent for a long time, and the hesitation in his eyes gradually faded.


"It doesn't matter if it's true or not in front of me, what can I do? Back then, I never gave up even though my eight veins were difficult to open, even if the source qi really disappeared, I would just cultivate it again!" !"


"The least I can do now is still have the chance to practice."



"I waited for the dawn in those moments of confusion back then, and now all this, what is it to bring me down?"



Zhou Yuan's eyes showed determination, and without hesitation, he again raised his slightly heavy step and walked down with a firm step.


Even without the power source, there's no way I'm giving that up!


If one is afraid to move forward, it will be difficult to achieve anything on this path of




The heart must have something to hold on to in order to achieve something.


At the top of the mountain path, Zhou Yuan's figure slowly climbed again, although the step was heavy, but his eyes, on the contrary, began to become brighter and brighter, in which there was no longer any hesitation. and fear above.


In its place is an unwavering steadfastness.


His stride, step by step, even though each step was as heavy as a mountain.


And as Zhou Yuan took a difficult step, he didn't notice that at the bottom of it, the ancient stone path that filled the field suddenly burst into radiant light at that moment.


Immediately afterwards, the stone staircase began to fade, transforming into a wisp of golden light that shot into the sky.


Countless golden lights, streaking across the sky and earth behind him, finally chased after the figure that was slowly rising to the forefront, pounced on him one after another.


Zhou Yuan's body, with a violent shake.



When he finally felt something, he turned around and saw the golden light flying in the sky, like birds of prey darting into the forest, all of which had entered his body.


In the Qi Palace, the Origin Qi stars that had disappeared

They began to appear one by one, emitting a bright and radiant light.



The majestic fountain qi once again filled all the limbs and bones.


That power has finally returned.


On Zhou Yuan's face, there was a glowing look, and a relieved smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, he finally understood that this path of

mountain was a test of the heart.


Normal people who have lost the source qi they have worked so hard to cultivate for years are bound to feel panic and fear, and this is something that even Zhou Yuan has not been exempt from.


What is the option in this situation?


Should we give up moving forward and be cautious and old-fashioned, or should we maintain that forward movement?


On that path to true strength, the qi source is not the most important thing, what matters is one's own heart and perseverance, and when you have the latter, the former will return again naturally.


This disappearance of source qi, although brief, was a memorable test for him.


Zhou Yuan's eyes closed slightly and the long stone path behind him gradually disappeared as countless golden lights danced and continued to penetrate his body for a long time before finally subsiding.



When all the golden light had entered his body, Zhou Yuan sensed it slightly, and then he opened his eyes violently, showing surprise in his gaze.


It was because those brilliant Source Qi stars in the Qi Palace had skyrocketed to the number of five thousand at this instant!


Furthermore, each qi source star is so bright and stable, it is not one to be made in a hurry.


A thousand-star increase in Source Qi in such a short time!


This is basically the equivalent of Zhou Yuan's hard work for more than a month!


Apparently, this is a reward for passing this path.


The smile on Zhou Yuan's lips grew wider and wider, the previous suffering and fright had not been in vain.


The mist that filled the heavens and the earth began to fluctuate, and the indifferent voice belonging to Elder Xuan resounded once again.


"Three levels of testing, level one, passed."


Just at the moment when the voice fell, Zhou Yuan noticed that the long stone path under his feet began to disappear, and the sky and earth around him seemed to gradually change.


He stood still, not panicking, but waiting for her to calm down.

will complete the change.


Zhou Yuan raised his head and looked at the distorted heaven and earth in front of him, this trial mountain path, so this was the first level, it was really fierce and strange, no wonder so many chief disciples were unable to break through it. .


But if the first level is so difficult, what about the next two?


In this state of Zhou Yuan's concentration and vigilance, the change in heaven and earth was finally complete.


Also the environment around him seems to have once again turned heaven and earth upside down.

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