===Chapter 488 - Golden Streams of Light===

In the middle of the endless yellow desert, Zhou Yuan stood on a hill, his face expressionless as he looked at the tranquil heaven and earth, a little overwhelmed.


The great sun in the sky, which was emitting golden daylight, had been crushed by the

divine mill, and the original burning pain in the souls of the gods had dissipated, and everything seemed extremely harmonious.


Zhou Yuan scratched his head, compared to the difficulty of the previous level, this time he was not even prepared to start and the test was already over...




As Zhou Yuan laughed bitterly, a sudden sound was heard in the sky and,

When he looked up, he saw a stream of golden light descending from the sky and falling towards him.


The golden stream of light descended like a stream of water, suspended in front of Zhou Yuan.


"What is this?" Zhou Yuan stared at this stream of golden light in amazement, and when it appeared, the divine soul on his forehead seemed to stir ferociously, radiating an extremely salivating and thirsty feeling.


It is as if, with hatred, the latter could not be swallowed.



Zhou Yuan had a premonition that if he absorbed and swallowed these jets

golden with light, he feared that his divine soul realm, which had been stagnant for half a year, would rise again.


Straight into the late realm of reality!


“These golden streams of light, could they have been left behind after the great golden sun was crushed earlier?”


Zhou Yuan licked his mouth, then hurriedly took out a jade bottle and poured all those strange streams of golden light into it. At the moment he couldn't know the origin of this object, so it was best to take it away and let Yao Yao read it. I'll take a look first.



Furthermore, right now, this is not the place to use to break through to the Divine Soul realm.


The stream of golden light is contained in a crystal jade bottle,

which in turn is as golden as if it were full of gold.


Zhou Yuan put it away carefully, his eyes full of joy, obviously he did not expect to obtain this kind of unexpected harvest...



And soon after Zhou Yuan had collected the stream of golden light,

This yellow sand desert trembled slightly.


"Second level of the Trial Mountain Path, pass."



That indifferent and great voice resounded.


Hearing this voice, Zhou Yuan finally breathed a sigh of relief. He was really afraid that because he ruined that golden sun, he would be judged for failing the test immediately, so there would be no room to cry.


When that loud voice fell, the yellow sand desert also began to distort. Zhou Yuan, who had already experienced it once, was not alarmed, but stood still, silently waiting for the change to end.


Next, that final level of testing must occur.


Once you get it, I guess it should be considered a success, right?


As the yellow sand receded, the scene before Zhou Yuan's eyes changed as much as possible, and he now seemed to be standing in the middle of a huge ancient lofty hall.


He looked around and stopped in front of it, to see there three enormous standing stone pillars, mottled by the passage of time.


Zhou Yuan's gaze slowly moved up the stone pillar, and when he moved to the top of the pillar, his eyes glared at him fiercely.


Only three stone pillars are visible, with three figures sitting on them.


The three figures had their eyes closed tightly, like statues, and had no aura, like puppets.


And on the top of that stone pillar there are also inscriptions on each one.


"Tianyang... the divine house... the beginning of time?"



Zhou Yuan thought, is this a representation of the strength of these three figures? The figure on the far left was a Heavenly Sun Realm powerhouse, the one in the center was the Divine Mansion, and the one on the far right was Tai Chu.


"For the third level of the test, mark with the pointer in front of the three stone pillars, rotate them, choose your opponent and whoever passes, passes."



"Turn the pointer and you will have two chances to choose your opponent again."



At the same time, that indifferent voice echoed in the large hall.





Zhou Yuan's face didn't look too good, he didn't expect this third level to be so terrifying, with three options, he could only win and pass the level if he chose to reach the Tai Chou realm.


As for the other two, let alone the Heavenly Yang realm, even if they were chosen to reach the Divine Mansion realm, I am afraid that Zhou Yuan would definitely die.


After all, right now, he was only at the fifth heaven of the Tai Chou realm, and even if his true combat power was not inferior to that of an eighth heaven disciple, there was still a huge gap compared to that of the Tai Chou realm.

Divine Mansion.


However, the good thing is that there are two opportunities to choose from, which increases the probability of picking a Tai Chou realm opponent.


Zhou Yuan let out a bitter laugh, not sure what to do next if he chose the Heavenly Yang Realm and the Divine Mansion Realm.


He shook his head, prayed, and then approached the three huge stone pillars in front of which was a stone spire.


Zhou Yuan touched the stone needle and took a deep breath, suppressing the nervousness in his heart, before finally gritting his teeth fiercely and turning the needle fiercely.




The stone spire rotates at high speed, swaying back and forth between those three huge stone pillars.


As time passes, the speed of the stone needles gradually decreases.


And Zhou Yuan's gaze locked on the tip of the needle.


Over time, the tips of the needles narrow.


Zhou Yuan slowly raised his head with a somewhat difficult face, and his leather

scalp burst, his hands and feet became cold, only to see that the tip of the needle was pointing at the stone pillar of the Heavenly Sun Realm!


He was unlucky enough to choose the strongest figure.




Zhou Yuan gritted his teeth, curses erupting between his teeth that he couldn't help.


The strength of the Heavenly Yang realm would be able to slap him to death, there was no way it could pass.


Zhou Yuan's face was gloomy as he raised his head and looked at the figure atop the stone pillar of the Heavenly Sun Realm with his eyes tightly closed. Although she didn't seem to be breathing, I felt immense pressure just by looking at her.


“It’s impossible to beat him…” Zhou Yuan said, shaking his head.


"But the good thing is that there is a second chance to choose..."



Zhou Yuan slowly raised his palm with some heaviness and held the stone needle again before trying to move it once more and choosing again.


He touched the rough stone spire, but at the moment he was about to struggle, he suddenly remembered the voice, if there was one, of Elder Xuan when he entered the mountain path earlier.


"Remember what you said before."


Zhou Yuan's palm shook.


Elder Xuan obviously wouldn't talk to him about irrelevant things.



"What was said before..."



Zhou Yuan fell silent as he also remembered what he had said.





"I don't have absolute confidence, I just won't be afraid to back down whatever difficulties I encounter."



Zhou Yuan's face changed and he murmured, "Undaunted?"



He admitted that a sense of fear had arisen in his heart when the pointer pointed to that stone pillar in the Heavenly Sun Realm earlier, because in his mind, it was an enemy that he could not defeat.


So your first re-swing pointer option.


And now, if he pushes the stone needle again and makes a second choice, it means that he is truly intimidated and retreats before the Heavenly Yang realm.


Is it really the right thing to continue with re-selection?


Would this trial really give him a second chance?


Or...was this supposed second option a trap in the first place?



There was silence in the old room.



Zhou Yuan's palm rested on the stone needle, but he was never able to push it down. He remained silent for a long time, and finally raised his head and let out a long sigh, then his palm loosened a little.


He took two steps back, looked at the hurrying figure on top of the stone pillar, and muttered.



"Just die... Heavenly Yang Realm, I'm not afraid of you..."



He raised his finger fiercely and pointed at the figure, his violent scream echoing like thunder in the large hall.


"The Heavenly Sun Realm!"



"It's you!"

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