Chapter 488 – Jing Taixu's Plot

When Li Luo entered this high-level spirit gathering altar, even with his determination, he couldn't help but freeze on the spot.


In front of him was a lush forest garden, where the energy of heaven and earth was so dense that it almost turned into a faint mist, and what shocked Li Luo were the three large red trees in the center of the garden, which looked like three burning flames from afar, emitting a strange high temperature.


The tree is devoid of leaves, but on the branches there are buds that glow with red light, and these buds are absorbing the energy of heaven and earth at a very fast rate, and then expanding at a speed visible to the naked eye.


Above the shoots, a humidity lingers.


Clearly, the buds at the top of these red trees are all carriers capable of carrying the birth of the Heavenly Spirit Dew.


The quantity is also too much.


Those intermediate level Spiritual Gathering altars they had searched for previously only had at most twenty-three heavenly spirit dew bearers, but a cursory sweep of the crimson buds on the top of these three red trees now showed that they were no less than two hundred in number. .


This is ten times the number of intermediate Spiritual Gathering altars.


This is just the harvest of this high-level Spiritual Gathering altar, and in the surrounding area, there are also some intermediate and low-level Spiritual Gathering altars, these Spiritual Gathering altars add up, in the end, it is certainly not a small amount. .


"This is a great dish, more extravagant than I expected."


Li Luo was overjoyed, according to this calculation, after eating this wave, it was feared that it was truly possible to gather the five spirit gourds, in this way, at least the five leaders of the Purple Glory squad, were able to send Dragon Bone Island.


This has been the greatest success in achieving the pre-tournament objectives.


After eating here, they can prepare to enter the Dragon Blood and Fire Domain and ascend to Dragon Bone Island.


At this moment, Qin Qiglu, Bai Doudou and the others followed, and then, as expected, there was another chorus of cold breaths, followed by a wildly joyful look on everyone's face, and they even couldn't help but cheer.


Li Luo looked at the jubilant crowd and smiled: "Qing'er, count the production of the Heavenly Spirit Dew here, and Meng Meng go to the other three academies and count the production of all those other intermediate level Spiritual Gathering altars." and low".


Lu Qing'er and Bai Mengmeng responded immediately.


Looking at the two women's respective shadows, Li Luo's body also felt relieved, the first half of this House-level competition was to be considered close to the end, and the next thing they had to do was wait calmly.


Waiting for a wave of abundant harvests.




And while Li Luo was waiting with joy for the great harvest, somewhere on a remote island.


Jing Taixu squatted on the shore, sighing for a long time.


"What? You lost to Li Luo on the Cloud Staircase and came here to take a break?" And at this moment, behind him, a voice suddenly sounded, and Jing Taixu turned his head to see Lu Ming standing not far away, looking at him with a cold expression.


Jing Taixu stood up and laughed: "It's not because I have gained an advantage in the ladder, it's just a headache that another fierce person has emerged in this House level competition."


He licked his lips and said, "Since when is this double resonance so easy? It's incredible that two can appear in this House level tournament..."


Lu Ming said indifferently, “Others would be afraid of double resonance, but you, Jing Taixu’s Ninth Grade Void, are not afraid at all.”


Jing Taixu laughed, "That's not the same, if it's your double resonance, then I still distrust him."


Lu Ming's cheeks were devoid of all emotion as he said, "Have you managed to get someone to message me and invite me to a meeting just to say such nonsense?"


The smile on Jing Taixu's face narrowed slightly as he slowly said, "I want to work with you for once."


A flash of surprise flashed across Lu Ming's icy eyes as he sized up Jing Taixu and said, "Are you really coming to seek my cooperation? This doesn't match your Jing Taixu's arrogance."


"The goal of the collaboration, could it be that Li Luo?"


Jing Taixu smiled and nodded.


“Jing Taixu, the competition above the Cloud Stair is meaningless, and you despise him to this extent just because you lost half a step to Li Luo?” Lu Ming's willow eyebrows furrowed slightly, feeling a little surprised and suspicious.


With Jing Taixu's strength, if he really wanted to confront Li Luo, Lu Ming thought there was no need to come to his aid.


Jing Taixu was silent for a moment and said, "If I said this person was dangerous, you might laugh at me for being scared, but my intuition has always been pretty accurate, so I guess since I feel that Li Luo is the biggest threat, "It would be better to dissolve this threat as soon as possible."


Lu Ming shook his head slightly, in fact he didn't understand Jing Taixu's mentality, but he still sneered: "No matter what your reason is, why should I help you? Speaking of which, I consider you my biggest threat in this Tournament of home".


"I don't intend for you to directly help me deal with Li Luo, for Li Luo's part, we will naturally have to deal with our Bright King Sacred Academy."


"I just need your help to set up an illusory formation in the Dragonblood Fire Domain, which, I know, is your specialty." Jing Taixu said.


The pupils of Lu Ming's eyes contracted slightly as he said, "Do you really want to do it right in the Dragonblood Fire Domain? It is extremely dangerous there, and the slightest mistake would mean complete loss of life."


"That's the result I wanted."


Jing Taixu said frankly: "Since I am going to attack, then of course I have to clean up the Xuanxing Sacred Academy."


"Lu Ming, in fact, it is good for you if our Bright King Sacred Academy and Xuan Xing Sacred Academy fight, after all, it is like eliminating a potential rival for you, two tigers fighting each other, and you sitting on the mountain watching the tiger fight, why not?"


Lu Ming's eyes flickered slightly as he said disdainfully, "Jing Taixu, it's better to deceive children with such words."


"Or, you could try Sun Da Sheng."


Jing Taixu said helplessly: "Sun Da Sheng's character is not suitable for discussing these intrigues, he will most likely just start fighting."


Lu Ming said indifferently: "I don't have much interest in this either."


Seeing this, Jing Taixu briefly pondered and said, "I can promise you that on Keel Island, I will decide victory with Sun Da Sheng first in case you are there, you know what this means, I can give you a chance to be a fisherman." until the end, if you still have confidence in yourself, I believe you will have a great advantage when victory comes between Sun Da Sheng and me."


Lu Ming was finally stunned, Jing Taixu was saying that if it came to the end there, when the three of them had their final showdown, he would fight Sun Da Sheng first and then return to face her with all his strength and with a tired body. ..


If so, you will have a great advantage.


Because the three of them were the biggest favorites to win the Holy Grail War at One Star Academy, Jing Taixu was indeed very strong, but both she and Sun Da Sheng were not necessarily weaker than him, and even if Jing Taixu and If Sun Da Sheng could win in a bloodbath, it certainly wouldn't be easy.


Or rather... does Jing Taixu have any kind of confidence to pick two strong opponents in a row?


Lu Ming's eyes flickered slightly.


When Jing Taixu saw this, he said sincerely: "Lu Ming, setting up an illusion formation is just a handful for you, while this move can produce a huge harvest, which can establish your advantage to win the title, I hope you can believe in my sincerity."


Lu Ming remained silent, but Jing Taixu did not continue to say anything more, but instead waited for several minutes before finally seeing Lu Ming nod gently.


"Since you want to give me a chance, there's no need for me to refuse."


Hearing this from Lu Ming, Jing Taixu smiled instantly.


"I knew you would agree."


Jing Taixu let out a sigh.


The two men then had a few more detailed conversations before Jing Taixu turned around and left, satisfied.


Lu Ming, for his part, looked at her receding back, her pretty face indifferent, her eyes blinking softly.

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