===Chapter 489 Tian Yang===

The sound of Zhou Yuan's violent scream echoed in the ancient hall, and at that very instant, the silent statue-like figure standing atop the Tian Yang stone pillar trembled slightly at that moment.


Then his eyes, which had been closed for who knows

how long, they slowly opened at that moment.




The moment his eyes opened, the entire hall trembled in that instant, and a terrifying source of Qi pressure swept across the sky, distorting the space under that oppression.


Zhou Yuan's face changed drastically at that moment, his body retreating dozens of steps unhappily before he forced himself to stabilize himself and look at that figure with an incomparable expression.


The oppressive sensation emanating from the latter's body made him feel

as if he were carrying a mountain and it seemed incredibly heavy.


"Is this the terribleness of the Heavenly Sun realm?"



Zhou Yuan gritted his teeth, a sound of surprise erupted between his teeth, in his Cang Xuan Sect, like Elder Shen Taiyuan, they were all strong people of this level, but because all of them were holding back their powerful pressure on a regular basis , Zhou Yuan on the other hand did not realize how strong the Heavenly Yang Realm really was.


But right now, when that figure began to emit the powerful pressure of the Heavenly Yang Realm without reservation, only then could Zhou Yuan understand.

clearly how weak he was against the Heavenly Yang Realm.


Under Zhou Yuan's extremely serious gaze, the figure on top of the stone pillar slowly rose, the pair of emotionless eyes swept towards Zhou Yuan, with a hollow and indifferent voice coming out, "Are you the one who wants to challenge me?" ?"


A bead of cold sweat broke out on Zhou Yuan's forehead as he gave an awkward smile and said, "Not really."


If he were not forced, he would get tired of living before he wanted to challenge a Heavenly Sun Realm powerhouse.


However, the figure clearly did not pay attention to Zhou Yuan's response, as when it was activated, the choice could no longer be changed.


Then, his hollow and indifferent pupils locked onto Zhou Yuan, and his windless robe trembled as he watched his paws stomp, and the entire hall trembled at that moment.




The terrifying pressure of source qi surged up like ten thousand huge mountain-shattering waves, crushing Zhou Yuan one by one.




The stone slabs under Zhou Yuan's feet shattered at this moment, and the pressure was so powerful that it almost crushed his body up to his knees, and the bones all over his body made a crushing sound at this moment.


His face alternated between blue and white, and the source qi in his body surged frantically, trying to resist that kind of intimidation.


How could he have expected that a Heavenly Yang realm strongman, almost without making a single move, would already almost destroy his battle intent just from the mere pressure emanating from him?


At this moment, it was extremely difficult for him to take a step forward, let alone fight against such pressure against a strong person of the Tian Yang realm.


This level is enough to despair.




At the top of the stone pillar, the figure stood tall and looked indifferently at Zhou Yuan who was struggling under the oppressive pressure, and his voice was weak.


The voice reached his ears and caused Zhou Yuan to grit his teeth, his palms couldn't help but clench and his eyes turned red little by little, he had arrived at this Cang Xuan Clan after a lot of work.


Once again, it took a lot of efforts to reach the position of head of the Sacred Origin Peak and access the Sealed Main Peak.


Is this where everything, at this moment, stops?


Zhou Yuan is not happy!


He raised his head with difficulty, his eyes staring deathly at the figure towering above him, his breathing became heavy and his eyes red, the Heavenly Yang Realm was truly terrifying, but even if it was the Heavenly Yang Realm, it was impossible for him. him voluntarily choosing to surrender.


"No matter how strong you are, you may be able to defeat me with a casual blow, but wanting me to voluntarily surrender on my own, no! I can! I can!"



When that final roaring voice abruptly rang out, Zhou Yuan directly took a fierce step out against that terrifying pressure, and his body was crumbling with some blood marks due to that kind of pressure.


But he didn't care in the least, he just stared at the figure with a deadly gaze.


He took a step forward.



The stone slabs under his feet cracked, and his body was covered with more and more blood, which eventually spread throughout his body, but Zhou Yuan did not stop at all, but continued moving forward, approaching the stone pillar.


At the top of the stone pillar, the figure watched their struggle with indifference, like one watching a mole, and made no sign of trying to stop it.


"You don't want to try? Is it because you think I'm not worth it?"



"Do you think this bullying of source qi will scare me?"



Step by step, Zhou Yuan finally reached the foot of the blood-covered stone pillar, and looking at the figure who was still staring at him indifferently, a fierce smile emerged from the corner of his lips.


That kind of intimidating pressure was really terrifying, but Zhou Yuan also had his persistence. If he completely freaked out before the other party even made a move, it would be an insult to all the hard work he had put into cultivating all these years.


“Since you are so high and powerful, then let me try to see how strong the Heavenly Yang realm really is!”



A roaring voice echoed throughout the hall, Zhou Yuan's paws fiercely curled slightly, and in the next instant, the power within his body erupted unreservedly at that moment, the ground cracking as far as he could reach, as his figure, against that terrifying pressure, shot fiercely into the sky.


Aiming directly at the figure that had been watching from above.



At this moment, he was like a crazy wolf who, even if he were to die, would have to take a few crazy bites before dying.


Boldness and cruelty never lacked Zhou Yuan.




His figure finally rushes towards the top of the stone pillar.


And at this moment, that Tian Yang figure, his hollow eyes moved slightly, the corner of his mouth seemed to raise a cruel arc, then he slowly raised his palm and aimed at Zhou Yuan's figure.


An extremely terrifying attack seems to gather in the palm of his hand.



The scene is simply desperate.


However, Zhou Yuan's eyes were overflowing with blood red and cruelty, he didn't care at all about the attack of that Tian Yang figure, he just wanted to let Tian Yang know. Even if he failed, he had to lose with some dignity.





Zhou Yuan roared as he launched a fierce punch, and as the source qi rolled out, with a sonic boom sound, it mercilessly collided with the outstretched palm of that Tian Yang figure with a strong impact.


Although he knew that the next moment he would encounter a terrifying counterattack of power.


But there are times when you can't back out.



At the very least, he had forced this Heavenly Yang figure to actually strike, instead of thinking that he could make him fall to his knees and lose all his courage just by virtue of the pressure of the origin qi.


Faced with a desperate situation, Zhou Yuan never wanted to be weak and admit defeat, but instead wanted to fight with everything he had to make a way for himself in that desperate situation!


This way, even if we fail, at least we won't regret it.





Fists and palms, at this moment, collide.


It was as if all heaven and earth had fallen silent.


However, just as Zhou Yuan expected that terrifying force to retreat, he saw Tian Yang's figure in front of him tremble slightly and then slowly shatter under his swinging fist like a shadow.


The horrible reaction imagined did not occur.


Zhou Yuan's fist landed in the air before his body landed on the stone pillar, his face filled with shock as he turned his head and looked behind him at the figure that had yet to completely dissipate.


The cruelty at the corners of Tian Yang's lips faded, and

A vague hint of relief seemed to come from her.


"You, above."

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