Chapter 490 – Entering the Dragon Fire and Blood Domain

Once the four Spiritual Gathering Altars were born, the lively area began to disperse, with the teams from the various university capitals retreating, now eager to continue searching for other Spiritual Gathering Altars to see if they could collect more Heavenly Spirit Dew in the last period of time, and thus be able to escort more team members to Dragon Bone Island.


Thus, in less than half a day, the lakes and swamps, where the atmosphere was bustling and hot, emptied.


After collecting the Heavenly Spirit Dew, Li Luo and the others did not stop and left directly.


They headed in the direction of the Dragonblood Fire Domain, which is located in the deepest part of the House Tournament field and is so vast that it surrounds that Dragon Bone Island, and to reach the island, the Fire Domain Dragon's Blood is the way to go.


However, Li Luo did not rush to go directly to the Dragonblood and Fire Domain, as they still needed to complete the amount of Heavenly Spirit Dew.


So for the next two days they went into the depths and explored the surrounding area.


After the great wealth of the Spiritual Gathering Altar Group and the rapid harvest, it was a bit difficult for the crowd to adapt to such a painstaking search, but fortunately, the amount of Heavenly Spirit Dew they needed was not too much, so after After two days of vigorous searching, they finally managed to gather the sixth Spirit Gourd.


After that, the group did not stop any further and headed straight towards the direction of the Dragonblood Fire Domain.


Along the way, they also met other teams from other schools.


After recognizing Li Luo, their expressions turned contemptuous and polite, and they hurried away with their teams.


Li Luo did not worry about this and just led the team at full speed.


After spending half a day like this, Li Luo suddenly felt the air temperature begin to rise rapidly, an inexplicable dryness filling the sky and the earth.


The group passed over a hill, and instantly the view before them changed drastically. The bear crimson color filled the sight endlessly, and looked like a sea of fiery red colors, as reddish flames continuously surged out of the sea water, scorching the void and causing it to twist violently.


Furthermore, the sea of fire was filled with an inexplicable pressure, which was so ancient and vast that it was faintly accompanied by the sound of a dragon's roar.


"Is this the Dragonblood Fire Domain? What a terrifying feeling."


Yu Lang's face turned a little white as he said.


Li Luo also nodded with an extremely serious expression, he could feel the terrifying power contained in this sea of fire, it was definitely not something that a resonance master realm like theirs could resist, he felt that if they just entered helplessly, he was afraid that they would not last. more than half a minute before being burned to the point of not even having ashes.


"Can this Heavenly Spirit Dew really protect us?" Wang Hetou swallowed a mouthful of saliva, his eyes slightly scared, he was really afraid that this thing would not be enough protection to bury them directly in the fire when the time comes.


"What are you afraid of, even if the Heavenly Spirit Dew loses its protection, as long as your body is seriously injured, the artifact will naturally send you away, now that so many vice deans of the academy are guarding outside, and there are also alliance emissaries from the academy, how could there be a mass death of trainees?" Bai Doudou said disdainfully.


"Even if I can save half of my life, I'm afraid I will have to suffer a lot." said Wang Hetou.


"Then don't go." Bai Doudou said.


Wang Heqiu bristled.


"Gentlemen, the choice of candidates has already been decided, so there is nothing more to say."


Li Luo clapped his hands, interrupting their discussions, looked at the crowd with a serious look and said: "Later, it is the second half of the House Tournament, and I am sure that the decisive stage is not far away, enough words of cheering and cheers, I'm just here to say one thing to everyone."


All the eyes of the crowd were fixed on Li Luo. After this period of joint action, even Wang Hetou and Du Ze Bei Xuan, with whom Li Luo did not deal, began to recognize his ability in their hearts, although they did not say it with their mouths.


"Everyone within the Xuanxing Sacred Academy is waiting for our triumph."


"And as members of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, we also have this obligation to fight for this honor for our academy with all our strength, so no matter how many hardships and difficulties we encounter afterwards, no one will be able to stop me."


Li Luo met the gaze of the crowd, and a faint smile appeared on his face. The young man was calm and unhurried, and there was an emanation of confidence that made him have an extraordinarily strong charm at this moment, which made the eyes of the young ladies present couldn't help but linger on his face for a while longer.


Qin Qinglu and the others, for their part, nodded their heads silently.


“Alright, everyone take their spirit gourd, check the Heavenly Spirit Dew, and prepare to enter the Dragonblood Fire Domain.” After doing a simple morale boost, Li Luo then said.


Qin Qiglu, Bai Doudou, Wang Hetou, Yi Zisha, and Lu Qing'er took out their spirit gourds and made a final check.


A few moments later, when everyone had finished checking, Li Luo smiled at Yu Long, Bai Meng Meng, Xin Fu and the others, "We may have to go our separate ways here first, for the first half, thank you all for your efforts."


Yu Long breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I will leave the rest to you, we will be waiting for your good news in the tower."


Bai Mengmeng's cheeks blossomed into a pure and touching smile like a flower bone as she squeezed her small fist at Li Luo and said softly, "Captain, go for it, I'm sure you'll be able to win the title." of the strongest student of the First Star Academy!"


Li Luo also smiled and nodded, then without further ado, he directly turned around and took the lead to take a quick step towards the distant Dragonblood Fire Domain.


Behind him, Qin Qiglu, Bai Doudou, Lu Qing'er and others followed in full.


And as they slowly walked away, when they turned again, they could only see a light emanating from Yu Long, Bai Meng Meng and their bodies, and these lights enveloped their figures and gradually shot into the sky.


In other places, these same pillars of light appear.


They were all students from other academies who were unable to enter the Dragonblood and Fire Domain, and they crushed their spirit gourds directly after the group separated and then chose to retreat.


This is because the next match is now the stage for those who have entered the Dragonblood and Fire Domain.


Li Luo withdrew his gaze and turned his head to look at the crimson sea that appeared in front of him. The sound of the sea surging with crimson flames was so furious that it made people fear, and although he had not yet entered it, the sound of the hissing flames was already beginning to arrive.


Li Luo stared at the blood-red seawater, in which a faint golden light could still be seen.


Dragonblood Fire Domain.


This field of fire, could it be made of real dragon blood?


With these thoughts in mind, Li Luo took out the spirit gourd in his hand, then poured all the Heavenly Spirit Dew it contained onto his body.


The Heavenly Spirit Dew slowly flowed, as if it had turned into a faint film of water, covering every part of the body, and immediately an indescribable feeling of coolness surged through the heart, and the dryness and heat brought about by the Domain Dragonblood Fire vanished instantly.


Li Luo curiously looked at the water film covering his palm, which did not affect the flow of resonance power within his body, but instead isolated all the influence of the Dragonblood Fire Domain.


He perceived it carefully and said, "Although this water film made of Heavenly Spirit Dew is capable of isolating the effects of the Dragonblood Fire Domain, it itself is being melted by the sea of fire, and we need to reach Dragonbone Island." Dragon before it melts."


"In addition, the protection of the water film itself is quite weak, and once it is attacked by external forces, it is likely to shatter, so when we enter the Domain of Dragon Blood and Fire, try to avoid facing people".


Lu Qing'er said, "There must be no one willing to fight in the Dragon Fire and Blood Domain, right?"


Li Luo muttered: "It's always good to be careful, no amount of scheming is surprising to win."


All attendees nodded in agreement.


For his part, Li Luo waved his hand and, with a movement of his figure, walked out first, charging ahead of the others towards the dragon blood fire domain that rose with blood-red flames.

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