===Chapter 491 - The Ringing of the Xuan Bell===



When the chanting of the seventh bell rang, the entire Cang Xuan Clan first stood still for a moment, and then a monstrous boil and uproar broke out.


Countless disciples stared in shock at the main peak shrouded in mist.


Seven rings!



The bell rings seven times!


Wouldn't that mean that Zhou Yuan had actually passed all three levels of the test?! What so many Sacred Origin Peak disciples had been unable to do in the past, Zhou Yuan had finally achieved today!


This guy, is he really demonic to this extent?


In the dilapidated ancient square, the disciples of Shen Taiyuan and Lu Song were in a prolonged stalemate before finally coming to their senses, followed by a deafening cheer.


Shen Taiyuan was so excited that he was shaking and crying. Since the fall of the old ancestor, his Sacred Origin Peak had been gradually decaying, and even the mountain gate could not be reopened.


That would be something truly unacceptable to his Sacred Origin Peak elders.


So Shen Taiyuan was working hard for this, but those repeated failures in the past had caused Shen Taiyuan's ambition to become weaker and weaker, and he had even begun to become desperate.


Because that kind of hope is, well, too slim. It is too hard to try to reopen the mountain.

When Zhou Yuan chose the Sacred Origin Peak with first place in the Mountain Selection Ceremony, Shen Taiyuan actually only had the


mentality of trying. Afterwards, so much attention as well as cultivation resources were paid to him, he was also under a lot of pressure, but he stubbornly gritted his teeth and resisted.


And at that moment, Shen Taiyuan felt incomparably grateful for her stubbornness.


If it had not been for his stubbornness, perhaps this last hope would have vanished as well.


On the side, Elder Lu Song's eyes were also a little red as he looked towards Shen Taiyuan and sighed, "Elder, your vision, this time has to convince me."



At first, he really had the opportunity to take Zhou Yuan under his wing, but due to his failures over the years, he was also a little discouraged and did not want to compete with Lu Hong's powerful bloodline, so he finally gave up. gave up.


If he had fought for it, it would have been possible for him to reopen the mountain range, an honor that would have fallen to his lineage.


Shen Taiyuan laughed, the cold solemnity on his face could not be maintained, his brows were all frowned, obviously the happiness in his heart was difficult to hide.


In contrast to the revelry of the two veins on this side, there was a dead silence in Lu Hong's lineage, all the disciples were in disbelief, and Elder Lu Hong even stumbled on his feet and almost fell to the ground.



"How is it possible? How is it possible?"



Lu Hong muttered, his pale face was tragically white and colorless, this result was no small blow to him, it basically cut his way through.

complete, the reopening of the Sacred Origin Peak Mountain Gate basically indicated that his Jian Lai Peak had no chance.


One can only imagine how furious the Lord of Lingun Peak would be at this.


"How could he come this far!"



If he had known, why would he have made things difficult for Zhou Yuan to help Lu Xuan Yin and the others?


And now, just because of his initial thought, he has directly entered the abyss.


High in the sky.



Patriarch Qingyang and the five peak masters also stared in shock at the main peak from which the bell chanting came.


"This Zhou Yuan, did he really do it?" Although he had said that he was optimistic about Zhou Yuan, he was actually targeting Peak Master Lingjun. In his heart, he still did not believe that Zhou Yuan could actually reach the seventh ringing of the Xuan Zhong, after all, he knew very well how difficult it was.


Several other peak masters were also astonished, except for Peak Master Lingjun, whose face was as sunken as water as he let out a low, muffled growl.


The other peak masters also laughed upon seeing it, knowing that if Sacred Origin Peak reopened its mountain gate, then all of Peak Master Lingjun's plans would be left empty, and he would also lose so many cultivation resources of Jianlai Peak for nothing, for nothing. what could be considered the biggest loser.


And at this moment, Sovereign Qing Yang's eyes suddenly stared and said, "It's not over yet!"



The other peak masters were stunned by those words, then their pupils contracted slightly and they couldn't help but blurt out: "It can't be?"



Hasn't it ended in the seventh ring? Does that mean he could still make it to the eighth ring?


The eight rings of the Xuan Bell were extremely rare when the Cang Xuan Sect was at its peak!




As soon as their voices died away, the singing of the eighth bell again rang loud and clear from the main summit, eclipsing the din and bustle of the sky.


Countless disciples opened their mouths wide, as if they were ducks with their throats pinched.


Eighth ring?



Their minds were a little baffled, because from what they knew of the history of the Cang Xuan Sect, the eight rings of the Xuan Bell seemed to exist only in legend...



Eight rings reverberate, and heaven and earth fall silent.


At that moment, the numerous disciples did not know what to say in his place.


High in the sky, a bright light also emerged in Sect Leader Qing Yang's eyes, and after a moment, he slowly said, "There is still one more ring."



Several other peak masters, their expressions were all moved.




The next moment, the ninth bell, rang violently.



All the disciples were numb at that moment, they couldn't imagine what Zhou Yuan had done and how he had been able to reach that level...


Is this something a human being can do?!


Shen Taiyuan was also a little dumbfounded at this point, as he looked at that main peak, not knowing what to say with it, because this result was far beyond his imagination.


In his opinion, Zhou Yuan's ability to reach the seven rings was already an extremely impressive achievement.


And what are those nine rings?


Faced with this extreme achievement, he did not dare to make any comments for a while.


On the side, Lu Song was equally a little dazed, and he and Shen Taiyuan looked at each other, both of them could only swallow in the end.


"This Xuan Zhong, it's not broken, right?" Half a while later, the two said with some apprehension.



"The Nine Rings of Xuan Zhong..."



Patriarch Qingyang took a deep breath and said, “How many years has it been since anyone in our Cang Xuan Sect reached this level…”



Since the founding of the Cang Xuan Sect, only a handful of people had been able to reach the nine rings of the Xuan Zhong. How had that boy named Zhou Yuan achieved this?



"It seems that a dragon has been born in my Cang Xuan Clan."



Patriarch Qingyang gazed at the lofty main peak, then smiled faintly, put one hand in front of his body, and said in a low voice, “The old ancestor blesses me, Cang Xuan.”



At a time when the entire Cang Xuan Sect was immersed in shock, in front of that great hall at the foot of the mountain, Elder Xuan was also looking towards the main peak in the mist, sitting on the stone steps, clutching his hand. bamboo broom, a faint smile appeared on his incomparably old face.


This little one is quite a surprise.


"Master...our Sacred Origin Peak, it is time to open the mountain again."

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