Chapter 492 – A Dangerous Situation

When Jing Taixu's figure came into view, Bai Doudou and the others were finally able to understand the cause of everything.


Clearly, they were in the spotlight.


And he was still a target of the previous champions academy.


Li Luo looked at Jing Taixu and smiled: "It seems that classmate Jing Taixu is very worried about the difference of one rung on the ladder."


Jing Taixu said seriously: "To be precise, it was student Li Luo's performance at the top of the ladder that made me feel a little threatened, which is why I set up a trap for you so seriously, because I felt that if I didn't do it, it would be "It's possible that something unexpected happened in this House Tournament."


"It's an honor".


Li Luo said nonchalantly, as his gaze swept across the illusory formation around him and said, "Where is Lu Ming? For the two favorites to win the title to team up to design it, it seems crazy to me."


Jing Taixu laughed, "That's not true, she just helped set up an illusion formation, something she was probably happy to see so we fight each other here."


Li Luo's eyes narrowed slightly and he said, "Are you so happy to be sitting on a mountain watching a tiger fight? Jing Taixu, you're not that stupid, are you?"


"It can't be helped, in my opinion, you are more dangerous than her." Jing Taixu shook his head.


“An ambush in a place like this… It seems like you want to wipe out my Xuan Xing Sacred Academy’s team, but aren’t you afraid that the fish will die in the end?” Li Luo said indifferently.


"With heart and soul, do you think I would give them the opportunity to fight for you?"


Jing Taixu pointed at the sea of fire they were in, then stepped forward with a smile on his face, “Student Li Luo, don't blame me for my ruthless tactics, after all, we are all fighting for our respective academies. "


With a squeeze of his palm, a large silver-green banana fan appeared in his hand. A luster flowed from that fan, and above the fan blade, a ray of golden-silver light flowed, as if it were a golden-silver eye.


Clearly, this is a golden eye treasure device.


"Although I would love to have a real fight with you on Dragon Bone Island, for the sake of the academy, I can only use the terrain here to eliminate you first, but don't worry, I will take your expectations with me and obtain the title myself." of the strongest student of the First Star Academy."


Jing Taixu smiled softly, and in the next instant, a majestic resonance power exploded from his body.


The green-dyed banana fan in his hand shines with green light, and then strikes fiercely in front of him.




As Jing Taixu's banana fan fell, a fierce wind gushed from heaven and earth, a silver-green hurricane took shape out of thin air and then transformed into a hundred-foot giant tornado, which whizzed quickly towards Li's location. Luo.


And the most terrifying thing of all is that the tornado storm fueled the dragon blood fire that permeated the area, and instantly some flames were drawn into that storm, so that the tornado storm turned into a tornado storm. fire.


The temperature in the heavens and the earth instantly rose to an extremely terrifying level.


The sea beneath your feet, as if Buddha began to blister at that moment.


The faces of Li Luo and the others even became unusually ugly, because they discovered that under such circumstances, the heavenly spirit dew water film on their bodies was actually beginning to melt at an extremely fast rate, and it was obvious that this was what Jing Taixu was looking for.


He did not intend to fight them directly in a bloodbath, but instead wanted to use the terrain of the Domain of Blood and Dragonfire to eliminate them all.


At this time, their best strategy was to leave the area, but the presence of the illusory formation around them prevented them from separating, and if they burst in at random, they could rush directly into the flaming tornado and be eliminated instantly.


But sitting on the fence is also clearly a dead end.


But how could they stop him in the face of the tornado storm churning with dragon blood fire?


That would be considered a mini natural disaster.


"I will do it!"


At this moment, Bai Doudou stood out, his short hair was slightly raised, and he looked brave. At this moment, her face was cold as she looked at the rapidly roaring tornado, she understood that Jing Taixu was using the power of wind resonance to urge the tornado to strangle them, and she was the only wind resonance on her side, if she could changing the direction of the tornado, could prevent the end of the entire army.


Bai Doudou acted thunderously, and did not wait for Li Luo's response. When his voice fell, he had already swept his red tassel in his hand, and the power of the green resonance wind burst out from his body.


"The wind rises!"


As Bai Doudou shouted, the red fringed spear in his hand shot out, and in the next instant, a silver-green tornado also took shape, but this storm was much weaker than Jing Taixu's.


After all, Jing Taixu was not only stronger, but he also carried a Ninth Grade Void Wind Resonance, and more importantly, his green fan was clearly no ordinary item.


The tornado storm induced by Bai Doudou's wind resonance power spread forward, also stirring up the Dragon Blood Flame, and finally collided with the even larger fire-red tornado storm.


Boom boom!


A huge sound resounded like thunder.


The two tornadoes tore each other apart, causing a continuous stream of crimson flames to splash and fall like meteors from the sky.


And so, the fury of the dragon blood fire in these waters became even more intense.


Even that Jing Taixu and the others had retreated to some distance, not daring to get too close for fear of also being trapped in the sea of fire.


However, this storm did not last long. Bai Doudou's strength was ultimately inferior to Jing Taixu, so the storm created by his wind resonance power was finally torn apart by the even larger storm after a few minutes.


Doudou the White gave a muffled grunt and took several steps back, her face pale.


But she was stubborn, gritted her teeth and tried to get back on.


But Li Luo stopped her and shook his head: “No… It would only make our environment worse.”


He pointed to the Heavenly Spirit Dew film outside his body. Following Bai Doudou's previous punch, the surrounding temperature became even more violent along with the tearing of the two tornado storms, which also caused the Heavenly Spirit Dew film to melt faster again.


"So what do we do? Do we sit and wait for death?" Bai Doudou said with some reluctance.


The illusory formation in front of him was not offensive, but its function was to trap people. If it were an ordinary moment, it would not be difficult to break this illusory formation as long as enough time was given, but now the dragon blood flame storm was raging and the rising temperature around it was rapidly melting the dew water film. of heavenly spirit in their bodies, so time, on the contrary, was the most luxurious thing now.


"Fight hard." Li Luo said in a low voice.


"This raging flame storm will also wreak havoc on the illusion formation, as long as we can hold on a little longer, once the illusion formation is broken, we will be able to escape."


"I am the chief captain, I will go first!"


With those words, he took a step forward and his majestic power of resonance rose, ready to be the first to come into contact with that storm of flames.


But before he could take a step, a sturdy figure stood in front of him, one step ahead.


That is Qin Qiglu.


Qin Qiglu met Li Luo's somewhat dazed gaze, smiled and said, "Li Luo, what you have to do right now is to stay at the end as long as possible, because only you can possibly defeat Jing Taixu and take that title of the strongest student in the Academy Tournament."


"So you have to remember that you are not cannon fodder."


"If we really need cannon fodder, it should be us."


"And you, just carry our will and take the strongest title."


Bai Doudou also stepped forward and said softly, "It's not like you can die anyway."


Yi Zisha smiled and said, “Aiya, Li Luo, I didn’t expect that a day would come when you would have to rely on us to protect you… Isn’t it touching?”


Lu Qing'er laughed lightly and walked out.


Lastly, there was Wang Hetou, who looked at Li Luo with an expressionless face.


"Li Luo, don't let us down."


Li Luo stared at the several figures standing before him, a warmth flowed through his heart, he smiled and shook his head, his palm gripped and the Xuan Xiang Sword flashed out, then he squeezed up hard and He stood next to Qin Qiglu.


"And don't get sequential, let's get together."


He smiled, his gaze swept across the huge tornado of flames in front of him and looked at Jing Taixu there, his eyes, which had always been filled with laughter, now held a bitter and chilling killing intent.


Boom boom!


As the firestorm came to life, Li Luo and the others exploded at the same time with a majestic resonance power, and then leaned down to face it with all their might.

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