===Chapter 492 - The Green Jade Ancestor Statue===

"Nine rings..."



When Zhou Yuan walked out of the bronze gate, he also heard the gentle sound of the ancient bell ringing on the mountain, and he immediately opened his mouth slightly, a shocked expression appearing in his eyes.


Obviously, even he himself had not expected that he would be able to achieve nine rings this time.


"Could it be because the Divine Mill crushed that golden sun? That's why they gave it such a high score..." Zhou Yuan scratched his head, he didn't have too much ambition, after all, as long as he reached the seven rings, his goal would be fulfilled. .


Of course, he naturally couldn't resist the idea of getting two extra rings, after all, it was a recognition of his advancement.


But knowing the result was a long sigh of relief, and when the bell rang, it meant that he had truly passed all three levels of the test.


Suppressing the surge in his heart, Zhou Yuan raised his head and saw a stone-paved mountain road before him, winding continuously.

up, and on both sides of the road streams and waterfalls could be seen.


The mists disappeared here, and it was clear that Zhou Yuan had penetrated deep into the main peak.


And down the road, I'm sure... you can reach your destination.


Zhou Yuan licked his lips, without further hesitation, and took a step forward, following that mountain path, advancing slowly.


After about ten minutes, his pace slowed as the path came to an end and he saw an ancient hall at the top of the lofty main peak, silent among the clouds and mist.


The room, extraordinarily old, is dotted with the patina of age.



This large hall is none other than the main hall of the Sacred Origin Peak!


Zhou Yuan stood in front of the main hall, his eyes burning as he gazed at it, his coveted second sacred stripe must be hidden in this main hall.


He looked around and was about to leave, but the next moment he stopped, his eyes fixed on the front in astonishment, only to see the space beyond the hall faintly torn and cut.


An aura of indescribable danger emanates from him.



“Outside this main hall, is there really another layer of such a terrifying seal?” Zhou Yuan's face was grave, the dangerous feeling this seal gave him was simply more terrifying than those seals outside the mountain.


He had no doubt that with his current strength, if he touched the slightest aftereffect of this seal, he was afraid that his corpse would be left boneless, and even a Heavenly Yang realm strong person would be the usual end.



Obviously, this seal is the last layer of protection for the main room.


Zhou Yuan's face was contorted, he had easily passed the three levels of the test and he thought the path would be easy, but why did another seal appear? Did he have to go out to the mountain and ask the Sect Master to come in? But he was worried that if he let the Sect Master in at this time, he might discover the existence of the sacred mark...



Zhou Yuan pondered for a bit and suddenly had a flash of light and tapped his head: “I had forgotten.”



He tapped the Qiankun bag at his waist and a light emerged from his palm, a white jade-like sign, which was clearly the seal that Old Ancestor Cang Xuan had left for Zhou Yuan in the Land of Sacred Signs.


Old Ancestor Cang Xuan had said that with this seal letter, he would be able to break the seal.


“We can only try…” Although he was also not sure if this item would work, Zhou Yuan had no other way out.


He raised his palm and the white jade token slowly rose.

until coming into contact with the seal on the outside of the main room.


Zhou Yuan watched nervously and peerlessly, his entire body on alert, intending to simply slip away as soon as he noticed something was wrong.


A soft glow emanated from the white jade token, and wherever the glow spread, the incomparably terrifying seal was seen melting as quickly as snow meets molten lava.


Within a few minutes, the seal surrounding the main hall was removed with a light breeze.


The distorted space, gradually restored.



"Is so easy..."



Zhou Yuan was stunned, and then he couldn't help but smack his lips.

Luckily, the old ancestor had left him a seal, otherwise, with his power, he would not be able to break this seal even if he hit his head.


He stretched out his palm, and the white jade token fell into his hand again.



His gaze looked forward again, and at that moment, outside the main room, there was no obstruction, so he no longer hesitated and moved forward quickly, pushing hard the door of the main room, which had been closed for a number of years. unknown for years.





The door opens and an ancient aura washes over you.



The lobby is spacious, with long-lit lamps still on, and the green stone floor is mirror-smooth and spotlessly clean.


Zhou Yuan's gaze fell directly on the center of the hall, where there was a green jade stone statue of a handsome and mysterious young man, whose appearance was not unknown to Zhou Yuan, as it was the Ancient Ancestor Cang Xuan at the time. that he had seen in the Land of Sacred Signs.


The Green Jade Ancestor statue is realistic, with deep, soft eyes that exude mystery and, at the same time, indescribable majesty.


As the once number one powerhouse of Cang Xuan Heaven, even if it was just a green jade statue, it was clear that it possessed some kind of power.


"Old ancestor, we meet again..."



Zhou Yuan looked at the green jade statue and sighed, muttering to himself.


If he had not met the remains of the Cang Xuan Ancient Ancestor in the Land of Sacred Signs, perhaps he would not have necessarily come to the Cang Xuan Sect, but from the looks of it today, he is grateful for the guidance he received from the Ancient Ancestor. ...



He bowed his head in reverence to the green jade statue, then raised his head and said tentatively, “Old ancestor, I am here, what about the second sacred tattoo?”



The green jade statue made no movement, and that soft and deep gaze gazed at Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan smiled awkwardly and said, "Then I'll look for it myself?"



After saying this, he got up and wandered around the room, but did not achieve much, and finally came to the green jade statue, where he did see a jade seal.


The jade seal gave off an ancient light, and Zhou Yuan lifted it, extremely heavy, only to see the word Sacred Origin on it.


“Could it be that this was the Peak Lord Seal of Sacred Origin Peak?” Zhou Yuan reflected, it was because his Sacred Origin Peak did not have this seal that no peak lord had appeared over the years.


However, although the Peak Master Seal was valuable, Zhou Yuan was not too interested in it, so he returned it to its place.


He searched and searched, but never found the existence of a second sacred ray.


This made Zhou Yuan a little anxious. He had been tossing and turning in bed for a long time, but what he was looking for was the second Mark of the Saint, and now that he had reached his destination, he couldn't find it.


"Old ancestor, you're not kidding me, are you?"



Zhou Yuan murmured, and then sat on top of the futon in front of the green jade statue, looking at it with a sad frown.


The eyes of a man and a jade statue meet.


At that instant, Zhou Yuan thought he felt a lustrous flicker in the pupils of the jade statue's eyes.


Zhou Yuan was slightly stunned, and his heart was vaguely enlightened, so he held his breath, and in the depths of his eyes, the Barrier Breaking Saint Pattern slowly flowed, and a low cry sounded from his heart.


"Barrier-breaking sacred pattern!"



As the sacred pattern rotated, the green jade statue in front of him seemed to change a little, the jade gradually became transparent, Zhou Yuan's gaze moved slowly, and finally fell on the outstretched palm of the jade statue.


There, deep within the jade, an ancient and mysterious pattern of light can be seen, silently coiling and emanating a reckless aura.


The moment he gazed upon the ancient mysterious light pattern, Zhou Yuan's heart beat violently, like the sound of a drum, and an excited expression appeared on his face.


The second sacred symbol is indeed here!


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