===Chapter 493 - The Patron of the Earth Sage===

The mysterious light pattern, emitting pulsating power, silently existed in the depths of the green jade palm, a familiar sensation that made Zhou Yuan immediately identify that this was the second sacred pattern he had been searching for…


Zhou Yuan's chest rose and fell, and only after a few moments did he gradually recover, but the scorching heat in his eyes was like a flame that could hardly be extinguished.


After all, it is difficult to contain the excitement of finally having a long-desired goal in front of us.


Zhou Yuan slowly walked forward and stood in front of the green jade statue, trembling slightly as he stretched out his palm and gently touched it with the green jade palm.


A cold sensation emanates from the palm of his hand.


On the green jade palm, green light bloomed, and the sacred pattern slowly twisted as if it had a spiritual nature.


Zhou Yuan rushed his source qi and wrapped it carefully, trying to catch that sacred fringe.




But the mysterious holy pattern seemed to realize this, and with a violent tremor, it dispersed the source qi, and with a hiss, it detached itself from the jade palm and prepared to fly away.


When Zhou Yuan saw this, he was horrified. If he let the sacred tattoo flee here, he would really have nowhere to cry.




At that moment, a majestic source qi erupted from Zhou Yuan's body without reservation, turning into layers of source qi aura and meandering towards that mysterious sacred pattern.





However, the Mysterious Sacred Pattern only vibrated slightly, easily dispersing the source Qi.


Clearly, this mysterious sacred pattern possessed divine power, and if it weren't for its lack of offensive qualities, I'm afraid Zhou Yuan would have been in real danger.


Shaking off the original Qi, the mysterious sacred pattern moved away towards the outside of the Great Hall.


Zhou Yuan was so anxious that his head was covered in sweat, he did not expect that this second sacred stripe would be so difficult to subdue, something that the old ancestor had not told him at the beginning!




However, just as Zhou Yuan's heart burned with anxiety, the Barrier-Breaking Sacred Pattern at the bottom of his eyes rotated violently, and a


Mysterious jet of light shot out, shining directly on the Sacred Pattern that was about to fade away.


Under the cover of the light stream, the rebellious holy stripe immediately stopped, seemingly sensing a familiar fluctuation, and then slowly flew back, circling Zhou Yuan a few times.


Zhou Yuan, for his part, did not dare to move a muscle, watching this sacred pattern, fearing that it would suddenly fly away again.


He knew that this sacred pattern also possessed mysterious power, and it was not so easy to obtain.


Therefore, to subdue sacred symbols, one must need the help of such sacred objects.


Right now, the divine grinding mark is of little use, but the good thing is that the barrier-breaking holy mark has struck just in time…



As Zhou Yuan watched with bated breath, that mysterious sacred strip circled twice and gradually fell due to the power

homogeneous part of that sacred strip that broke barriers.



Zhou Yuan stretched out his palm and the sacred pattern fell into it.


As soon as the sacred pattern fell, it dissolved like water, entering his palm and merging with his flesh and blood.



A mysterious, dark, ancient sacred pattern appeared in Zhou Yuan's hand.


Zhou Yuan fiercely clenched his palm, fearing that it would slip away, but the corners of his lips, however, had an exaggerated raised curvature.


For when that sacred pattern was incorporated into his palm, he felt that there was an ancient message spreading through his mind.


"The Earth Saint Stripe, the second stripe of the Cang Xuan Holy Seal, can govern the earth and draw source Qi from the earth to strengthen the physical body."



"So this sacred strip is called the Sacred Land Strip." Zhou Yuan murmured, and then said with some hesitation: "Earth Origin Qi? Strengthen flesh body?"


He scratched his head, as if it sounded to him that this Earth Saint tattoo belonged to the combat type.


But there was no time to try, and with a squeeze of his palm, the Earth Saint pattern on his palm gradually dissipated, hidden in the flesh and blood, making it difficult to detect.


This second sacred tattoo is finally on the hand.


Zhou Yuan took a deep breath, truly relieved that one of his main goals in coming to the Cang Xuan Sect had finally been achieved.




While Zhou Yuan was ecstatic at the arrival of the second sacred tattoo, a glow suddenly emanated from the pupils of the eyes of the green jade statue before him.


Zhou Yuan was startled and hurriedly took two steps back.


The light coalesced in front of them and finally gradually formed four radiant ancient characters.


"This is?"



Zhou Yuan was slightly stunned as he read it aloud, “Heaven Xuan Yuan Cave?”



"What is Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven?" Zhou Yuan frowned and suddenly his eyes looked at each other slightly as he said, “Could it be… a clue to that third holy stripe?”



At first, Old Ancestor Cang Xuan had told him that he would only be

He would report the third Saint Mark when he had obtained the second Saint Mark, and now it seemed that this third Saint Mark, I feared, existed in this so-called Heaven Xuan Yuan Cave.


But Zhou Yuan wasn't very familiar with this, so it seemed like he would have to gather some information about it later.


These four Saint Marks, stripped from Cang Xuan's First Heaven Holy Item, the Cang Xuan Saint Seal, were a heavenly opportunity, and if

If there was a chance to gather them, Zhou Yuan would naturally not give up on them.


The ancient characters flashing before his eyes gradually dissipated, and the green jade statue returned to normal, no longer different.


Zhou Yuan's face showed a thoughtful expression before he paid solemn obeisance to the Green Jade Statue and said, "Don't worry, Old Ancestor, I will try my best to collect those four sacred patterns in my hand."



As long as the Holy Mark was in hand, even if that Holy Palace had obtained the Cang Xuan Holy Seal, it would still be impossible for it to be

became the Celestial Lord of Heaven Cang Xuan.


His roots, after all, were still in the Cang Xuan Heaven, so he naturally would not be happy to see the Holy Palace so powerful, in which case he, who carried four Holy Marks, would also be extremely dangerous.


Only when he had done so did he slowly leave the room and stop in front of its doors.





At the same time, a green light rises from the green jade statue inside the hall, gradually spreading and dissolving the seals enveloping the main peak it passes through.


The penetrating fog also vanished like a tidal wave.


The Sacred Origin Peak, which has been closed to the public for

many years, has seen the light of day again today.


Clang! Clang! Clang!


The loud, ancient singing of bells resounded endlessly on the main summit, echoing through heaven and earth as if in celebration.


At the high altitude beyond the main peak, as Patriarch Qingyang looked at the main peak where the mist had receded, a sigh of relief appeared on his face as he stood up and bowed his head towards the Sacred Origin Peak.


"Congratulations to Sacred Origin Peak, for opening the mountain gate again!"



Sacred Origin Peak was the place where Old Ancestor Cang Xuan was retreating back then, and this bow was actually his bow to Old Ancestor.


The other five peak masters also stood up and bowed with solemn faces.


"Congratulations to Sacred Origin Peak, for opening the mountain gate again!"



Their deep and grand voices echoed through the heavens and the earth, causing countless people from the entire Cang Xuan Sect to look in amazement in the direction where the Sacred Origin Peak was located.


Starting today, the Seven Peaks of the Cang Xuan Sect are present again.

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