Chapter 493 – Who is the hunter?

"It was a really touching scene to be so united as one."


When Li Luo and the others decided to collide with the flaming tornado, Jing Taixu smiled weakly. He had no intention of staying here, as the temperature of the earth and sky was rapidly increasing and the heavenly spirit dew water film outside their bodies was also melting as they stayed here.


"Withdraw, everyone follow my footsteps and don't make a wrong step." Jing Taixu said, and turned around and walked away.


He walked on the water step by step, his steps clearly following a certain pattern, this was the method Lu Ming had given him to exit the formation.


Behind him, his companions followed him carefully, not daring to take even half a step wrong, because if they did, they would fall into the sea of fire where Li Luo was.


I'm afraid they will be the ones crying when the time comes.


As for the departure of Jing Taixu and the others, Li Luo no longer had any energy left to pay attention to it. Although he hated killing Jing Taixu right now, the most important thing right now was to let the team survive the ravages of this dragon blood flame storm.


They all exploded at full force, a succession of Resonance Force attacks against the storm of flames in an attempt to slow it down.


The flame storm is no longer easy to dissipate. Although the storm was set off by Jing Taixu, at this point, with the influx of the Dragon Blood Flame, the storm is beyond even Jing Taixu's control.


But Li Luo still did not give up, because he understood that once he gave up, there would really be no more opportunities.


The illusion formation had begun to show some disturbance, caused by the raging flame storm.


"Three to the left... One from behind..."


In the illusion formation, Jing Taixu led people to walk and weave, the scenery around them was constantly changing, dazzling people, but as they walked step by step, the illusions gradually faded, indicating that they were gradually abandoning the formation of illusion.


A few minutes later, Jing Taixu stopped abruptly.


He slowly lowered the step he had just taken and his gaze flickered slightly.


According to the formation exit method given by Lu Ming, this is now the final step.


Step left to exit the formation.


The previous exit routes were normal and there were no errors, so Jing Taixu should not be suspicious, but… If he were Lu Ming, would he have really given them the correct way to exit the formation?


You know that he, Jing Taixu, will probably be the biggest contender for Lu Ming.


Now that he has easily entered the formation on his own, and has taken the initiative to create such a good environment, would L Lu Ming really want to give up such a good opportunity?


And if you designed it, on which step would you place it?


There is no doubt that it will be the final step.


Because after those previous routes correctly, normal people would let their guard down without realizing it, and this is the time when the last step, to put it mildly, will give you a big surprise.


Therefore, instead of the previous smooth ones, it made Jing Taixu a little hesitant before this final step.


In this last step, there are only two options.


Left or right?


And just as Jing Taixu hesitated briefly, a cold voice came from the surroundings: “Jing Taixu, why are you hesitating?”


Jing Taixu looked up, looked at the void before him, and smiled: “Lu Ming, this last step, is it really to the left?”


“ Oh? Do you suspect that I have given you a false method to get out of the formation?” Lu Ming's cold voice sounded.


"It is not like this?" Jing Taixu said calmly.


"Believe it or not, it's up to you." Lu Ming smiled coldly, and then his voice was gone.


Jing Taixu's eyes flickered as he said, seemingly to himself, "Lu Ming, you are a little too eager, if you hadn't taken the initiative to speak, I would have hesitated a little, but with the way you speak, do you want me to give this "I spent as much time as you want?"


Lu Ming did not answer.


Seeing this, Jing Taixu was silent for a few seconds and then smiled solemnly. He was not an indecisive man, and since he now had some doubts about Lu Ming in his heart, he certainly could not follow the route she had planned.


So, without further hesitation, he lifted his foot straight and stepped down to the right.




At the same instant that this foot came down, Jing Taixu immediately felt the scene in front of him change in a dazzling way, as if he were covering a thousand meters with this foot, and the next moment, a huge roar could be heard that reached his ears. ears.


A furious crimson color fills the eyes.


Jing Taixu's face changed drastically instantly.


For in front of him he saw a tornado of flames roar.


That tornado storm looks familiar...


A second later, Jing Taixu recognized him, wasn't this the one he had just created?


Jing Taixu turned his head violently, and then he saw that behind him, Li Luo and the others were looking at his sudden appearance with shocked faces.


Beside him, the air continued to fluctuate as a figure appeared nearby, none other than the other students of the Bright King Sacred Academy.


As soon as they appeared, they also saw the flaming tornado storm nearby, and everyone paled for a moment.


"Lu Ming!"


Jing Taixu gritted his teeth, his face finally became ironic, he had not expected this step, he had chosen wrong!


The formation output that Lu Ming had given him was actually the correct one.


This cunning woman!


"Heh, Jing Taixu, you are really a 'smart person', but smart people always like to be smart, you are given the right not to, but you have to be smart to guess, you have this result, you can't blame me, you asked for it". Lu Ming's icy voice echoed in the air around him, conveying a strong sense of mockery.


The anger was suppressed in Jing Taixu's voice, "Did you just act deliberately?!"


Obviously, the hint of urgency shown by Lu Ming earlier was deliberate on his part, to make Jing Taixu suspicious.


This woman, perhaps, was designing when he approached her.


He wanted to reunite Li Luo, and Lu Ming, how could he not want to eliminate him along with Li Luo?


However, Jing Taixu quickly suppressed the anger in his heart, knowing that it was useless and that he was not completely unprepared for Lu Ming's design.




Jing Taixu turned his head and looked at Li Luo, saying, “Li Luo, I have a way to break through your illusion formation, how about we cooperate for the time being?”


Li Luo stared at Jing Taixu with a somewhat strange expression on his face and said indifferently, “Jing Taixu, I say that you… Don’t you have anything to do all day?”


The corners of Jing Taixu's mouth twitched, of course he knew how wise he seemed now, but there was no way around it, Lu Ming's calculations had caused him to fall into a desperate situation of his own design even now.


"You break it first."


Li Luo didn't say much in the end, as he too needed to get out of the illusion formation, otherwise his Heavenly Spirit Dew Water Film would violently dissolve.


As for this Jing Taixu dog, we will settle the score after we get out of the trap first.


Seeing this, Jing Taixu secretly breathed a sigh of relief. He actually knew that Li Luo would not attack in anger at this time, because that was not what a wise man would do, and he would have to wait until he left the place even if he was angry in his heart.


So Jing Taixu gently waved his hand.


His teammates immediately nodded and they all quickly formed seals with their hands, the resonance power fused between their palms and then transformed into a light ball of resonance power, which emitted a circle of light as if it was inducing something. .


Boom boom!


Suddenly there was a roar, and Li Luo saw a beam of resonance energy light suddenly come out of nowhere, and finally fell into those balls of resonance energy light like a bird darting into the forest.


And as the Resonance Force light beams whizzed and collided with each other, inside and out, they quickly opened a hole in this illusory formation.


"Jing Taixu, it seems that you don't trust me either."


In the illusory formation, the cold voice of a deer resounded.


"Each other". Jing Taixu's eyes were somewhat gloomy, although he had torn apart the illusion formation, Li Luo and the others would still have avoided the annihilation situation, so their plan this time was completely ruined.




Lu Ming's cold snort sounded: "Jing Taixu, since you have approached me, how can I be so kind as to let you return empty-handed?"




As his voice fell, the air of the illusory formation suddenly distorted, and in the next instant, as if there was lightning, only to see a huge ball of lightning light suddenly cut through the air and come whistling down, but the ball of lightning light The lightning bolt did not head towards Jing Taixu and Li Luo, but instead dashed towards the storm of flaming tornadoes as Jing Taixu's gaze paled ferociously.


"Stand back! He's going to unleash the storm!"


Jing Taixu shouted sternly and his figure retreated violently.


At the same time, Li Luo, with an ugly face, abruptly pushed the crowd back.


Boom boom!


The next moment, the flame tornado finally erupted from within, followed by countless streaks of dragon blood fire that spread in all directions like falling meteors.


Everyone, at this point, was covered in it.

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