===Chapter 494 - The Fountain Pond Festival===

The loud ringing of the bell resounded throughout the Cang Xuan Sect, and countless disciples raised their heads at that moment, casting slightly surprised glances in the direction of the Sacred Origin Summit.


Because everyone knows how important this is to the Cang Xuan Clan.


The Sacred Origin Peak was opened by the old ancestor back in the day, and it contained enormous cultivation resources, but because it was sealed for many years, it was difficult for it to see the light of day. Now that the mountain gate has opened again, it may not be long before the power of the Holy Origin Peak will strengthen again, thus increasing the overall strength of the Cang Xuan Sect.


However, what was most shocking and suspicious to many of the disciples was the origin of the matter, Zhou Yuan.


Although the strength that Zhou Yuan displayed during that chief battle was astonishing, the vast majority of the disciples still did not think highly of him for going through the test and reopening the mountain gate.


Nothing more, the matter is very difficult.


That is why many of the disciples were so surprised and incredulous when the final result was known.



Who would have thought that this disciple, who had barely been in the Cang Xuan Sect for a year, would be able to achieve such feats?


After all, opening a mountain gate is a feat that only a few Cang Xuan Sect masters have accomplished, and even though Zhou Yuan only reopened the gate, it was quite a shock.


The fact that Zhou Yuan had achieved what so many Sacred Origin Peak chief disciples had been unable to do in the past spoke volumes about his level of excellence.


After this incident, I am afraid that his status within the Cang Xuan Sect has been able to surpass the other heads and even reach the Ten Holy Sons.


Snowdrop Peak.


On the top of one of the peaks, Li Qingchan stood in a long and slender posture, his cold and handsome face looked at the jade light rising from the Sacred Origin Peak in the distance, his cheeks also had a touch of of amazement in them.


"This guy, he really did it." Li Qingchan murmured, and then her beautiful eyes became a little complicated, she could like look at the speed at which Zhou Yuan was progressing in this year.


This guy, like a sponge, frantically absorbed the water from the sea around him, constantly enriching himself, and no difficulty or danger seemed to be able to stop him.


Even Li Qingchan was slightly alarmed by that resistance.


She had previously felt a little incredulous that someone as outstanding as Yao Yao would be willing to follow Zhou Yuan, because in her opinion, someone as outstanding as Yao Yao did not seem to be on the same level as Zhou Yuan.


No matter how he looked at it, Zhou Yuan was no match for Yoyo.



That's why she always had a feeling of regret for the two of them, but this year, Zhou Yuan had surprised her repeatedly, which made her vaguely have a feeling of regret.

different opinion.


Perhaps what makes Yiao Yao optimistic is the potential that Zhou Yuan possesses.


Jianlai Peak.


In the stone pavilion, three figures sat facing each other.


"This kid, he really has some discipline." Kong Sheng said slowly as he looked in the direction of Sacred Origin Peak with a slight frown.


Zhao Vela's face didn't look very good. He had said before that it was impossible for that Zhou Yuan to make the Sacred Origin Peak reopen the mountain gate, but he didn't expect that this guy had actually done it.


Next to the two, was the newly promoted Jianlai Peak chief disciple, Baili Che.


At this moment, he was also looking in that direction, frowning. As the head of Jian Lai Peak, in fact, Baili Che had always had a certain condescension towards Zhou Yuan.


This was because, in his opinion, the boss among those few cubs and kittens fighting at the Sacred Origin Peak was not qualified to be by his side.


Even Yuan Hong, although still strong, was still confident that Baili Che would be able to suppress him, after all, he had always done so in the past when he was at Jianlai Peak.


So to Zhou Yuan, the Head of Sacred Origin Peak, he appeared somewhat carefree.


But now that Zhou Yuan had raised such a stir, when it came to fame, he had instead dominated the heads of other peaks, including him, the head of Jianlai Peak.


This made Baili Che a little uncomfortable.


"Brother Zhao Candle doesn't have to take it personally, that Zhou Yuan, I'm sure, just got lucky." Baili Che looked at Zhao Candle and said.


Zhao Candle's face was gloomy as he said, "This boy has caused my Peak Jian Lai to lose so much this time, even the Peak Master has secretly been angry many times, it's really disgusting, I think it's time to cure him."



"Big Brother Kong Sheng, what do you think?" He looked at Kong Sheng and asked.


Saint Confucius's eyes narrowed slightly, and after a brief moment of reflection, he said indifferently: "Indeed, it is something that we, as older brothers, should do to teach these younger brothers to be humble."



He tapped his finger on the table and said, "I think it's about time this year's Genchi Festival begins, right?"



Vela Zhao and Baili Che's eyes lit up upon hearing those words.


The so-called Fountain Pond Festival is naturally related to the Fountain Pond. Originally, the Source Pond within the Cang Xuan Sect could only be entered by Purple Belt disciples once every two months, and ordinary disciples could only watch with envy outside, or wait outside the Source Pond and suck some of the pure Source Qi. that leaked pathetically.


However, there are exceptions.


At the beginning of each year, the sect will open the fountain pool once, and there are no restrictions. Any disciple of any rank can enter the pool and obtain an opportunity as a reward for the disciples' hard work during the year.


This, then, is what is known as the Fountain Pond Festival.


However, there are also rules for the Fountain Pond Festival, and you do not participate as an individual, but rather together for each peak, to obtain the Dragon Origin Marrow.


When the Source Pond Festival ends, the Dragon Origin Marrow harvested by each peak will be handed over by the clan for ranking, and at the end, different origin marrow baptisms will be given to all the disciples of each peak depending on the ranking.


The seven peaks of disciples entering the source pond are so large that disputes are naturally inevitable. For these disputes, the upper management of the sect does not prohibit them, after all, healthy competition has a sharpening effect on the cultivation of disciples.



Kong Sheng looked at the two Zhao Candles, then looked at the Sacred Origin Peak in the distance and smiled lightly. “In previous years, how much percentage of the final harvest did the disciples of Sacred Origin Peak pay to my Jian Lai Peak?”


"It's only 20%, in previous years it was because of the Lu Hong lineage that they only charged 20% as a protection fee." Zhao Vela laughed.


Whenever the Fountain Pond Festival is held, the clan will activate the Fountain Dragon Vein and the Dragon Qi within the Fountain Pond will soar, naturally giving rise to more and stronger aquatic beasts, which will pose a considerable challenge to all the clans. peaks.


However, it is fortunate that each peak has a Holy Son sitting on it, so if they encounter a large number of water beasts, they can still deal with them.


The only exception is the Sacred Origin Peak.



In recent years, it was a joke to participate in the Fountain Pond Festival. If they were not careful, they would be besieged by the aquatic beasts and directly disqualified, so later, the Holy Spring Peak learned to be smart and asked other peaks to lend them a hand, while they collected some of the last Marrow of Origin Dragon and they got some benefit, in fact, to put it bluntly, they paid protection fees to get some protection.


This incident is, to say the least, the laughingstock of the clan.


And it so happens that in previous years, it was Jianlai Peak that was sought after by Sacred Origin Peak.



"Twenty percent?"



The corners of Kong Sheng's mouth raised slightly as he said nonchalantly, "Then tell them that this year, at Jianlai Peak we want fifty percent."



Baili Che smiled and said, “With the morale of Sacred Origin Peak now at its highest point, and a chief disciple, I think they are afraid of disagreeing.”



Kong Sheng smiled weakly, with a bewildered look.



"If so, they count on that chief disciple to ring the bell"



"The water is a little deep in this fountain pond festival, I am afraid that the boss you have high hopes for will not be able to withstand the great task."

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