===Chapter 495 - The Search for the Seal===

The sound of bells echoes in the mountains.



High in the sky, Sect Leader Qingyang and the five peak masters looked at each other and descended from the sky, landing directly outside the ancient hall on the top of the main peak.


Zhou Yuan was standing at this moment, and when he saw the Sect Master and the others, he hurriedly folded his fist and bowed.


"Greetings, Sect Leader and the five peak masters."



Sect Leader Qingyang looked at Zhou Yuan with a kind face and nodded, saying, “Zhou Yuan, this time, you should take the first merit for opening the Sacred Origin Peak Mountain Gate again, and to put it mildly.” "We have to thank you too."



Zhou Yuan hurriedly said, “As a disciple of Sacred Origin Peak, it is my duty to reopen the mountain gate of Sacred Origin Peak.”



Patriarch Qingyang smiled before he looked solemnly at the green jade statue in the hall and walked forward quickly, followed by the five peak masters.


The six figures stood in front of the green jade statue of the old ancestor, all bowing in respectful reverence.



"After all these years, it's finally time to see this green jade statue again." Patriarch Qingyang sighed.


Lord Lingun Peak also gazed at the green jade statue, and after a moment, he said in a low voice, “Look for it, will you?”



The remaining few also nodded with slightly stony faces.


Patriarch Qingyang took a deep breath, bowed once again before the Green Jade Statue and said, “Master, I am sorry to bother you.”



At the same instant his voice was heard, the figures of the five peak masters directly disappeared from their original places and then appeared in the middle of this huge main peak. In that instant, Zhou Yuan could feel that there were several terrifying senses spreading out, searching across the main peak almost inch by inch.


Sect Leader Qing Yang stood outside the Green Jade Statue, his eyes slightly closed, his robe slightly bulging, his senses radiating, and everything in heaven and earth clearly reflected in his mind.


Faced with such a search by the six giants, anything on the main peak will be difficult to trace.


Zhou Yuan was also looking at this scene with a bit of trepidation, if what he expected was correct, this kind of move by Sect Leader Qing Yang and the others should be trying to find the Cang Xuan Sacred Seal, right?


After all, that was the number one sacred item of Cang Xuan Heaven, and it was lost when the old ancestor fell. If the Cang Xuan Clan could obtain it from


Again, he would undoubtedly increase his strength and even become the number one clan of the Cang Xuan Heaven once again.


The fact that the Sacred Origin Peak was the place where the Ancient Ancestor was retired during his life, plus the fact that it was sealed

personally by the Ancient Ancestor in the end, it would undoubtedly make the Patriarch and the others think that the Sacred Seal could possibly be at the Sacred Origin Peak.


However, he knew that the Cang Xuan Sacred Seal was not on the Sacred Origin Peak, and he feared that the old ancestor had sealed this peak just to protect that second Sacred Mark.


And now that the sacred pattern has been obtained by him, the Sacred Origin Peak cannot find out anything.


Of course, he naturally did not dare to say such things, so he could only watch as the six giants probed the main peak.


After half a column of time, the space inside the room rippled slightly and five figures emerged, all with grim faces, shaking their heads.


Seeing this, Patriarch Qingyang also sighed lightly and said, "It seems that we have been too naive in our thinking."


Peak Master Lei Jun of Thunder Prison Peak frowned and said in a deep voice, "If there is nothing unusual about Sacred Origin Peak, why did Cang Xuan seal this place? It's not very unusual."


"Maybe it's because the Master doesn't want the place of purification to be disturbed?" The white-browed old man stroked his eyebrows and said.


Summit Master Lingjun shook his head, his deep and sharp gaze swept across the hall before suddenly stopping on Zhou Yuan, standing at the entrance, his eyes sharpened as he said, “Were you the first to enter this place and didn't you?” Did you find anything?"


Zhou Yuan was stunned for a moment, then shook his head without changing his face and said, "My disciple doesn't know what Peak Master Lingjun is talking about."



Lord Lingjun Peak said indifferently: “This boy of yours is clearly only at the fifth heaven of the Tai Primordial Realm, but his source qi base is unusually strong, I wonder if there is any reason for this.”



Zhou Yuan said calmly: "Of course, I have had some encounters and opportunities over the years, but this doesn't seem to have anything to do with Peak Master Lingjun, right? Rather, is Peak Master Lingjun

giving the disciple such a hard time because I have ruined Cima Jianlai's affairs in the boss competition?"



Lord Lingjun Peak looked deeply at Zhou Yuan and said, “Stop being sharp-tongued, this matter is of great importance, I think you should be handed over to Thunder Prison Peak for proper investigation.”



Zhou Yuan frowned slightly, he was not worried about the detection, because the matter of the sacred pattern, Sect Leader Qing Yang and the others would never be able to know, even if they detected the sacred pattern, they could only take it as their own opportunity.


It was just that being probed like that for no reason made him a little uncomfortable.


"Ling Jun, I think you are thinking about the Cang Xuan Sacred Seal and have become a demon!"



However, at this moment, a cold old laugh suddenly rang out, only to see Xuan Lao's figure holding a bamboo broom, slowly approaching down the mountain path, his eyes coldly staring at the Peak Master. Spiritual Capital.


“Zhou Yuan just made a great achievement for my Sacred Origin Peak, it is better not to reward him, but you even want to take him to Thunder Prison Peak to examine him, tell me what kind of reasoning is this?”



“If this comes to light, who else of my Cang Xuan Sect disciples will dare to work for the sect?”



Lord Lingjun Peak said in a deep voice: “The Cang Xuan Sacred Seal is a matter of great importance, and it should be understandable that a disciple would suffer a little because of it.”


Elder Xuan made a sneer and said, “What kind of supreme treasure is the Holy Seal of Cang Xuan, you guys know it too well, that kind of supreme treasure, even if it falls on his body, you can't still see it? Do you need to go to Thunder Prison Peak?”



Even they could not completely conceal the fluctuations of their greatness, and it was impossible for a small disciple of the Fifth Heaven of the Primordial Realm to be able to do so.


"There are always exceptions to everything." The Lingun Peak Master looked at Zhou Yuan and said slowly.


With a cold snort, Elder Xuan looked at Sect Leader Qingyang and said, “Does Sect Leader also intend to take Zhou Yuan to Thunder Prison Peak to check on him?”


Patriarch Qingyang smiled and shook his head. “Zhou Yuan has done great service to the Sacred Origin Summit, there is absolutely no reason to take him away for a review.”



"But," said the Lord of Lingun Peak.



Master Qing Yang waved his hand and sighed, "Lingjun Peak Master, I know the importance of the Cang Xuan Sacred Seal, but apparently Master did not place it on Sacred Origin Peak, there is no need to be unnecessarily suspicious."


“Zhou Yuan is a disciple of my Cang Xuan Clan and has contributed to the clan, we must not cool his heart.”



Seeing Sect Leader Qingyang say this, Peak Master Lingjun couldn't say anything else, and his eyes weakly moved away from Zhou Yuan's body.


"Another waste of time." On the side, Lei Jun Thunder Prison Peak Master gazed at the green jade statue and said slowly, "If the Cang Xuan Sacred Seal is not here, where should it be? If it falls into the hands of the Holy Palace, this Cang Xuan Heaven "



Once the Cang Xuan Sacred Seal fell into the hands of the Palace Master of the Sacred Palace, then he could become the new Celestial Lord of the Cang Xuan Heaven, and by then, he would have the power to rule this Cang Xuan Heaven.


If the Cang Xuan Clan wanted to avenge their old ancestor, there would truly be no more hope.


In the end, it was Patriarch Qingyang who waved his hand, slightly encouraged, and said: "You don't have to worry too much, Master fell then and should

"Having made preparations, I am afraid that it is not so easy for the Holy Palace to find the Cang Xuan Holy Seal."



The crowd nodded, and for the moment that was all the comfort they could muster.


Zhou Yuan, for his part, remained thoughtful, wondering if he would be able to perceive the trace of the Cang Xuan Sacred Seal when the four Sacred Marks were together.


He always had the feeling that the old ancestor had this same idea in mind when he stripped the four sacred patterns of the Cang Xuan Sacred Seal.


As he pondered, Sect Master Qing Yang turned his gaze and smiled softly as he said, “The reopening of the Sacred Origin Peak mountain gate today is also an important event for the Cang Sect.”

Xuan, so there is no need to take it personally."



"And now you are the Chief of Sacred Origin Peak, in some time, it will be the sect's fountain pond festival, when that time comes, you, the Chief, will have to work harder, the disciples of Sacred Origin Peak , how many

opportunities can get in it, it depends mainly on you, the Chief disciple."



"Gensokyo Festival?"



Zhou Yuan was slightly dumbfounded, but nodded respectfully.


"The disciple receives his orders."

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