Chapter 496 – The Dragon Blood Pearl

"What's going on here?!"


Li Luo looked at the black sè token in his hand with some shock, the token gave off a cold aura, this token, was what his old father and mother had left him.


About the so-called "Li Tianwang lineage".


And now, this black token seems to have absorbed a wisp of dragon blood fire…


This change made Li Luo momentarily stunned, and then he looked carefully, but there was no special change on the black silk token. Li Luo's gaze suddenly focused under the word "Li" in the center of the token.


Under the word "Li", a faint pattern of dragon shadows curls.


The dragon shadow was so blurry that it could not be seen clearly, but Li Luo could feel a special aura emanating from the blurry dragon shadow, an aura so pale, ancient and vast.


He couldn't understand how such a vague and indistinct dragon tattoo could make him feel this way.


And now, is where this indistinct dragon head is located, that would be the dragon's mouth, right? An extremely faint red dot appears in the dragon's mouth.


The red dot was so subtle that if Li Luo hadn't bothered to look at it, he wouldn't have been able to detect it at all.


But he remembered very clearly that he had previously carefully examined the token when he obtained it, and at that time, this faint red dot was definitely not present in this dragon's mouth.




Did it just appear?


Li Luo's heart shook, could it be that the dragon blood fire from just now had been absorbed by this blurry dragon pattern on the token?


What about this?


Li Luo was filled with confusion, this sudden change of events had confused him a little for a while.


And it was when he was lost in his mind that he suddenly realized another change, because as he held the black token in his hand, there was suddenly a steady surge of dragon blood fire from the surrounding seawater towards him, initially Li Luo was shocked, so much dragon blood fire, once contaminated, I am afraid it would instantly melt the heavenly spirit dew water film on his body.


But his nervousness only lasted a moment before it disappeared and was replaced by a strong sense of wonder.


This was because he saw that all those surging dragon blood flames were like birds of prey darting into the forest, and they were all heading towards the black-silver token in his hand.


Finally, Li Luo couldn't help but stop in his tracks, staring at the scene with a surprised expression on his face.


And as more and more dragon blood flames poured into the black silk token, Li Luo noticed that the red dot in the mouth of the blurred dragon shadow became more and more obvious and clear.


It vaguely resembles a giant dragon with a pearl in its mouth.


Judging from the situation, the black silk token in his hand seemed to be very interested in the dragon blood fires of the dragon blood fire domain, the dragon drawing on the token, something like treating these fires. of dragon blood as a kind of food...


What is the purpose of the red dot that has formed in the dragon's mouth? This made him hesitate a little, should he now go to Dragon Bone Island first, or should he stay for some time to allow the Dragon Tattoo to absorb enough Dragon Blood Flame?


He had a vague feeling that when the red dot that forms in the dragon's mouth is fully formed, it may have quite a few benefits.


This hesitation did not last long and it did not take long for Li Luo to make a decision.


Wait to board the island and absorb the Dragon Blood Flame with the black-silver token first.


The island will now be extremely chaotic and intense, with the best students from all the academies embarking, leading to an extremely bitter elimination battle.


Although Li Luo is not afraid of such fierce competition, he certainly will not be reckless in trying to be strong if he can help it, after all, hoping for the best is the best policy.


If he could avoid the most tragic period of Dragon Bone Island, and at the same time allow the token to absorb enough dragon blood fire, that would be the best of both worlds for him.


Of course, there was an important prerequisite for doing so… That was that the “Ice Nightmare Armor” that Lu Qing'er had enchanted him with, as well as his own Heavenly Spirit Dew Film, could last long enough. so that the token was absorbed into the Dragonblood Fire Domain.


This premise before was not entirely true, after all, although the "Ice Nightmare Armor" was special, it was limited by Lu Qing'er's own power of resonance, so it was obviously not possible to completely resist the erosion of the Dragon Blood Flame, so its melting speed was not slow, and Li Luo was even worried about whether it could last until Dragon Bone Island.


But now it's a little different.


The melting speed of the ice armor has decreased.


It was not a wrong idea on Li Luo's part, after all, the fusion speed of the "Ice Nightmare Armor" was his main concern.


Originally, he thought that together with so much dragon blood fire coming from the surroundings, it should have caused the Ice Nightmare Armor to melt further, but to his surprise, the Ice Nightmare Armor's melting weakened instead. .


“Is it because the black token absorbed the Dragon Blood Flame, so the Ice Nightmare Armor has been less affected?”


Li Luo was thoughtful, but this result was undoubtedly good news for him. The Ice Nightmare Armor would be able to sustain him for a longer time before his plan to have the best of both worlds could be carried out.


"Qing'er's "Ice Nightmare Armor" is a great achievement."


Li Luo smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. Without the protection of the "Ice Nightmare Armor", with its Heavenly Spirit Dew Film broken, even with the help of the black stained token to absorb the Dragon Blood Flame, it would definitely not last, and then it would really have than give up this opportunity.


"But to play it safe, I still have to head to an area closer to the island first, and when I finish absorbing it, I will directly board the island."


As Li Luo thought this, he was already moving his body and began to head towards the front.


Only this time, the speed has become much more subdued.


And with Li Luo advancing so leisurely, more and more dragon blood flames entered the black-stained token along the way, which also caused the red dot of the dragon's mouth on the token to become increasingly brighter. Time passes unnoticed.


The silhouette of the island has come into view, but the black-stained token looked like a bottomless pit that could not be filled.


Once the "Ice Nightmare Armor" melted, he feared that with the only Heavenly Spirit Dew film he had left, he would only be able to last ten minutes at most.


"Last five minutes!"


Li Luo decisively set a final limit for himself; if the black token still could not be sucked in after five minutes, he would have no choice but to give up.


After all, if you don't board the island, you will face elimination.


Time was like quicksand, five minutes passed almost in the blink of an eye.


The black-stained token remained intact.


Li Luo exhaled somewhat helplessly, and although his heart was full of regret, he did not hesitate for half a second, and with a movement of his figure, he walked away directly in the direction of Dragon Bone Island.


On the surface of his body, the Ice Nightmare Armor completely melted, and without the protection of the Ice Nightmare Armor, the tattered Heavenly Spirit Dew water film began to thin at a rate visible to simple view.


Even Li Luo faintly began to feel an extremely terrifying dry heat washing over him.


But he was not scared and moved forward at breakneck speed.


A few minutes later, waves of crimson water bounced under his feet and his figure used the force to rush into the sky, finally exiting the Domain of Dragon Blood and Fire and landing on top of a reef on Dragon Bone Island.


Finally entering the island.


Li Luo breathed a sigh of relief, then looked at the token in his hand and said painfully, "You have really let me down!"


Half a day wasted for you for nothing.


And just as Li Luo was about to put away the black silhouette token, at that instant, the token vibrated sharply.


The sudden change startled Li Luo and he hurriedly looked at it, then he was surprised to see that the red dot of light in the dragon's mouth of the token became more and more conspicuous, faintly resembling a ball of fire, as it emitted a fluctuation. extremely violent.


"It's done?"


Li Luo was surprised and delighted, at this moment the red dot was really as dazzling as a dragon pearl in the dragon's mouth, but what was the purpose?


And just as Li Luo was scratching his head about this, the black silk token in his hand suddenly emitted a halo of light as if it knew what was in his mind, and then Li Luo saw that the ancient character " Li" in the center of the token seemed to vibrate slightly at this moment.


There is an inexplicable divinity that spreads silently.


Then Li Luo was surprised to see that a red silk bead suddenly appeared on the black silk token, dark and unusually deep red, and it seemed as if there was fire surging inside it.


And the crimson light spot from the dragon's mouth disappears at that moment.


“Is this what the dragon blood fire that just absorbed the Dragon symbol is made of?” Li Luo's expression shook.


This mysterious black token was truly magical, being able to absorb those dragon blood flames and then condense them into this item?


But what's the point?


After a moment of hesitation, Li Luo reached out and picked up the crimson dragon blood pearl, and the moment he did so, a long, ancient dragon roar resounded sharply in his ears.


His heart stirred.


The eyes are also filled with brightness at this point.


You know what it's for...


Isn't this the main material used to refine the third Houtian resonance? This is... Dragon Resonance?

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