===Chapter 496 - The Main Vein===

The reopening of the Sacred Origin Peak as a mountain gate was a

important event that naturally caused considerable upheaval within the Cang Xuan Sect, as it represented the seven peaks of the Cang Xuan Sect once again living up to their names.


This is also crucial for Sacred Origin Peak, because with the opening of the mountain gate, it means that when new disciples enter the sect in the future, Sacred Origin Peak will be able to take the initiative to select some of them. with outstanding talent, instead of having to choose the remaining ones from the other six peaks, as was the case in the past, causing the weakest to be the weakest.


With more and more fresh blood, the strength of the Sacred Origin Peak will grow little by little.


Furthermore, the Sacred Origin Peak Peak Master Seal was also recovered this time, as it was mainly Zhou Yuan who took the credit for reopening the mountain gate, so the Peak Master Seal was , as expected, placed in the hands of Elder Shen Taiyuan by Sect Master Qingyang.


This represents Elder Shen Taiyuan becoming the acting Master of Sacred Origin Peak.


The reason for the addition of the word “generation” is that the basic threshold for the Cang Xuan Sect’s Peak Master position was that one had to have entered the Infant Origin realm.


In this Cang Xuan Heaven, those who have entered the Origin Infant realm can basically be considered at the top level, and are even capable of founding a first-class sect, and if they are outside the Holy State Continent, they can even dominate. several continents and become a renowned overlord.


Elder Shen Taiyuan, on the other hand, was still only at the Heavenly Yang realm and was still some distance away from the Origin Infant realm, so although he possessed the Peak Master Seal, he was still not able to become the true Master. from Cima.


But still, Elder Shen Taiyuan's status within the Cang Xuan Sect had increased greatly, enough to provoke the envy of the others.

other elderly. After all, by becoming the acting Peak Master, he would be able to enjoy more cultivation resources than the other elders, which would undoubtedly give him more opportunities to enter the Infant Origin Realm.


The fact that Elder Shen Taiyuan had become the acting Peak Master also caused the position of the main lineage of Sacred Origin Peak to equally fall to Zhou Yuan and his lineage.


From now on, in this Sacred Origin Peak, Shen Taiyuan's bloodline is ranked as the main bloodline and has the highest status, while the

Other sects and lineages must be led by the main lineage and listen to its orders and commands.


Of course, the most important thing is that the main lineage will also have a larger share of the Sacred Origin Peak's cultivation resources than the other sub-lineages, which will undoubtedly give it an advantage in the future.



This time, it was obvious to everyone that Elder Shen Taiyuan, and his lineage, had become the biggest winner within the sect.


In previous years, Shen Taiyuan had been somewhat unpopular among the elders. After all, if he had stayed on Sacred Origin Peak, he would have had no future in the eyes of the other elders and would have requested transfer a long time ago.


However, now looking at it again, many elders can't help but sigh that this Shen Taiyuan is really lucky to have encountered such a demonic disciple like Zhou Yuan, who has turned the entire situation around, making Shen Taiyuan give up. an instant turnaround and becomes a hot figure within the sect.


In the future, he may even possibly become the seventh Peak Master of the Cang Xuan Sect.


Thanks to his initial desperate bet on Zhou Yuan, today Shen Taiyuan can be said to have a spring in his step.





A few days after the reopening of the gates of the Sacred Origin Peak.


"Boss Zhou Yuan."


That day, when Zhou Yuan returned to his cave after finishing his cultivation, he saw several figures standing outside the cave, the leader of which seemed to be a deacon from Sacred Origin Peak, and when he saw Zhou Yuan returning, he cupped fist with a smile on his face.


When Zhou Yuan saw this, he also hurriedly returned the salute, and looked at the other party's group of people in formation and said suspiciously, "Is something wrong?"



"Oh, I came here by Elder Shen's order, now that you are the chief disciple of Sacred Origin Peak, this Purple Origin Cave House is a bit seedy for you. Now that the main peak has been cleaned up a bit and many places have been discovered of

cultivation that couldn't be opened before, Elder Shen has specially arranged a top boss cave house for you." The deacon smiled and said.


Due to the reopening of the Sacred Origin Peak, the entire peak was in a bit of an uproar these days, and Shen Taiyuan sent all his men to turn this main peak, which had been dormant for many years, inside and out.


And once the statistics were clarified, he was naturally the first to vacate one of the best cultivation caves for Zhou Yuan, whose level was undoubtedly much better than that of the Purple Origin Cave.


And this deacon had brought a lot of people with him, so he was obviously planning to help him move.


"I also talked to Zhou Xiaoyao about this before, but he told me that he would wait for you to come back before making a decision."



Zhou Yuan smiled, slightly stunned, and took a thoughtful look at the inside of the cave, this Purple Origin Cave they had lived in for a year, and the cave was all taken care of by Yao Yao, every scene and thing in it was his usual effort, now if they were to move away, it would undoubtedly cause some damage.


He is usually quite indifferent, but once he catches her attention slightly, it means that he has already invested some feelings in her.


Obviously, there were not many people and things that could make Yiyao pour out some feelings, and Zhou Yuan was not sure whether Yiyao would continue to pour out her feelings if she really changed to another place.


Zhou Yuan doesn't want to see Yao Yao indifferent to everything again. After all, the two of them live in this cave, and seeing Yao Yao carefully tending the flower and medicine beds from time to time is extremely pleasing to the eye.


"Senior Uncle, let's not rush this matter for now." Zhou Yuan pondered for a moment and said slowly.


The boss cave was tempting, but in his opinion, he preferred the second one if it could make Yoyo happier, after all, he could work harder to make up for the first one.


The deacon was a little surprised, and when he saw Zhou Yuan's expression, he seemed to understand something, so he immediately smiled and said with a deeper meaning: "Boss Zhou Yuan is really a man with a heart."


"In that case, I won't say anything else, the boss cave will still stand, and you can move whenever you want."



The deacon smiled and then it was time to lead the men outside.


As Zhou Yuan watched them leave, he also turned around and returned to his cave. The cave was bright and silent, and then he saw a silhouette standing under a spirit peach tree next to a stream, looking at the scenery inside the cave.


This peach tree was also transplanted by Yoyo herself. At first he was dead, but after almost a year of Yoyo's care, he has come back to life.


He approached slowly.



Yoyo hugged Tun Tun and looked back at him, her clear eyes couldn't see the excitement clearly, her red lips opened slightly, and she said, "When will we start moving?"



Zhou Yuan smiled and said lightly: "There is no need to move, I refuse,

"This place is quite nice, let's stay here for now."



Yoyo was stunned, but her bright eyes seemed to have unknowingly become brighter and more piercing as she lightly bit her red lips and stared at Zhou Yuan, saying, "Why don't you move? That cultivation in the cave house It's more beneficial for you."


Zhou Yuan looked at the flower and medicine garden not far away, where a hundred flowers were vying for attention and swaying, and said slowly:

"Because you like it here."



After a long time, he looked at Zhou Yuan with interest, approaching slightly with a fragrant aroma, and said with a smile: "Not bad, where did you learn that trick?"



Zhou Yuan rolled his eyes, but he could see that the current Yao Yao had undoubtedly become much livelier than before.


"If you want to move, I can agree." Zhou Yuan said slowly.



Yoyo's beautiful eyes narrowed slightly as she said, "Say it again?"



Zhou Yuan felt a chill and shrank his neck.


Yoyo gave a light hum and turned around with Tun Tun in her arms, taking a few steps out, turning her head slightly to the side to reveal the astonishingly beautiful side of her face, her small red-lipped mouth, at this point, rising in an extremely rare bright arc.


"Zhou Yuan, I really like it here... so thank you."



His soft, low voice came.


Zhou Yuan looked at her slender figure, whose steps were even a little lighter, and a smile appeared on his face, for if he could make this little aunt so happy, what was the loss of some cultivation resources?


The weight of the two in his heart clearly distinguishes him.




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