Chapter 497 – Straight to the final round

The Dragons, mysterious and powerful.


This is the top of the food chain in the elite beast world.


The Dragon resonance, for its part, naturally belongs to one of the resonances of the ten thousand beasts.


It is said that those who possess a high-grade dragon resonance will have a special ability called "dragon power", which will have a suppressing and weakening effect on other beast resonances, but of course, when facing elemental resonances, the effect of the dragon power will be somewhat weakened.


But this still shows the special and powerful nature of the so-called dragon resonance.


This is clearly more domineering than some of the ordinary ten thousand beast resonances.


Previously, when Li Luo was considering the Third Resonance, he had naturally thought of this special and powerful All Beasts Resonance, but to refine a Resonance like the Dragon Resonance, he would require the substance of the Dragon Essence, the so-called Dragon Essence, which is simply the body condensed from the dragon essence.


Dragon essence is extremely rare, and Li Luo had once searched the Golden Dragon Treasure House for exotic treasures that had appeared over the years, but found nothing, thus showing its rarity.


So Li Luo soon gave up, after all there was no point in holding on to something he saw no hope for.


What he didn't expect was to receive a "Dragon Essence" in the House Tournament.


That's right, it is the Dragon Ball he is holding now.


He could clearly feel the mysterious pressure contained within this crimson bead, which seemed to be burning with fire, and this must be a true 'dragon essence'.


With this item, he can try to completely refine a Houtian Dragon Resonance.


If successful, your third main resonance will be the "Dragon Resonance".


However, there are many types of Dragon resonances, both high and low, and it may not be known exactly which one will be born until after it has been refined.


Li Luo held the Crimson Dragon Pearl, which contained overwhelming energy, an energy that, in turn, had other wonderful uses.


His eyes looked at the black token in his hand. "Dragon Essence" is exceptionally rare, and there are many harsh conditions for it to be condensed, but this time, although it is because of the dragon blood fire as a refining material, it is still not very reasonable to be able to condense it.


So, according to Li Luo's assumptions, the greatest merit of this probably belonged to this black token.


"The lineage of Li Tian Wang..."


Li Luo rubbed the ancient Li character in the center of the token with a slightly stunned look, what kind of existence is this Li Tianwang bloodline?


Thinking in vain, Li Luo carefully put away both the token and the crimson dragon pearl.


The value of a “dragon essence” was extremely high, especially for someone like him who needed it to refine his Houtian Resonance, it was immeasurable.


Li Luo thought that, just to obtain this item, this Holy Grail War would have been worth the trip.


It was then that Li Luo raised his head and looked towards the island.


The island is slightly dark red in color, but its shape is extraordinarily unique, with gigantic red trees emerging from the sky, bare and leafless, as if they were red bones sprouting from the earth.


"Is this the place of confrontation?..."


Li Luo murmured, but where he looked, he found the island unusually quiet, which did not surprise him, after all, he had stayed in the Dragonblood Fire Domain for so long, and during this time, the island had probably gone through rounds . after elimination round.


The current tranquility is because the early storm has passed.


According to Li Luo's estimates, not one in ten apprentices who had boarded the island so far had survived.


This was pretty good and saved him a lot of time.


"I should be considered the easiest person to enter the final round, right?"


Li Luo laughed to himself, if he hadn't had Lu Qing'er's "Ice Nightmare Armor" to help him this time, plus the black stained token that absorbed most of the dragon blood fire, he wouldn't He would have been able to stay in the dragon blood fire domain for so long, and even he was like this, let alone the others.


After all, even as strong as Jing Taixu, he could only flee from the Dragonblood Fire Domain extremely quickly after the Heavenly Spirit Water Dew Film shattered, not daring to stay for a moment.


With this in mind, Li Luo took a short rest before walking towards the island.


His pace was leisurely, and as he moved further and further into the keel island, he gazed upon the wreck, which had clearly suffered many fierce battles.


Li Luo entertained himself by watching the battles, analyzing the number of combatants and the strength of the ranks, etc., before leaving satisfied.


As he walked towards the back, Li Luo could see some seriously injured cadets who were about to be eliminated, when these people looked at Li Luo who had come from afar and continued to walk towards the depths of Dragon Bone Island. , everyone seemed to have seen a ghost.


They didn't understand why Li Luo had appeared at this time.


Is it a deliberate attempt to hide?


But Dragon Bone Island was not too big, and with so many people pouring in, there was nowhere to hide if one wanted to, but Li Luo, looking so relaxed, did not at all look like someone who had experienced a great battle.


And to the stupefied, Li Luo gave them a kind smile, stopping to ask questions in passing, such as have you seen Jing Taixu? Where did Lu Ming go?


Unfortunately, all these people rolled their eyes, some even crushed their spirit gourds and chose to eliminate them, after all, they all fought miserably here, but this Li Luo still walked as if he had just entered, it was really unbalanced in the hearts. from the people.


Li Luo did not worry about this and continued deeper into the island.


After an hour of this.


As expected, Li Luo made it to the final round.


He had a feeling that perhaps he would be the only one in so many House tournaments to reach the final round without experiencing a single battle on Dragonbone Island.


The so-called final circle is actually an unusually steep mountain, straight as the tip of a sword and resembling sharp teeth, rising from the ground and sinking into the clouds.


There are two trails that wind around the front of the hill.


He understood that the "Dragon Bone Chair", the symbol of the championship, was at the top of the mountain, and whoever could sit there without obstacles would be the strongest student in the Academy Tournament.


Jing Taixu should have gone up.


Although the people from the Bright King Sacred Academy had lost as much as them in the Dragonblood and Fire Domain, with Jing Taixu's ability, Li Luo felt that he was bound to be able to enter the final round even if he was alone. .


Which path should you take?


Li Luo looked at the two mountain paths and thought for a few seconds, then took out a piece of heavenly gold and shook it.


The gold coin fell and landed in his palm.


Li Luo took a look at it, then put it away and walked up the left path with a smile on his face.


He likes the trail.


For at that previous moment, I had heard vaguely, if at all, the sound of thunder coming from this side.

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