===Chapter 497=== The Summit===

Day 2.



While Zhou Yuan was cultivating in his cave, a disciple waited at the entrance of his cave and came to inform him: "Boss, Master Shen asked me to tell you that today

will hold a summit at Sacred Origin Peak, and as Chief, you must attend."



Zhou Yuan nodded at the respectful gaze of that disciple, and then turned around thoughtfully.


The summit is a meeting of all summits, and only the Master of the Summit has the right to call it. In the past, the Sacred Origin Peak had not

held a summit for an unknown number of years, mainly because there was no Summit Master and no Summit Master seal.


And now that the Peak Master Seal has reappeared and Shen Taiyuan has become the acting Peak Master, this summit is possibly the first of its kind in years.


But nowadays, Sacred Origin Peak is so busy with many matters, and Shen Taiyuan is so busy these days that he doesn't even have time to rest, so how could he suddenly call a summit at this time?


After all, at a summit there will be important things to discuss.


Zhou Yuan's eyes narrowed slightly, as if he had guessed something, and immediately the corners of his lips curled up slightly.



"Interesting, is Master Shen finally planning to make a move?"






Sacred Origin Peak, above the main peak.



Inside a heavy old council chamber, Shen Taiyuan sits atop the throne, and below him, to the left and right, sit the smiling Elder Lu Song and the grim-faced old man Lu Hong.


Below the two elders were also some of the most outstanding disciples of the Sacred Origin Peak, such as Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan, Lu Yan, Yuan Hong and others…


Zhou Yuan's position, slightly below the two elders, was slightly ahead of many of the other disciples, highlighting his status as the head disciple.


And at that moment, the atmosphere in the Great Hall became slightly serious.


Elder Lu Hong's face was expressionless as he looked at Shen Taiyuan, who resided above him, the corners of his eyes twitched slightly, a look of jealousy and annoyance deep in his eyes.


Originally, that position should have belonged to him.


"Now that the Sacred Origin Peak Mountain Gate has reopened and all matters are taken care of, I wonder why Elder Shen is calling a summit at this time. If there is nothing urgent, I still have to go do something." ". Lu Hong said indifferently.


He deliberately added a bit of weight to that word Elder Shen, after all, the current Shen Taiyuan was only the acting Peak Master position and was not considered the true Peak Master.


Now that the mountain gate of Sacred Origin Peak has reopened and opened up many extremely good cultivation resources, he intends to fight for some by all means, after which he will continue to scrape resources and grow himself, already. In the long run, sooner or later he will be able to regain the main vein position, after all, no matter what, he still has the support of Jianlai Peak behind him.


Although he was also scolded by the Peak Master of the Spiritual Capital in a scandalous manner when the competition failed this time, he knew that the reprimand was useless and that there would always be a chance as long as his bloodline remained at the Peak of Sacred Origin.


Elder Shen Taiyuan also swept him with a flat look in his eyes and said slowly: "Indeed, there is a not-so-small matter, and it is said to be related to Elder Lu Hong."



"Oh?" Lu Hong raised an eyebrow.


Shen Taiyuan continued, "When Elder Lu Hong's bloodline was transferred to my Sacred Origin Peak, the main reason was to help reopen the mountain gate, and now instead, Zhou Yuan has made this happen, so to speak "Gently, Elder Lu Hong's bloodline will not be of much use if he remains on Sacred Origin Peak, so I hope that Elder Lu Hong will once again transfer his bloodline, starting today, back to Jianlai Peak."



Upon hearing these words, silence fell in the large room.



Lu Hong's face suddenly turned stern as he said in a cold voice, "Shen Taiyuan, what did you say? Do you want to expel our bloodline from Sacred Origin Peak?!"



Shen Taiyuan smiled lightly: "It's not for rushing, it's for inviting..."


“Shen Taiyuan, how dare you, the transfer of our lineage to Sacred Origin Peak is by order of Peak Master Lingjun, have you ever informed Peak Master Lingjun if you want to do this?” Lu Hong grimaced.


Now that the mountain gate of Sacred Origin Peak has been reopened and the sealed main peak has seen the light of day again, it is unknown how many coveted cultivation resources there are in it, so now is a good opportunity to give such a big blow, how could Lu Hong be willing to abandon Sacred Origin Peak at this time?


Shen Taiyuan had no waves on his face and said, "Now that the Sacred Origin Peak has reopened its doors and has the seal of the Peak Master, the matters within the Sacred Origin Peak have nothing to do with the Peak Master." Lingjun, so why is it necessary to inform Peak Master Lingjun?”


Lu Hong was puzzled, if before, Shen Taiyuan was just an old man and was not qualified to move his lineage, but now that he held the Peak Master seal, it meant that his status was the same as the Peak Master of the Spiritual Capital, and if he wanted to invite out Lu Hong's bloodline, who was not originally from the Sacred Origin Summit, he naturally had the right to do so.


"I will never agree to this. If you insist on doing this, I will report it to the Sect Master! Don't think that just because you are now assuming the position of Peak Master, you can act recklessly!" Lu Hong gritted his teeth and said.


Shen Taiyuan took out a golden brocade book from his sleeve and said, “I won’t bother to report, because I have already reported this matter to the Sect Leader, who has also agreed to have your bloodline moved back to Jianlai Peak. "



When he raised his palm, the brocade book flew out and landed on Lu Hong.


Lu Hong picked it up and unfolded it, and after two quick glances, his face paled. He raised his head and glared at Shen Taiyuan, shouting, “Shen Taiyuan, you are too cruel!”



Shen Taiyuan's face was expressionless.



Lu Hong took a deep breath and said in a cold voice: "Shen Taiyuan, the Sacred Origin Peak now only has three lines, if we also leave, then there will only be two of your lines left, and now that the Source Pond Festival is around the corner, does Sacred Origin Peak want to look bad at the Fountain Pond Festival after losing one of our lines?”


His gaze, coldly turning to Zhou Yuan below, sneered: "Could it be that

"Do you still expect this chief disciple to be able to lead both of your lineages in the Fountain Pond Festival?"


"The way I see it, without my bloodline, I'm afraid they won't last a day in the Fountain Pond Festival!"



Zhou Tai, Lu Yan and other disciples of the two lines stared angrily, obviously hearing the contempt in this Lu Hong's words.


Zhou Yuan also raised his eyes and looked at Lu Hong, but did not speak.


"That's not something you need to worry about." Shen Taiyuan waved his hand and said calmly: "The golden letter of the Sect Leader has been handed over to you, this matter has been finalized, I hope that your bloodline will move out of Sacred Origin Peak and move back to Jianlai Peak within three days."



If they were expelled from Sacred Origin Peak like this, they would have truly lost all their chances, and with such a dusty posture, even if they returned to Jianlai Peak, he was afraid that they would be mocked by all the people.


After all, they had failed miserably at getting the job done.


The anger in his heart made Lu Hong's eyes a little dizzy, how could he have imagined that the original good situation would be corrupted like this little by little in this year.


"It's all because of this damn brat!" Lu Hong gritted his teeth and stared at Zhou Yuan with a slightly livid look.


But in the end, he didn't dare to do anything, he could only take two deep breaths, looked at Shen Taiyuan and said in a cold voice: "Shen Taiyuan, you will regret it, this time at the Fountain Pond Festival, Sacred Origin Peak will lose." definitely the face, then you will see how you, the acting Peak Master, will explain it!"



Without further ado, he stood up and removed the sleeves of his shirt.



And the disciples of his lineage followed him in silence, somewhat ashamed.


With the departure of Lu Hong's bloodline, the hall fell silent for a while, before the disciples of the two lines below looked at each other and suddenly broke into loud cheers, causing the hall to shake slightly.


This lineage of Lu Hong was at odds with the other two lineages of Sacred Origin Peak, almost like water and fire. Now, seeing that they have finally been expelled, Sacred Origin Peak will be able to be at peace in the future.





At the head of the table, Elder Shen Taiyuan coughed to silence the cheers, and with a stern sweep of his gaze, the entire crowd cowered.


Shen Taiyuan's gaze turned to Zhou Yuan again, becoming gentler as he slowly said, "Zhou Yuan, now that you are the Head of my Sacred Origin Peak, you have the responsibility of leading the disciples of Sacred Origin Peak to soon obtain a part of the opportunity at that Origin Pond Festival."



"I know that Lu Hong's bloodline staying together at Sacred Origin Peak for the Origin Pond Festival will be a hidden danger, so I am telling you

helping you get rid of it now too."



“In this Origin Pool Festival, whether the disciples of these two lines of our Sacred Origin Peak can achieve success or not, we may have to rely on you.”


Zhou Yuan's face was slightly austere, how could he not know that Lu Hong's bloodline's stay at Sacred Origin Peak would have an impact on him as a chief disciple who controlled the entire situation, but as a chief, he had no way of say anything, but he didn't expect Shen Taiyuan to take the initiative to help him.


Furthermore, in this way, Shen Taiyuan would undoubtedly offend Peak Master Lingjun, which was obviously going to bring an enormous amount of pressure.


In that large hall, Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan, Lu Yan and the other disciples also looked at Zhou Yuan before bowing with their fists clenched and saying, “We will rely on the Chief for this Origin Pond Festival.”



After that boss dispute, Zhou Yuan's reputation on Sacred Origin Peak has clearly reached its peak, and aside from Lu Hong's lineage, the other two lineages are all led by him and willingly follow his orders. .


Seeing this, Zhou Yuan's face also became solemn as he made a fist at the crowd and took a deep breath.


"I will do what i can".

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